Grandview Woods II

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James’s sat in his hotel room, late into the evening, checking out story after story of the disappearances in the Grandview Woods.

“I can’t believe there have been this many cases in these woods,” he said to himself.

As he read each story, he knew it was a sign of what he needed to do. Try to solve the mystery of this place.

Prior to his grandma passing away, he had a couple of dreams of wandering the woods. It seemed to go on for hours, as if it covered the entire planet with forested land. Not a human in sight to help him find his way out.

After he had the dreams, back-to-back James pondered on the significance of it.

“It’s a sign,” his co-worker, Nick told him. “Sounds like you need to go on a hike into the mountains.”

James never had an interest in a hiking trip. Taking a walk through the park was good enough for him.

He remembered when he was very young of having a similar dream of disasters taking place in the town; he lived in.

“Maybe my son is having visions,” he overheard his mother telling a friend.

“I pray to God it doesn’t happen soon,” the friend said with unease.

“I’m hoping I am wrong,” his mother said.

Many years later, and no disasters yet. James didn’t live in the town anymore, but the type of dreams or visions he had more than likely spanned over an enormous mass of land, if not the entire world. James thought little about it, but the endless woods were a different story.

“These dreams invade my thoughts more often,” he thought.

Now, as he sat in the hotel room, he wonders if it was a coincidence. Dreams of woods and now to find out he had a great uncle who disappeared in the woods.

“Maybe it’s a sign to search him out and finally end this mystery,” he said as he sat back to rest.

Many emotions flooded his mind as he thought of the adventure, the risk, and the danger.

James slept off and on for the next six hours. The last portion of his sleep contained a dream of walking an endless path through the deep woods. He heard rustling from both sides of the path, but nothing ever popped up. He saw something up ahead, but before he could focus in on it, he woke up.

“Damn it all,” he said as he sat up in bed.

No more sleep will come his way, so he got out of bed and cleaned himself up.

“Today I go on an adventure.”

The Grandview Woods were an hour away from the hotel as he drove that way. He stopped, grabbed something to eat, and continued driving as he scarfed down his food.

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” he thought as he drove. “I never knew him so why risk my life.”

But then who was saying he was risking his life. It should just be a leisurely walk through the woods. The question is how much he will let his imagination come to play as he walked. Countless stories of people freaking themselves out. To the point of death.

“I won’t let it get that far,” he said.

As he neared the woods of fame, he had to use quick action to dodge a deer that jumped out onto the road. He missed a large pine tree by a matter of a couple of feet as he got back onto the road.

“That was too close for comfort,” he said. “Maybe nature doesn’t want me to make it to the Spooky Woods.”

Fifteen minutes later, he turned left onto a narrow gravel road. It was another ten minutes driving slowly down the road that curved to the left, then to the right, up a small hill until he came to a clearing. The area to park and one that had a few cars parked there.

“There are quite a few people already here,” he said as he found a spot to park.

He saw a few of the vehicles were quite antiques. In fact, most of them looked like they were made before he was born.

“Get together for the times,” he wondered.

There was no one in sight, so they have gone into the woods.

James got out of his car, did a few stretches, made sure the car was locked, and headed toward the path leading into the woods. He looked up at the crystal-clear sky, then at the many pine trees. Sounds of chirping birds off and on, but quiet mostly.

“I feel at peace already. I can see why people come here.”

James started walking on the dirt path, entering the woods. It seemed as if the trees closed in, blocking off the sun and making the temperature drop. He looked to his left and right, not able to look deep into the woods because of countless trees and bushes.

“Don’t let my imagination go wild,” he thought.

Even though it had the peaceful feeling, it would be a great place for a serial killer to take their victims.

It wasn’t long that he heard some rustling off in the woods.

“Don’t let it scare me,” he muttered. “Don’t let it scare me.”

The path went straight to a little way, then took a bend to the left, and straight for a way. As he continued, he saw what looked like a cabin up ahead. It looked like the cabin was right on the path.

“This should interest,” said James, wishing he had his lucky knife, but it was far away at home.

He looked around and saw a broken limb.

“This should do,” he muttered as he picked it up.

James walked on as the cabin came more in focus, but then he paused for a man came walking out the front door.

“Bill!” James called out.

Bill looked at him with a strange look.

“Who are you?”

James hurried up to him so he didn’t have to yell.

“I’m your grandnephew,” he replied. 

“Grandnephew?” said Bill. “Must have happened after I came here.”

“I can’t believe I found you so easily,” said James with excitement. "People searched all over.”

“Why don’t you come into my cabin?”

“Okay,” said James, and started walking, but paused.

He recognized Bill because he looked identical to the picture. A picture that had to be close to fifty years ago.

“You are still young,” he said.

Bill turned to him with a grin. “Let’s go in my cabin.”

James obliged and entered the cabin. A small place, but quite cozy.

“Sit down,” said Bill.

James went over and sat in the chair.

Bill went over to a rocking chair and sat down.

“You say many people looked for me?” Bill asked.

“That is what I heard.”


“Can you please explain to me what is going on?” James asked.

Bill looked at him for a bit, contemplating how to give James the news.

“Let me be blunt and tell you we are dead.”

“Dead!” James exclaimed, jumping up.

“Afraid so. I can’t tell you how it ended for me, for I don’t have a clue. Found out by the other inhabitants. The others that disappeared.”

“I just drove from the hotel to here,” said James. “Nothing happened the entire time up to where we met.”

Bill shrugged his shoulders. “The woods did something to you. No one here knows what truly happened to them. But this will be your new home.”

“This is insane,” James remarked, trying to grasp the situation.

“You will be okay. Life isn’t bad here. Quiet, peaceful, no eating, no bathroom trips, and no more danger.”

James sat back down.

“I assume the living cannot see your cabin or anyone else?”

“I would say you are correct. The woods do a fine job covering everything up.”

“Has anyone tried to leave?”

“I’m sure you saw the vehicles at the entrance. They are everyone’s vehicles who are now a permanent resident. You can drive so far, but then you wind up being back here.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“Give it time. Shock will wear off and you will come to enjoy life. Go out and explore for there are many wonders.”

James just sat there.

Life had just taken a very bizarre turn.

July 23, 2021 03:36

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Aditi Mahanti
07:47 Sep 01, 2021

Hi There, I loved your story very much. We have organised a friendly story writing competion on our website. Here is the link to submit your story: We would love it if you participate in this friendly story writing competition. Last date of submission is: 29th September 2021. Thank you LearnEasyWithAditi


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Dhevalence .
16:25 Jul 26, 2021

Interesting plot. Sometimes all you need is the plot to distract from the minor mistakes, and voila! it happened here. Good stuff


Corey Melin
18:04 Jul 26, 2021

Thank you for the comments!


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Annalisa D.
23:42 Jul 23, 2021

Very interesting and mysterious. I enjoyed reading it. I did notice a couple small typos. "Sounds like you need to go on a hike u into the mountains.” I think that u is extra. Also "He heard rustling from both sides of the path, but nothing every popped up" I think it's supposed to be ever instead of every. It was a fun and eerie story. Those woods are an interesting place. Great story.


Corey Melin
23:45 Jul 23, 2021

Thank you for the comments! This one was a bit rushed so no surprise on the errors.


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