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Every day. The same. Lockdown continues. The virus invades.

Every day. I wake up. I turn on the lap top. I boot up a game.

Every day. I slug it out with imaginary monsters while a virus, a teeny tiny, eeny winey, virus plays havoc with the globe. This virus, this evil, microscopic bug, is enabling governments to rip away human rights. Doesn’t this virus understand? It’s destroying the world. Governments have become draconic. It’s horrendous.

Every day. Carrot and potato soup with a cup of grain. There is no home delivery. I have to walk. I can’t afford to carry much. I’m saving for a dream. A dream that will never happen, because of a virus.

Every day.

Every day.

Every day.

Every day. I battle monsters on screen. Some are inhuman Non Player Characters. Others are player characters being inhuman towards me. Stalkers, on the payroll, thinking its funny to use words to try and control me.

Every day. I just want to be part of a team. I want to be a team member.

Every day. I wake up, weaker and weaker, eating my meagre, not so nutritious or filling carrot and potato soup. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing else but that. Except, sometimes, its Uber when I do the yard or have to clean house. They never get my order right. Sometimes, they play cruel tricks. Why? I've paid them for it.

Every day. In front of the lap top, the fake reality that has become the only reality I know. Fake news. Manipulated numbers. Numbers I’ve been sensitized to. Words used to make me to do what they want.

Every day. A glance at social media. Nothing good there. Let’s look at the channelers. Surely, they know something. Always promising the cycle of abuse will end. Always promising I’ll get money. Always promising love. Always promising, but never happening. Surely, they know. My stalkers have them on the payroll. Isn’t that how they get the messages across.

Every day.

Every day.

Every day.

Every day. I have a little less motivation. I have a little less oomph. It’s getting hard to breath when I do things. I stand up, I’m exhausted. I sit down, I’m exhausted. I take a pee, I’m exhausted.

Every day.

Every day. All I have is energy for a video game, and even that, barely. I can’t even lift my hand to scratch at my eye without gasping for breath.

Every day. The border remains closed. Lock down remains the same. Why if we are in lockdown has the traffic around me increased. All the freaks yelling out of their windows at me, telling me to be promiscuous, to spread my legs, to fornicate.

Every day. It is so hard now. This game is a nightmare. The monsters swarm over me.

Every day. It never improves. The world has become dark. Where are my rights? Where are my human rights?

Every day. Why am I so tired? What is wrong with me?

Every day.

Every day.

Every day.

Every day. The bullies in game. The sociopaths in the real world. The lies on the news.

Every day.

Every day. My stalkers manipulate, mess with my technology.

Every day. I can’t win at this game. I give up. I’m turning it off. I’m turning it all off. I’m turning everything off and listening to music.


Every day. I take my crystals out. I lay under the sun. Sometimes it rains. It’s always cold. I close my eyes. I don’t think. I let my mind float. Thoughts occur to me. I hear the people play out my thoughts after I think them in my reality. This is different. It isn’t fake reality through technology.

Every day. I read the Bible. I learn where I’ve gone wrong and where I can improve. I learn what is necessary, not only to change my life, but to guarantee my eternal life. I already know that the soul is real. I’ve had so much experience with the spiritual realm.

Every day. I study things of the spirit. Different things, same things, learning about other realities. I learn a simple ritual to banish energy from around me. I do this morning and night.

Every day. My intuition sharpens. I learn where the problem is with my energy. It’s my diet. Why didn’t these fake psychics tell me this? They are all watching. I thought they were my guides. Maybe there are two kinds of external guides: those from God and those from the Devil.

Every day. I become calmer. I let go of coffee. I have terrible withdrawals, only to find out I never needed caffeine for energy.

Every day. My diet improves little by little. My energy improves. I can breathe again. My heart no longer heaves with the effort of carrying an emaciated body. I’ve gained wait.

Every day. I continue to meditate. My vibration, I can feel it again. I begin to experience having a clean energy field that isn’t skewed out of shape by being inside the false matrix of an electrified building or sitting in front of a laptop for 12 hours a day.

Every day. I read the Bible. So much wisdom. So much freedom. Freedom, not to commit crimes, but to follow Jesus. He came to set the slaves free. He came to release us from the bondage of the Devil. He came to counteract mind control.

Every day. Summer approaches. The borders will be open in November. That dream I had when I asked God how long it would be before sleeping was right. That dream was three months ago.

Every day. I feel lighter. My health has improved. My attitude has improved. The sun is a most glorious being. The Earth is a powerful magnetic field whose might should not be sniffed at. The Aboriginal tribes of all nations understood this. Now, I begin to understand this as well.


Every day. It’s a year later. I still read my Bible, I still meditate outside. My crystals are happy. I am so much happier. I know that this war on my psyche has changed. I know, so long as I cleave to Jesus and remain on the path of righteousness, that I will win. I will win, not only in this lifetime, but in life everlasting.


June 27, 2022 11:40

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Betty Gilgoff
23:03 Jul 14, 2022

An interesting social comment for sure.


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