When the Stranger Knocks

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Adventure Crime Drama

It was just a normal day for Jane first she cleaned her house while listening to music then she did some laundry. After the cleaning was done she was curled up on the couch reading her book when a knock on the door sounded and the normal day changed. Not expecting anyone, Jane checked her phone for missed messages or calls and found none. The knock sounded again on the door, louder this time so she reluctantly got up and answered the door.

Jane pulled open the door without checking who it was, “Can I help you”, she asked the man.

“Pretend like you know me and you won’t get hurt,” he said gruffly.

Jane didn’t know how to act; she looked around and saw a car sitting behind her gate with a menacing looking group, so she did what came naturally.  

“Oh hey there, I’ve missed you!” she exclaimed while embracing the stranger in a hug.

The stranger stilled when she hugged him, but relaxed and hugged her back. She pulled away and he looked confused.

“Well, are you going to invite me in?” He asked.

“Uh, sure”, she hesitated, “please come in.” Closing the door behind them Jane didn’t know what to do next. Her phone was on the couch and he was blocking her path. She could try to run out the back door but again the group in the car looked more terrifying than her unexpected guest. The mystery man didn’t seem threatening, beside the verbal threat, and he didn’t seem to have a weapon of any kind. Jane was watching him as he went to the window and peaked out the curtain.

“I don’t know if you are with those guys but I have a back door if you aren’t.” Jane said.

The stranger just stood there staring out the window then he walked to the back door and looked out the glass. Jane just watched, not sure what to do. The man said he would hurt her but she was not going to feel trapped or helpless in her own house. Jane walked over to the couch and grabbed her phone before she knew it though the intruder snatched it out of her hand.

“Hey! Give me my phone!” She screamed at him.

“Listen the quicker you do as I say the quicker I’ll be out of your way. Now sit down and shut up.” He demanded.

“No, get out now!”

“I don’t want to hurt you but I will”, he smirked, “And trust me, those guys out there will do more than just hurt you if you thought about running.”    

“Why would I run? This is MY house, now leave! I don’t want anything to do with whatever you are doing.”

Charlie looked at the woman whose house he invaded, spunk, that is what she has and a lot of it. Good he thought, it will come in handy if the situation gets worse. He doesn’t want to involve this woman, doesn’t want to endanger a civilian but this was the closest he could find. Charlie wished the house would have been empty, with no car outside and the windows drawn shut he figured it would have been. Then she opened the door clearly not expecting company and he froze and said the first thing that came to his mind. He knew the gang was watching him and needed to stall them while his team got into place. Maybe he should just explain the situation, then again he doesn’t trust easy and this woman was a stranger.

“Listen,” he began, “Sorry if I scared you but things aren’t as they seem. I..” There was a loud noise that stopped him. Charlie ran to the window and peaked out. The gang was trying to break through the gate. Guess they are getting impatient he thought. Turning to the woman he saw she didn’t looked scared, more like ticked off.

“You listen to me, I don’t know who you are, who those guys are or what you are doing here. You come in here threatening me and being all mysterious and believe me I like a good mystery but this is too much. Why can’t you just leave?” Jane shouted and paced back in forth before sitting on the couch.

“I was trying to explain before, uh”


“Jane”, he smiled, “I was trying to tell you before Jane, this isn’t what it looks like. I’m and undercover detective. Those guys out there are expecting a package but it’s actually a set up. I’m waiting on my team to get into place and had to stall so I told them the package was in this house. I’m sorry for putting you into this predicament but I really thought the house was empty.”

“Oh, well in that case its okay.” She smiled back.

“Really?” He asked.

“Heck no its not okay. Why did you think it was empty? Why my house at all?”

“Ok I get it you have a lot of questions but we don’t have time, they are going to get through that gate and come looking for me.”

“Then go out there and stall. Leave me out of this!” She shouted and headed for the door when he grabbed her arm to stop her.

“I get you are upset but my team is almost in place. Please just a couple more minutes and I’ll be out of here.”

There was a loud crash outside and both ran to the window to see the car driving through the gate and pulling into her front yard. Before either had time to think the door was knocked open and four scary looking men came in.

“Where is our package?” The biggest one said.

“I was getting it. It takes more than five minutes.”

“Oh, I see what you were getting. Who is this pretty little thing?” The one with the tattoos said while looking Jane up and down.

Charlie stepped in front of her and continued to talk to the men, “Don’t mind her. Beside the package isn’t here.”

“You said it was, CJ, don’t tell me you lied, or worse are going to keep the items in the package for yourself.” Tattoos said.

“It was but..”

“But he owes me money so I put it somewhere else,” Jane interrupted.

Everyone turned and looked at Jane, Charlie didn’t know what to say but he just rolled with it, first rule of undercover.

“And I told you babe, once I give them the package I can give you what I owe you.” Charlie said with a wink.

Jane rolled her eyes and said, “That is what you always say, and don’t babe me”, she pointed and jabbed her finger into Charlie’s chest.

“Guys let me go talk to her and convince her to tell me where it is.”

“You got ten minutes CJ or I will do the convincing.” Tattoos replied with a smirk.

Charlie took Jane by the hand and started guiding her to the room when Jane slightly tugged his hand to the right so he followed her. Once in the room Charlie shut and locked the door and scanned the room for what he could use in case they had to fight. There was a computer desk with a laptop, a printer, computer chair and looked like a futon couch.

“Quick thinking out there”, he said while walking around the room.

“How long until your team gets here? I really don’t want to talk to Tattoos”, she said hugging herself and rubbing her arms.

Charlie put his hands on her shoulders and said, “Don’t worry I won’t let that happen.”

“Why did you react like that and nice touch on the poking me.”

“I just took on one of my characters personas and it worked,” she said laughing while he looked confused. “I’m a writer, a novelist, and I mainly write about mystery or crime fiction.”

“Well at least you have a new story to write now,” he replied with a chuckle.

They smiled at each and a big boom sounded, Charlie smiled and looked her. His team had shown up.

“They aren’t going to destroy my house are they?”

“No worries, you will be reimbursed for any damages” He smiled a cheeky grin.

An hour later the gang was arrested and Charlie was talking to his team. Surprisgly not much damage occurred not including her gate. Charlie walked over to Jane to see how she was doing.

“How you doing there Jane?”

“I’m good, it wasn’t what I had planned for my day, but it was a nice surprise. Well some of it was.”

“Oh yeah? What was nice about it?” He asked grinning.

“I think you know, detective.”

“How about a proper date then, so we can get to know each other?” He asked.

“Yes, just no more breaking my things.” They both laughed.  

June 04, 2021 21:17

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