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Anatomy of a Book: Front Matter, Body and Back Matter

Anatomy of a Book: Front Matter and Back Matter

As you put the finishing touches on your book and prepare it for publication, you’ll quickly come across the need for front matter and back matter. These terms may seem confusing at first, but they’re simply the first and last sections of your book; the bits that make it an official book, and not just chapters printed on bound paper. In this post, we’ll summarize what sections should be including in your front, body and back matter, and how you can create them all using the Reedsy Book Editor.

Cover Critique #1 with Mark Ecob

Cover Bootcamp 1 Header Image

We are very excited to bring you the highlights from our first Reedsy Live Chat, which as promised will be a regular feature in the coming months. Every live chat features one professional from the Reedsy marketplace hosting an interactive session that includes among other things free advice on topics like editing, book design, and marketing. We started things off with our first Cover Critique, a big thanks to the terrific Mark Ecob for an informative session. Mark runs his own design studio and specialises in book cover design. He has worked with large publishing houses like Penguin, Little, Brown and Amazon, as well... View Article

6 Tips for Briefing your Book Designer

Briefing your Book designer

After all, big part of the what makes self-publishing so attractive is that authors retain all creative freedom over their work. This means it is up to you, and you only, to choose your cover designer and brief them properly. As in any other creative business relationship, the briefing process is the most important part of the collaboration. A good brief will save you and your book designer both time and money.

Book Design in Self-Publishing: Breaking New Ground


Self-publishing is often about pushing the boundaries, and this is what today’s interview is all about. The Perfect Capital by Karen Healey Wallace isn’t just any self-published book, it is one whose design is ingrained into its very being, both through the story it tells and through its sophisticated layout and typography. The Perfect Capital has truly broken new ground and was nominated for Best British Book Award Shortlist and Best Editorial Design Award Shortlist 2014. We  spoke to Karen about the inspiration behind the book, it’s design, and typographer Eric Gill’s role in the story. For those who love... View Article

The Perfect Book Cover: An Interview with Graphic Designer Nuno Moreira

perfect book cover nuno moreira

“The perfect cover is seductive, mysterious, puzzling.” At Reedsy, we have the chance to work with exceptionally talented and creative people. Whether they express themselves in words or images, they are always striving for their creative output to reach a level of perfection that each of them defines and idealizes in a different way. Today, Nuno Moreira, a Portuguese graphic artist now residing in Tokyo, offers us what may be the “perfect” definition of a perfect book cover. Before that, he outlines the differences between working for a publisher and working directly with an independent author; and explains how a... View Article

Interview with the DIY Author Podcast

DIY Author

Our co-founder Ricardo was interviewed by Chris Well from the fantastic DIY Author Podcast on the benefits of Reedsy to find freelance help and our upcoming features. Here are some cool highlights! Chris: How did the idea for Reedsy come about? Ricardo: The idea for Reedsy comes mainly from my co-founder Emmanuel and I because we’ve been following the industry for a while and from the reader perspective mainly we’ve really enjoyed the digital disruption brought by Amazon, with being one of the first adopters of Kindle in France, and we started thinking about this disruption from an author’s perspective... View Article

Surrealist Cover Design — Interviewing Jeff Huang

Surrealist Cover Design Jeff Huang

  “I am fascinated by the idea of the subconscious bleeding into the conscious world”    At Reedsy, we like to take some pride in the people we have been able to attract. Our vision was to create a community of truly great freelance talent and make it available for authors. Every day, as more great editors, proofreaders, designers and artists are added, we are getting a little closer to making this vision a reality. Today, we have the honor of interviewing one of our very best artists. Whether it’s for Stephen King, Sara Raasch, Nintendo or himself, his work... View Article