Drama African American High School

"Timmy! I'm paying you Ja $500 to do my English Lit essay about Prospero and the storm in Act 1. ",Raggie, the captain of the Rugby team said running up from the field with shirt in his hands and a much too sweaty face.

I don't know how bad my face looks right now, but I am stressed out. I turned around pissed but a little nervous.

"Tough love Raggie but you're out of luck. I'll be busy this whole week and won't have time to do your essay",I say wondering why he went in sporting activities knowing that he wouldn't be able to do important tasks like these.

The screeching, birds flocking away, sound of footsteps and the breath being knocked out of me is what heard and felt in that moment of silence.

This dude really pushed me in a wall for crying out loud!

Well folks, this is the life of a busy dude whose second job is doing people's home-work, even though they could very well do it themselves.

"Dude are you ok", Jon comes over laughing his butt off, "I see you got another job offer" he says pointing at the five hundred dollar bill.

"Wah unuh problem? Unuh go get a life and mind unuh own business!", Raggie screamed at the gathering crowd. "mek sure seh u ave mi essay or u nah go like it"

"Oh, that's the work huh,"Jon says grinning, finally helping me up.

"Let's go, I have no interest in staying here for another hour", I said picking up the damn money along with my bag.

As we walked to the bus park, I thought about getting away and just relaxing.

"Dude, remember the bargain vacations you spoke to me about 6 days ago?"

He suddenly stopped. He turns around and then looks at me with the WTH look on his face.

"Do I look that old to you?", Jon asked, "anyway you're planning on going?"

"Sorry, I say laughing a little. Yeah, I'm gonna go to the RINU Hotel....-"


What Jon?

"You can't go to that hotel, with what money?, I'm a friend that can get you a free damn pass to a good hotel that actually won't allow you to pay too much to stay for one night. "Jon remarked

"Wow, so you're that influencial now", Alright I really was nervous but excited,"Which hotel do you have for me?"

"Saluah hotel in Jinsway. That's a getaway destination just a couple hours from here."

___________________________________ Four months ago, my friend Jon got a pass, not really all the way free since I paid $5000 from the cash I got from 'working' as he called it.

I told my Mom of my hotel pass to Saluah, sadly she was against me on it saying it's currupt. But I don't believe her. Today is gonna be the first of my many days of being in a hotel and I can't wait.

I pray college won't be like highschool, I doubt I will have time to do lazy ass people's homework for I have a life to live too.

All my clothes were packed and ready to go. I was just waiting on the arrival of the JUTC bus.

"Timmy!, Mom called," You know I love you, I just want you to be safe. I don't know where you got the money from, nor how Jon got the free pass but please, just be careful."

My Mom was a really sweet lady and all that, but I am a Man. She doesn't need to worry about me anymore.

"Mom , I got this", I say trying to console her, "I'll be coming home alive , and happy. You have nothing to worry about."

I gave her a warm hug and kissed her on the cheek.

"U gwaan like you a big man, bout u a go a hotel cause you stressed", she said trying to hide her tears.

And just like that, the bus arrived and I simply wished I payed big money at the other hotel instead.


The hotel looked great, no lie. It had a beautiful pool, a golf area, the pristine receptionist area but , but, I don't have a room to stay in because of technical difficulties. I know that's a lie, I'm no fool.

I would have turned back but, I really wanted to stay at a hotel. So foolishly, I took a chance to dream that this was normal and I had nothing to worry about.

"Which room am I to stay in then Mam?", I asked

She just looked at me with a almost scared look in her eyes. I passed it off as nothing as she gave me a key. I just followed the guy as he took my bags to my 'new' room.



A girl was in the room playing on a damn piano. She seems to be a foreigner but I know she's not.

"What is going on here?", asked she , "he can't stay here."

"We are having some technical difficulties so he has to be in here for the mean while.", the bag man said.

Suddenly, I was shoved in the room and the door was locked.

Now I was worried. The worst part, it was night. Scary shit always happens in the night.

I grabbed my bag and searched if I had everything inside. I had my phone, my headphones, my cash and my clothes. Good.

:Listen", I said to her, "My room is no longer functioning and obviously there is no other empty room or safe room in this place, but I will not allow you or anyone here to stop me from staying even a night or a week in here."

"AAre you hearing yourself?", she almost screamed, "this is not normal. Nothing you said is normal. You should have your own room, and I should have mine. I dont want to stay here with a moronic kid. OMG."

I would have said something to her, but I left her hanging and went in the beautiful room.

Flat screen TV, a desk place, King sized bed and a long couch. I'm loving it here already.

I took to the couch and dialed Jon.

"Dude, WTH, this place is obviously screwed up."

I know, why are you still there. There was a robbery and blackout in there. You need to leave. I'm sorry m-"

"Shit, Jon! Jon!"

The hell. I left the room as soon as I heard it.

"You look like your using your brain now" the girl said

"Shut the hell up...please and just stay here while it's safe. I'm gonna see what technological difficulties these people are talking about."

I was just about ready to go when I felt a sting pushing my head to the side

I just turned around, and really looked at the girl with the long black straightened afro hair with blue eyes and really nice brownish skin.

She think that just because she is beautiful, she can push me around. She has another thing coming.

I felt very alive.

I shook my head and walked slowly towards her. Her eyes never leaving mine, I pushed her gently agsinst the wall, by her waist and.......what's a stay in a messed up hotel if I can't even kiss a beautiful girl,

so ofcourse I did what any man would do in this position.

I placed my lips against hers and yes, she kissed me back, she kissed me back hard.

It wasn't a 'I need you now kiss' but a ' just keep calm, relax and let's kiss' kind of thing.

"I'm sorry", I said after having the best and firat ever kissing session of my life, " just stay here, I'll give the report afterwards. "

I Left her stunned just like that. I can't believe she really kissed back.

Maybe college will be different after all.

I left the room smiling like an idiot. Room 112 here I go.

I had to go up a long winding fleet of stairs leaving the emergency door behind.

And then,

I suddenly saw a room door open by itself and got flung to the other end of the hall.

'AAhhh' the girl screamed. Why don't I know her name. Yeah, this is not the guy I wanna be.

The f***, why don't I know her name.

What the hell are you doing here. Before you panic, just tell me your name.

She gave me a WTH look and pointed at the door at the end of the hall, trembling like at leaf.

"I know , I'm freaked out too, but we'll get through together."

"Isabelllaaaaaahhhh.....," she pointed at something that must have fraker her out bad. I spun around and saw that it was a guy who looked like he was possessed.

His clothe's were torn and his eyes had no freaking pupil, all was white.

Plus he had a wide ass grin on his face. I was beyond terrified.

Jon was wrong. This was no freaking robbery nor blackout. This was a full on attack from the king of devils, disturbing the peace of everyone in this freaking hotel.

If this were a damn robbery, the police would have been here. These people should have called a freaking pastor or something.

"RUN", the demon possessed dude spoke in an high pitched voice.

I grabbed Isabella, and ran forward, only to be grabbed and pushed the same way I came. I took the fall, allowing Isabella to fall on top of me.

Now I was scared 'God please get me out of this alive.', I silently prayed.

I prefer to be bullied to do homework than face this any day.

I saw that she fainted already, and to be honest

I think I would have too if I wasn't feeling so hyped up. I was in pain, the fall was crazy hard but I had to take Isabella to safety.

"Run the other way, I'm giving you a head start before we play." The demonic said, this time, his eye balls were moving all over the damn place.

OOh hell no

With the strength I never knew I had, I was able to recover myself from my prostrate position by pushing myself up on my knees and I taking a stand. I threw Isabella on my shoulder and took a mighty run for it.

I thank God that I was able to reach the emergency door.

I did open it and ran like the fool that I was.

Down the stairs, and straight in some nearby bushes where I actually fainted.


I awoke with a start and saw that I was on a plot of Bay laurel kind of land near the hotel.

I gently woke Isabella from sleep and just hugged her as I saw the recognition on her face.

"It's ok, now love, everything will be OK.", I cooed in her ears and kissed her one more time.

"Thank you for what you did. You could have left me , but you didn't.", she said

And that was indeed correct.

I looked at her and smiled.

"Let's go in for our bags."

"No , you go.", she said shaking her head nervously, "I'd rather stay here.

I totally understood. I went back in the hotel leaving her alone, trembling and I felt bad.

The good thing is, I saw my Pastor from church. Thank God, they called someone.

"Pastor", I said hoping he recognised me already, "can you follow me to my room for my bags please?,

I hope you were able to get that demon out though."

From the look in his eyes, I knew he had some idea of what the hell took place last night.

He looked at me with compassion, and gently said, "no, Jesus did. We both know that there was more than one demon in that boy."

I actually held the dude close to me as we entered the hotel room and even on the way out.

He didn't say anything when he saw that I was carrying someone else's bags too. He just helped with everything.

When we got back, I hugged Isabella as she cried on my shoulder and wrapped a jacket around her trembling slender body.

The Pastor prayed for us both as we tried to collect ourselves.

'We pray'

It was my cellphone.

"Hey dude, your mom said you weren't home yet. I was saying that I think something ridiculous happened to your room but my battery died. I hope you're OK though.", It was Jon

I just hung up the phone, said my thanks to the Pastor and hugged Isabella again.

At least this part of my vacation is going well.

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