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Autumn winds drifted through the streets, carrying leaves and pollen with it. The cool air that usually graces October was nowhere to be seen, replaced with the warmth felt in the beginning of September; it was a rare flash of heat, the summer’s last push before succumbing to fall and eventually winter. Clouds drifted through the sky, casting light shadows onto the city as the sun shone bright enough to create dappled patterns below the trees. As nice as the pleasant temperature was, it could never be enough to warm the scene of bitter cold rejection taking place in the city park.

“Hey! Hey! I’m sorry, okay? I promise it won’t happen again, okay baby?”

Splashes of liquid hit the pavement as a young woman threw her iced coffee at her boyfriend, soaking through his clothes in an instant.

“Don’t even try to apologize, Sayge! This is the third time my friends have seen you out with another girl! It’s like you don’t care about me at all!”

Sayge wiped coffee from his face, the ends of his red hair turning darker as the drink seeped in.

“Come on, don’t say that. Of course I care about you-”

The woman slapped him, the sound amplified by the liquid on his cheek.

“How can you say that after all you’ve done?! It’s over, Sayge. Don’t call me again.”

She stormed off, empty cup in hand, leaving him in the park with wet clothes to face his audience. The park was mostly empty, but the few that were there glared at him before he awkwardly left to clean up. 


The trickle of water running from a faucet echoed through Sayge’s apartment as he washed his face, attracting the attention of a chubby orange cat who came trodding into the bathroom. It hopped up on the counter, purring as its owner took off his stained sweatshirt.

“Dang. Why’d I have to wear white today?”

The cat paid no attention to Sayge’s sour mood, rubbing against his hand in hopes of getting fed water from the sink. He sighed, turning on the faucet for his cat.

“You’re lucky, Beyoncé. You don’t have to worry about anything. Especially getting dumped by girls.”

Beyoncé trilled, her tongue flicking out to lap at the running water as she tried to find a dry spot for her paws in the sink. Sayge dried his face on a towel and slipped a new hoodie over his head- black this time- before dumping both his soiled shirt and the towel into a basket.



His phone vibrated on the bathroom counter. When he turned it on, he found messages that made him curse his luck even more.

[Hey, where are you? You’re late for fencing class.]

[You’d better not have blown it off for a date again.]

If only.

[No, not today. I truly forgot about it this time. How can I make it up to you?]

The familiar gray bubble with three dots appeared at the bottom of the screen.

[You can get over here and join. I might be able to convince the instructor to let you in late.]

Sayge chuckled to himself. Few had the privileges of being the instructor’s best friend.

[Thanks, Lucien. Be sure to apologize to ‘the instructor’ for me.]

[He forgives you. Just be on time from now on.]

He turns off his phone and gives his cat one last pet before grabbing his bag and leaving his apartment once more.


The sound of clashing blades hit Sayge’s ears as he approached the door to his friend’s fencing studio. A piece of paper was taped over the dark green paint, reading, “Swift Strikes Fencing,” in monotonous black text. He grasped the doorknob, shoving the heavy door until it swung open at last.

“Come on. You can be quicker than that. Try it again, like this-”

More clanging ensued as the students in the class faced off against each other once more. One student had left their station to be at the front of the room, sparring with their teacher. Sayge smiled as he saw his friend, recognizing the passion on his face as he instructed the group in front of him. After finishing the move, he looked at the door, a small smile coming to his face when he saw his red haired friend. He strode over, looking Sayge up and down.



Lucien pointed towards Sayge’s assigned station, handing him a blade.

“Just in time. Set yourself up. Reid, you may go back to your station since your sparring partner is here.”

The student Lucien had just been fighting nodded and went back to their space next to Sayge.

“Let’s try it again. I know you all can be faster.”


Sayge took a seat on his mat, pulling a water bottle out of his bag. The other students began filing out of the room, sheathing their swords and leaving them for the next session. Lucien made sure everyone had returned their blades before he strode over to his friend, taking a seat next to him.

“Nice job today. Even if you showed up halfway through the lesson.”

Sayge chuckled.

“Thanks, Lucie.”

Lucien frowned.

“Do NOT call me Lucie.”

Sayge winked, taking another sip of water.

“No promises.”

“At least promise to tell me why you were late this morning.”

Tt was Sayge's turn to frown.

“I did. I forgot about it.”

“I know that’s not the reason. Who did you upset this time?”

He knew Sayge better than he knew himself.

“A girl I’ve been seeing got mad at me because her friends caught me out with another girl again. She broke up with me and threw her coffee in my face.”

Lucien snorted.

“Wow, she wasted her coffee on you? That’s dedication.”

“Shut up.”

Sayge rested his face in his hands, staring down at the sword still lying on the mat in front of him.

“I’m not sure what to do anymore. All of my attempts at relationships fail. What am I missing?”

His friend patted his back in sympathy.

“I’m probably not the best person to ask for relationship advice, but… maybe you’re missing a connection. Think about it, do you truly like anyone you decide to date?”

“Of course, they’re all gorgeous-”

“No, I mean, do you really feel like you have a future with them?”

Sayge sighed.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m not built for long-term relationships.”

“Sure you are. You just need to find someone you really, really trust… and maybe work on not cheating.”

Both chuckled at that. Lucien turned to his friend, brushing his black bangs aside as he glanced shyly at Sayge.

“You know… I enjoy being around you. A lot. I- um- wouldn’t be averse to helping you navigate a relationship.”

Shock hit Sayge like a bus. He had known about his friend’s sexuality for awhile now, but didn’t expect…

“L- Lucien? Is this…”

A blush colored Lucien’s cheeks.

“A confession, yes. I know you’re straight, but-”

Sayge tackled his friend into a hug, falling onto the mat and nearly knocking over his water bottle.

“Yes, Lucien, yes! I… I knew I had been missing something. I think that something had been you.”

A second shock bus came by to hit Lucien, but he hugged his friend close anyways. 

“I- I didn’t think you’d accept. Thank you. I’ll do my best to guide you, but…”

He shoved Sayge onto his back, grabbing the training sword from beside him and pointing the taped blade at his throat.

“...If you cheat on me, I’ll make sure you’ll regret it.”

Sayge laughed, putting his arms up in mock surrender.

“Gotcha, Lucie. I promise I’ll be loyal.”

Lucien scowled, gently hitting Sayge on the head with the blade before abandoning it in favor of hugging his new boyfriend once more.

“Hey, what did I say earlier? Do NOT call me Lucie.”


October 16, 2021 01:07

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Deidra Lovegren
19:40 Oct 20, 2021

Excellent sensory imagery at the beginning—you can spin a tell. Love the coffee toss and cat. Feckless Sayge doesn’t deserve insightful Lucien…haha


Sprite Akuma
02:02 Oct 26, 2021

Someone needs to rein him in, lol


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