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What do Women Writers Want from an Editor?

Laurie Garrison, Ph.D. is the director of Women Writers School, a blog and course provider that works mainly with female authors. She has recently self-published a manifesto for her business, Women Writers in the Twenty-First Century. Previously, she was a university lecturer, an internationally renown critic of Victorian literature and the author of the book, Science, Sexuality and Sensation Novels: Pleasures of the Senses. The online world is bursting with free advice for writers. Everywhere I look I see articles geared toward helping the writer shape her emails, pitches, proposals, synopses and, above all, her manuscripts into something an agent, editor or... View Article

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing: Which one is right for you?

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

In the current publishing landscape, one of biggest consideration an author faces is whether traditional publishing is still their best path to success. In the past, the only way to get your book into the hands of readers was by working with a publisher who could get your book into stores. With the rise of online retailers and ebooks, any author can now access millions of potential readers without the backing of a HarperCollins or a Random House. In this post, we look at the benefits and drawbacks of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. With the help of a short... View Article

Writing in Third Person Omniscient vs Third Person Limited

third person omniscient vs third person limited

You may have a clear vision for what or who your book is about — but do you know how to tell your story? One of the first major decisions you’ll face as an author is determining the style of narration in your book. Is your story best served by writing in first person, third person, or — if you’re feeling adventurous — second person? In this post, we’ll be looking at the options available to authors writing in the third person: omniscient and limited. In third person omniscient narration, the narrator has a god’s eye view of the story... View Article

Infographic: 5 Actionable Social Media Tips for Authors

Social media is the key to every self-publisher’s dreams when it comes to marketing. Though complex, it’s the foreground to any successful book marketing strategy… and it’s free! Being a self-published author means creating great content, but does it also mean you need to be an expert marketer? Thanks to the social web, no–though it certainly pays to be informed. We know engaging thousands of people on social media can feel like working in a black hole, but we’ve curated a list of actionable social media tips authors can utilize to market their books and themselves on social media without... View Article

How To Set Up Your Author Profile on Reedsy

Reedsy Author Profile

In today’s competitive publishing landscape, ensuring that you have the most cohesive and effective online presence is a crucial challenge towards establishing an author brand. This is what the Reedsy profiles are for: we allow you to integrate all the information about your writing and your books in one single, customizable website. Here’s how to set it up and take full advantage of its capabilities! Seamless integrations Let’s start with the easiest stuff. Reedsy allows you to integrate in one click with Goodreads, Twitter, Linkedin and your favourite blogging platform (WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger). That way, we just pull the... View Article

Interview with the DIY Author Podcast

DIY Author

Our co-founder Ricardo was interviewed by Chris Well from the fantastic DIY Author Podcast on the benefits of Reedsy to find freelance help and our upcoming features. Here are some cool highlights! Chris: How did the idea for Reedsy come about? Ricardo: The idea for Reedsy comes mainly from my co-founder Emmanuel and I because we’ve been following the industry for a while and from the reader perspective mainly we’ve really enjoyed the digital disruption brought by Amazon, with being one of the first adopters of Kindle in France, and we started thinking about this disruption from an author’s perspective... View Article

“Add your spirits of choice and stir”: Jessica Bell, Independent Author

Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell has written her way across a variety of genres: in fiction, a variety of thriller and drama novels; in non-fiction, writing guides including the ’…in a Nutsell’; poetry; and the vignette, a form she’s resurrected with the Vine Leaves Literary Journal. So where to start? With our interview below! We talked to Jessica about being an indie author, how she works creatively, her style, and the benefits of being part of great indie associations like the ALLi! Enjoy! Jessica Bell is Australian novelist, poet, and singer/songwriter/guitarist who lives in Athens, Greece. In addition to her novels, her poetry collections (including Fabric,... View Article

Getting Indie Authors Into Libraries – An Interview with Mitchell Davis of BiblioBoard


  When you want to know where to sell your ebooks, availability is always king. Why do you want your book on the Kindle store? Because Kindles are everywhere. Why do you want to be on the iBook store? Because iBooks is is available on over 800 million iOS devices. So when BiblioBoard say they want to help indie authors reach a network of over 2500 participating libraries, every single indie author should be paying attention. Part of their strategy for this comes back to two big ideas we’ve encountered across conversations with authors and entrepreneurs. First they offer curation... View Article