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What do Women Writers Want from an Editor?

Laurie Garrison, Ph.D. is the director of Women Writers School, a blog and course provider that works mainly with female authors. She has recently self-published a manifesto for her business, Women Writers in the Twenty-First Century. Previously, she was a university lecturer, an internationally renown critic of Victorian literature and the author of the book, Science, Sexuality and Sensation Novels: Pleasures of the Senses. The online world is bursting with free advice for writers. Everywhere I look I see articles geared toward helping the writer shape her emails, pitches, proposals, synopses and, above all, her manuscripts into something an agent, editor or... View Article

The True Cost of Self-Publishing a Book

The True Cost of Self-Publishing

Michael Doane is the author of  “The Crossing” and book strategist at Writing Inbound. When he’s not writing novels, he’s working with other authors to promote, launch, and sell their books. In this article, he talks about the budget he set for self-publishing his debut novel, “The Crossing” and how he was able to stick to it. 

Writing in Third Person Omniscient vs Third Person Limited

third person omniscient vs third person limited

You may have a clear vision for what or who your book is about — but do you know how to tell your story? One of the first major decisions you’ll face as an author is determining the style of narration in your book. Is your story best served by writing in first person, third person, or — if you’re feeling adventurous — second person? In this post, we’ll be looking at the options available to authors writing in the third person: omniscient and limited. In third person omniscient narration, the narrator has a god’s eye view of the story... View Article

How Authors and Editors Can Work Better Together

Authors and Editors Work Better Together

Reedsy was created with the purpose of allowing independent authors to work with some of the best editorial and design talent out there, and build long-lasting, fruitful collaborations. In this guest post, editor and novelist Andrew Lowe explains how self-publishing has transformed the author-editor connection into a powerful creative partnership. Have a look at this sentence: “Jim dropped the amulet into the bag and hooked it through his belt.” You could argue that there is a confusion over the object here. Is Jim hooking the amulet, or the bag, through his belt? The ‘correct’ form would be something like: “Jim... View Article

Talking Writing, Music and Editing with Tom Flood

Flood Manuscripts

Tom Flood helped us refine Reedsy from our earliest days. Now we want to share his amazing story. From songwriting to novels and finally manuscript editing, Tom has honed his knowledge of the writing craft over the years, and contributes today to our (aspirationally) literary blog. In one of our most in-depth interviews so far, what started as a conversation about Tom’s agency Flood Manuscripts moved on to cover his work as an editor, a writer, and an independent musician. Tom analyses the oft-invoked parallel between book and music publishing and what the future holds for both these industries. He... View Article