My Friend Buck

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Fiction Funny High School

On a bench made of stone, full of leaves around it. A green leaves drop infront of Bucky’s eyes. “Oh, this happen again.” Leave the leaves alone to the grown up. On a village in Ohio State, all streets seem very quiet and peaceful. There are not looking bad stratch, just straight, turn left or right or just straight. Go to a wooden house. “Hi, honey, how’s work?” Jean, Bucky’s mom who struggling with drugs. Forget about that, she’s still caring mom for Bucky and Dave, Bucky’s 9 years old little brother. That time is 15 July 1978, Bucky Revees Just turn 17. The same time when summer ends, coming to third year in Revere High School. No wishes, no birthday cake, just simple dinner as always. These happens everytime. Jerry Reeves, middle aged man with nerdy face seems not enjoying any kind of fun stuff. Forget about it, still a father of the year. He’s a chemist, have his own chemistry lab. Sometimes Bucky comes in to make a silly experiments. Nick, the most girly male on the school, there’s a rumor says he’s actually female. Actually he’s regularly comes against Buck for a random questions. It’s really clear that something happens with him. Nothing really interesting. Buck goes to school, 16 July 1978. A graffiti year of 78 tagged on it with orange color. Roland, the sliced long straight black hair with jeans jacket, like a metal front goy. A pocket knife on back pants.

“Hi Buck, still walking walking huh?” Buck’s actually the one guy that have notany kind of ridiculous stereotype around the school. Not a nerd or jock or bullies, or anything. More like a goth. Just being himself. “Hey Ron, can I get a bill?” “Sorry I ain’t have it, just doing same old business, you know? “Yeah, I know.” They’re just get into it, with a shine gold loking palace, floor, locker, everything just clean. There is still the one guy with Belpase Stroke attraction, Jeff. Buck doesn’t want any problem, and just think about himself. The clean shining floor walked by an optimistic nihilistic guy, doesn’t care about reputation, or any teenage boy dreams. Just being himself, that’s all. Was that the same on the middle school? Bridgett, the girl with the same class with him, most of peoples compared them. None can say they both antisocial, or even losers. They are just don’t care about what people think about them, but in a good way.

History class begin at 08:00 AM. Mr Hatrick asked, “Why history is important?” “Jeffrey would you mind?” “I don’t know.” “Excuse me?” “It’s important I don’t know.” “I DON’T KNOW.” Somehow his habit appeared.” Buck, maybe knows the right answer, but once again, this jut matured man doesn’t want to impress anyone, or just make peoples applause at him, considered him as smart, or impress girls, but actually not because doesn’t considered as goth. He’s totally goth. “History is important because you don’t know truly who you are. Buck berdiri di depan lokernya yang bernomor “15”, taking one green book seems not given from school, but personal book to write everything he wants. “How you doin, Buck?” “Just horsing around you know, looking for something, you don’t have to know, Derf” His cartoonist soul fire up, wants to search more about what really think. Actually he’s like to discovery about every kind of unique peoples on this school despite ignored or even bullied them. He’s really a fascinating and curiousity of strangeness or even freakiness, then applicated it to story with chronological images like comic strip book. Buck is the one that one of it, but the similiarity with Derf on his fascination to write stories without images just make Derf more like him. “Buck, uh, can I ask you something?” “what man? Doing A dahmer Fanclub again?” “No, man, I’m actually not interested to make fool of someone like that.” “So what’s on, skinny Derf?” “Bulk Buck, you like to write a stories, right? I see you write random stuff on the school bus.” “Yeah, and I see you draw amateur images about funny superheroes. You want become one of them?” “Hopefully. Hear, man, how about we combine our writing and drawing and unite them together. We can be a real writer and cartoonist on high school.” Actually, both of them don’t really car about what others think about them. Derf fit on any group, but just as random man following. As well as Bucky-head, actually on Revere Middle School raging hormones hit him so hard as well as common teenagers. Then he matured fasteer than everyone just by change his rutinition from wake up, reading matured stuff, sleep well, don’t “woooww” with performances or even envy them, just enjoy what he like. “How about the story?” “That’s it, that’s my brain. Let me discover it, I’m looking for a sign you know? That’s why I walk randomly unintentionally, you know it?” “Yeah, sometimes I draw you too.” “Thanks.” Bridgett walks away from their sight. “I have an Idea.” “Don’t tell me-“ “Relax, man. Of course I will not repeat same mistakes again on middle school. Just looking for a sign, you know.” “You know, man? My house just beside her house, and she doesn’t realize it until this time.” “What do you gonna do about it? “Nail it.” “I know you’re stuck with it. I feel the same way too. See you in the next plan, man.” “Anything for you, man.” On the road comes to him, there is one guy with long-straight black hair, obviously older than college man, looks very happy without specific reason, biker cothes but on foot. “Hey, wanna see a magic, man?” Buck answer “No, man, not this time. “My name is Molly.” “Nice name for a man.” “Oh, is that so?” “I’m Buck.” “Better cent.” “Very funny.” Come on, let’s check outside, find a real sense of peace of mind. You want it?” “Sure.” They walk to random spot on in the nowhere forest, find his peace of mind. Molly, the typical of nihilistic guy who have nothing to do with his life, just “living for today” philoshopy of life. Pick some guitar down on the soil. Wonder how no one find it. Actually it’s kind of 5 meters from the common streets. Black, no stickers, random acoustic with the curly strings to the outside tune.

“Now if you’re feelin’ kinda low ‘bout the dues you’ve been payin’ Future’s comin’ much too slow. And you wanna run but somehow you just keep on stayin’ Can’t decide on which way to go. Yeeaahheeeee(those sounds clearly beautiful like nightingale bird from a story, completely different from his creepy good looking straight faces).

Buck continues it spontantly, “I understand about indecision. But I don’t care if I get behind. People living in competition. All I want is to have my peace of mind-inddddd”.

“That’s it, that’s it my man.” “Unexpectly, put out some magnum revolver, spin those ammo space around it and hysteria little laugh, “hahahhaha”. Buck thinks he’s gonna robbed or even killed, bun unexpectable, put the gun to his right side above his right ear.” Although doesn’t threatened, Buck still have emphaty to don’t let anyone commit suicide. “Hahahahahahahaha”, Molly is a great actor actually, but swept away by evil waves and storms. “Lookk at those rabbit.” “That’s sky.” “The clouds, the clouds look llike a bunch of rabbits, really beautiful. Those little bunnies seem really sleep peaceful on this stray cold evening, right love?” Banggg, banggg, banggg. New 17 years old man must be surprised and up his shoulder like he’s gonna die sooner. “Wanna try?” “No, I won’t.” “Just one shoot.” “ If you sad, stresfull, or whatever, just come to my place, I be there for you.” Molly’s voice just calmly, like really caring man against new man to ths questionable world. Buck just left, just want to write those new beautiful experiences, it must be a turning point for him. Somehow mom, dad, little brother outside the house without knowing it himself. What if the one guy is Boston lost member?

Derf just working on grocery store, just want to go home. Buck comes in, “Hey man, wanna party some more?” “Sure.” “I find the Boston guy? “Boston what?” “You called it.” “Really? I like better Bad Finger.” “Forget about it, there’s something interesting about it. You done? “Just done.” “Get rid of those stupid clothes.” They go outside, walking around like a couple. “Where are we going?” “My house. Parents and brother just go outside, I don’t even know what happen.” That time is 15:30 PM, the sun just going to set, it’s really beautiful  spot to view. “Let’s come in, I have some drinks.” “Don’t you-“ “No, I’m just horsing around.” “you’re not Billy The Kid, right?” “You’re funny for a cartoonist. Let’s get in.” The wooden brown door just opened.” “It’s pretty dark inside, what’s happening.” “You know it right? Just turn on the light, genius.” The light turns on, sitting on brown sofa. In front of them is wooden small table, more like a chair, above it a glass. Below it a space for random books, wall street magazines, herbal health, mostly about chemistry.” You know the opposite of it?” “Bridgett’s house?” “Yeah, she’s alone there. I usually like my feet massaged by those grass.” I just write a story about the random folk really cool, change my whole life.” “That boston man? “Yeah.” “I’m gonna give it to her by secret way.” “It’s simple, throw it below the floor.

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Tricia Shulist
12:53 Jul 25, 2021

Thank you. I struggled reading parts of this — you should consider a complete proofreading before posting. That would allow readers to concentrate on the plot more. Keep writing.


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