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Self-Publishing a Family Memoir

Having previously published many children’s books, Malaika Rose Stanley is no stranger to publishing. Yet with Loose Connections, she attempted something completely different from her usual style of writing. Read on to know what it was like for her to self-publish her book and go on a familiar yet new adventure. Loose Connections is my first independently published book, my first book for adults and my first non-fiction book. But I have a history of writing traditionally published books for children dating back to 1996. I had to look back and check — and I’ve completely shocked myself with the realisation... View Article

Writing a Book when English is not your First Language by author Dom Cutrupi

Dom Cutrupi Quote

Dom Cutrupi is the author of The Abyss of Lumberwitch, the first volume of his Abyss series. A storyteller by day, and a video editor by night, he chose to write a novel in English even though it was a foreign language for him. In an intimate conversation with the Reedsy team, Dom reveals what it was like for him to write and publish his first book. Hi Dom, thanks for chatting with us. To start things off, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and the book you’ve written? Born and raised in Italy for most of my life,... View Article

Why I Self-Publish My Literary Fiction

Self-publish literary fiction Jane Davis

Self-published books are still largely associated with genre novels, while authors tend to turn to traditional publishers for literary fiction. We were curious to hear from someone who has been challenging labels and going against industry wisdom to carve her own niche in the publishing world. Indie author Jane Davis used to be bullied into changing her work just to fit into an easily marketable category. She decided to take matters into her own hands and self-publish her daring, award-winning fiction.  Eimear McBride used the platform provided by her various competition wins to urge publishers to back challenging fiction. McBride had spent... View Article

How to Get “Writing a Novel” off Your Bucket List

Natalie Barelli How to write a novel success story

Natalie Barelli harbored a dream that’s all too familiar for our readers — writing a novel. An IT professional writing a psychological thriller might have seemed like a pipe dream, but persistence led to a book which by all accounts is a real page-turner. If “writing a novel” is still on your bucket list, you’ll find some good inspiration and advice below! Edit: Just 6 months after publishing “Until I Met Her”, Natalie Barelli got signed by Amazon Publishing’s imprint Thomas & Mercer.  It was a conversation about bucket lists that got me started. Over a glass of wine — or ten, let’s... View Article

Facebook Advertising for Authors, by Mark Dawson: Part 2


Facebook advertising is a marketing technique that is rising in popularity among many independent authors. As any other technique, it takes time, testing and iteration to produce results. And as for any other technique, it works better in certain genres and for certain books than others. However, we believe there is a great untapped potential in Facebook advertising for authors and this is the reason why we interviewed internationally bestselling author Mark Dawson. You can read part 1 of the interview here, where he focuses on growing a mailing list through Facebook ads. You can also play the full video... View Article

Facebook Advertising for Authors, by Mark Dawson: Part 1

Mark Dawson

You might have read about him on Forbes, the Financial Times or Publishing Perspectives, but we met Mark Dawson around a year ago, at an ALLi event, and have been closely following his progress since. In less than a year, he’s gone from 1,000 subscribers on his mailing list to 20,000. He now makes $450,000 a year from his writing, an activity he can concentrate on full-time. In a word, he’s yet another example of the “self-publishing dream”, and a proof that this concept is far from dead. In one of the very best author interviews we’ve done so far, Mark... View Article

“Be A Lean Author”, with Patrick Vlaskovits

Today we interview bestselling author and entrepreneur Patrick Vlaskovits, whose constant search for better ways of working has turned him into a formidable thought-leader in technology and business. His writing has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and The Browser and he speaks at technology conferences nationally and internationally. We asked Patrick about how he applied his thinking to his into self-publishing with his two books The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development and The Lean Entrepreneur. In his no-nonsense style, he reveals his approach and why a “Build It and They Will Come” mentality is... View Article