It's the thought that counts, but you've known me for two years. You should know exactly what to get me.

His words bounce around in my head as I enter the mall. No pressure or anything, I just have to get him the perfect gift. Truthfully, I have no idea what to get him. He doesn't have a lot of room for stuff, and he doesn't really talk about the things he likes. I kinda just have to guess.

Walking into GameStop, I browse around hoping to get ideas. I could get him a new video game, but he's really picky about them. If I get him a gift card, that'll look insincere. Besides, Tina is probably getting him one. I know he likes Blood Borne, Kingdom Hearts, and Monster Hunter, but everything you can get for those games are downloadable, and he already got them for himself. I could get a multiplayer game, one that we would both enjoy. I really like puzzle style games, and he likes RPGs, maybe there's a game that combines them? Eh, even if they did he'd only fight with me about my playing style. I'm too much of a noob for his taste. I sigh halfheartedly as I leave the store. I just don't know enough about video games to get him something.

Next store! I gotta stay positive, if I let myself get too down, then I'll never find the right gift. Okay, so, he likes HotTopic. That's gotta be my next stop. I forget how crowded it is in this store. I could get him a new wallet, maybe one that has something to do with his favorite games. Wow, these are ugly, and none of them have chains. Besides, he just bought one last month. Hmm, a bracelet? He likes the big leather ones with studs. They're out of them. They only have little dainty ones meant for girls. That does give me an idea though, maybe he'd like a couple's bracelet. They don't have a lot, but I really like the one's they do have. Now that I'm looking at them, he wouldn't like any of them. They're made of thin rope and, honestly, just really feminine. Even if I did find one that was a bit more masculine, he'd wear it for a day and then never touch it. That's what he did the last time I got him matching couples necklaces. I could look at the t-shirts, but I know for sure that he has enough. I have no idea what his pant size is, so I won't bother. Man, shopping for this boy is harder than I thought. Maybe it would've been easier if he hadn't put so much pressure on me.

Onward we go! The only other store he ever goes into is Third Planet. There's a bunch of incense stuff here, but our room is so small that any scent thing makes the air too thick. For the sake of my allergies, lets not. Posters? We don't really have the wall space for another one. A new pipe? He doesn't really smoke a lot, and we have to hide it anyways. What about a knife? He collects those. Oh! And he lost one not that long ago. I don't remember what kind it was, but I know it was curved. Kinda like that green one! Green is his favorite color. Looks like this one is a switch blade type, and it's on sale. Holding it, I can tell that it isn't too light. It feels like a decent knife. It's definitely sharp. I think this is it! It only took me 3 hours to find.

I get it all wrapped up at the free gift wrapping station and then head home. I'm excited to put this under the tree. I really hope he likes it.

I finally make it home to find him in the kitchen. I put his present under the tiny tree by the stairs and give him a hug. "I really think you'll like your gift tomorrow!"

"Is it a knife?"

He really takes the fun out of everything. Oh well, he still doesn't know what kind of knife. Tomorrow should be a good day! I got him something I know that he's gonna like and he said he was excited about what he got me! I know Christmas isn't about the presents, but it is nice to see how well my love knows me. I'm pretty simple, compared to him anyways.

Finally it's Christmas morning! We gather around the tree with his parents. Tina hands out the gifts. John I got a new chair, Tina got a new desk. John II and I got coupons, I chuckle to myself a little for knowing that's what Tina got us. Finally I get to give my gift to him. John II smiled ear to ear. He knew it was a knife, but it looked very similar to the one he lost. Now it was my turn.

A crystal growing kit and a sarcastic nine ball.

I don't think that I've ever been disappointing in a present before. He said he was excited to give me my gift, and this was it? I might be younger than him, but I'm not a child. I'll make the most of it. He probably had just as hard of a time as I did Christmas shopping, or he spent his money on something else. Besides, It's the thought that counts. Right?

December 13, 2019 00:04

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