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Digital Marketing: Author Websites 101

Digital Marketing Author Websites Header

In this Reedsy Live session, book marketer Michael Doane takes viewers through the basics of creating a successful author website — one that can effective capture visitors and convert email addresses into an all-important mailing list. Adhering to the old writer's maxim of "show, don't tell," Michael critiques pre-submitted examples to demonstrate the good and the bad of author websites.

Finding a Target Audience for Your Book in 3 Steps

How to find your target audience

Don’t you feel like your book could be a massive hit, if only the right people knew about it? If there were only some way of finding your target audience, you’d be able to reach out and get your novel into their hands or e-readers. This post will lay out a method to help you select your target audience. You will find the ‘right people’ for your book, learn to see things from their perspective, and discover the most effective channels for reaching them. If you’re a self-published author, you probably don’t have the resources to market to everyone. The... View Article

Pinterest for authors: a step-by-step guide

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Pinterest is the social media site that has every wannabe chef and bride-to-be totally hooked. It allows users to “pin their interests” to create virtual scrapbooks filled with hundreds of inspirational images: recipes, vacation destinations, home decor, wedding details, etc. With about 70 million users, the idea behind the platform is to enhance the ingenuity in everyday life through organized interests. To the uninitiated, it might seem like users end up spending hours getting sucked into the different categories and even creating boards for “what they’ll do when they stop pinning”. But what use is Pinterest for authors? Pinterest gives... View Article

How to Boost your Author SEO: An Interview with Murray Izenwasser

Author SEO advice from Murray Izenwasser

As an author in the beginning stages of a marketing strategy, where do you start when it comes to author Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? It can be very daunting having to compete with large publishing houses as well as already successful and well-known authors. To help tackle this really important topic, we had SEO expert Murray Izenwasser give his insights on how exactly author SEO works. Click play below to watch the video chat or read the transcript below! Hi Murray, I really appreciate you talking with me today. Why don’t you start out by giving us a bit of... View Article

Author Websites: 5 Big Ways to Create Loyal Readers

Author websites are the one place readers get to judge a book by its cover… or in this case, the webpage. We’ve already written a blog post on tips to having an original author’s site, but now we’re switching gears to address the reader’s biggest turnoffs when exploring an author’s webpage. Though not every reader can be satisfied, the internet allows readers to connect with you and virtually explore your creative mind! It’s obvious that authors are masters of language, but when it comes to the web some don’t deem it necessary to have a strong internet presence. And that’s... View Article

Facebook Advertising for Authors, by Mark Dawson: Part 2

Facebook advertising is a marketing technique that is rising in popularity among many independent authors. As any other technique, it takes time, testing and iteration to produce results. And as for any other technique, it works better in certain genres and for certain books than others. However, we believe there is a great untapped potential in Facebook advertising for authors and this is the reason why we interviewed internationally bestselling author Mark Dawson. You can read part 1 of the interview here, where he focuses on growing a mailing list through Facebook ads. You can also play the full video... View Article

Facebook Advertising for Authors, by Mark Dawson: Part 1

You might have read about him on Forbes, the Financial Times or Publishing Perspectives, but we met Mark Dawson around a year ago, at an ALLi event, and have been closely following his progress since. In less than a year, he’s gone from 1,000 subscribers on his mailing list to 20,000. He now makes $450,000 a year from his writing, an activity he can concentrate on full-time. In a word, he’s yet another example of the “self-publishing dream”, and a proof that this concept is far from dead. In one of the very best author interviews we’ve done so far, Mark... View Article

Author Websites: How To Make Yours Original

Why originality? You’ve probably all read a bunch of posts on “10 things your author website needs to include”, right? If you haven’t, read The Basic Components of an Author Website by Jane Friedman, it’s probably the best one. But there’s a problem: what if all authors who set up their websites all follow the same design “rules” and advice? All these websites end up looking exactly the same, with a good old standard layout: home, books, about, contact bar. Of course, you need all these, but that’s no reason for displaying them the same way everyone else does… Let’s... View Article