Horror Romance Sad

His bright electric blue eyes seem flicker to a crimson red. His teeth grinding together, lips parted a low growl resonating from his deep within his throat. His hands clenched together, itching to throw a punch. His feet are shoulder with apart, ready to launch an assault. His golden hair glowing more than usual, brightening up the darkness around him. But instead his brother gets him to sit back in the booth. Only to watch the show.

She stands across the bar room, leaning against the tall bar. Her tall stature and the glitter around her eyes, shine from the dancing lights around her. Her deep violet dress shows off her chest. Her purple sapphire eyes scan around the room, looking for something or someone. Her very essence drawing in the crowd. Men each taking a chance, trying to buy her a drink, trying to ask her to dance. Without having to say a word, just the look of disapproval is enough to make them scram.

Soon her eyes pass over the strong-willed man. Sitting at a large booth in the corner, his comical ridden twin trying to keep his attention. But those electric blues have had their eye on something else. Their eyes meet and a smirk glides across her thin lips. Her laughter is heard through the malicious stare she holds. He won't give her the satisfaction of seeing his jealousy.

The next man to walk towards her, she pulls in close. Her arms wrapping around his neck, whispering sweet nothings to him. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him right? His hands grip her waist, letting her have her way with him. She nibbles his neck, getting him hot, knowing it, herself, is all a show. Her night is about more than getting her drink on.

Her night continues, dancing and drinking. Her eyes glancing over at the golden haired man every now and then. Locking eyes, seeing his anger in her doings. His twin unable to keep him occupied anymore. He tries to make him head out the door, but the glass in his hand, shatters. He won't move from the booth, not without her. Though, they both know it would take a miracle for her waltz out with her in his arms.

Her jewels like eyes haze over from the alcohol integrated in her systems, she lets a man pull her on to the floor. Tangling together in a dance of drunkenness. His hands keep their hold on her waist, as she grinds against him. Sliding down to her hips. Not caring at all about whose watching. She lets him continue, knowing it’s only fueling the fire and her arms wrap around his neck.

All eyes are attracted to her. She is the star of the show. She is a rose in a sea of daisies. She a delicate flower, attracting all those around her. But watch out for her thorns, for they won’t just prick you, they will tear you to shreds.

He’s had enough by this point, she is being tossed from man to man. Not that she minds, but he’s done watching his girl get it on with someone else. She may think she never wants to see him again, but the way she is acting…tells a whole different story. Her short glances his way, the way she keeps her back to him, showing him her curves. The look she gives him when she has her arms around another man.

A boy has his lips pressed against her neck, biting the sensitive skin. The giggles she is making, he used to make her do that. He knew all her sensitive areas. He knew every part of her. He knew things no man will ever know. Especially those standing in this club right now. She doesn’t see the boy that was just holding her, get his face bashed in and become replaced.

He keeps her facing away from him, sliding his fingers across her waist. His light touch gives it away, she tenses. He won’t let her turn around. Keeping a tight hold, making her sway with him. He presses just the right areas that make her moan. What a beautiful sound it is? It is music to his ears. It brings back so many memories. Ones she has missed so much but would never admit. She can’t stop leaning her head back against his shoulders. Him nipping at her ears, kissing her neck. Nothing stopping him from claiming her.

She is his sun. The glitter dancing off the light. The glow that reflects off the shine in her perspiration. The dim light does nothing to take away the shine from her eyes. Pulling them closer together. She grabs hold of his hands and laces her fingers with his. Hugging him closer, if that’s possible. He whispers old memories of sun flares and shooting stars to her, his breath tickling the back of her neck. Making her swoon all over. Bringing her back to times of rebuilding and new growth. A time when the sun brought the future of a new day.

A hazy fog seems to float through the air. Their eyes closed not noticing. They are lost in each other.

It isn’t until the screaming starts.

The rushing of people pushing past.

The cries from around them.

Then the heat of the flames.

And the building burned and burned to the ground. Fire roared over the rooftop, raining ash from the sky. Shades of orange colored the heavens, flickering against the starry blue night. Agony fueled screams echoed over the flames. They are trying to get out of the crumbling building, but most have lost the air they need to breath. The oxygen being suck from their lungs. Only bringing the inferno higher and higher.

People run around, looking for partners, brothers and sisters, lovers. Water rains from the firefighter’s hoses, trying to tame the flame. The building is completely engulfed, no one going in and no one coming out. Ashes land on the few to make it out, getting seen by medical professionals. Burns that will stay to make them forever remember this horrid night.

His eyes reflect the golden inferno, not affecting his stance as he glares down the blaze. His fist clenched together tight as he looks around, frantic that he can’t see her. His electric stare searches through the crowd, unable to find his vibrant violet beauty. That only a few hours ago the color blended in with his. Holding him close as they dance around the floor of the night club. They were molded to each other, fitting perfectly like a puzzle. Not caring about the people gazing in longing. Wanting what they have, the bond the two in the middle share.

He moves past others, shoving past the ones trying to stop him. He needs to get closer. He needs to see for himself. Where is she? They were separated as the fire began to grow. As others began to run and scream. He tried hard to hold on to her. He had marks in his palms from her digging her nails in. Her words still echoing in his head. Her beautiful face showing fear of not getting out. When he felt her slip from his hold, his heart cracked, like it already knew what was about to happen.

             The heat doesn’t bother him at first. He maneuvers around the rubble, looking for those purple sapphire eyes. Praying he gets to her in time. Ashes fall around him as he continues. His hand goes to his face, trying to protect himself from the burning flames. He tries to go to the place he lost her, but it looks nothing like the club anymore. The fire rages on, not giving him any sympathy. Then he hears her. He hears her calling out. While some have lost their will to speak, she still shrieks his name. He rushes forward, screaming her name.

             A hand reaches and grabs his arm. He stops and tries to keep standing, while this person tries to get up. The person is unrecognizable. His hand burning into his arm, he tries not to cry out. The person grip doesn’t last long, they don’t seem to have the energy to hold on. Once it loosens, he rips his arm out of their grasps. He calls out to her again, hoping to still hear her. She cries back and he rushes in, hoping to find her in time. Time. Something neither of them don’t have. Her voice gets louder as he continues, he knows he close. With the fire roaring in his ears, its hard to hear her, but he won’t back down. Then, under some rubble, he sees her violet dress, it’s frayed and burning, but the color stands out. He tells her not to move, that he will get her out. She whimpers in distress.

             He knows he’s going to get burned but saving her is more important. He squats down and grips under the mass keeping them apart. With one heave, he pulls with all his strength and moves it out of the way. She’s covered in burns and her leg looks broken, but he promises she will be safe now. He picks her up bridle style and hurries to get them out of the building. It is on the edge of collapsing and if they don’t get out now, they may never will. He attempts to go the way he came in, but its blocked. So, he has to maneuver around and find a new way to the exit. She clings to him tightly, telling him to hurry. The exit comes into view and he races towards it. Just as they pass through the whole building goes down in flames. 

October 22, 2020 12:00

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