Romance Drama Sad

To Do List                                         

Dry cleaners

Wine store




polish silver

iron table cloth

chill the wine


french onion soup


twice baked potatoes

standing rib roast

chocolate eclairs

Cabernet Sauvignon

   “That should do it.” Evelyn says as she pushes the lists into her jean pocket.Grabbing her travel mug of coffee she pulls the kitchen door closed behind her.        


   When friends ask “How did you two meet?” Kevin and Evelyn lovingly glance towards each other and then respond in unison. “Lists, it was the lovely lists.”

  “The lists, oh those lovely lists.”Kevin begins as he mimics writing a list and checking it off.  

   Evelyn continues. “I was doing my Grandmother’s weekly shopping at the Shop and Save. I was looking down at my list to check off what I had put in the shopping cart when…”

   Kevin interrupts and stands to push an imaginary shopping cart. “She comes around the corner and rams her shopping cart into the rolls of toilet paper I was carefully stacking. Rolls of toilet paper were sent flying in every direction!” Kevins hands and arms moving quickly to demonstrating the fight of the rolls. Evelyn’s cart was filled with so many rolls she could barely peek over the top.

   Evelyn says “Adding to my embarrassment was the announcement that boomed loud and clear over the PA system.

   “Clean up in aisle 7. Some cute girl just knocked over the mile high stack of toilet paper.”

   “A crowd of curious customers comes to view the entertaining spectacular.” Evelyn continues.

   “Then I stumble over my words trying to apologize and offer to help him re-stack the packages. I didn’t think I could ever show my face in there again.”

   “I was so taken by her big hazel eyes and blushing cheeks that I asked for her phone number. “She hands it to me written it on the back of her Grandmother’s shopping list.” Kevin says with a bright gleam in his eyes.

   “He calls and asked me to the movies the next day.” Evelyn adds.

   "When I arrive at her Grandmother’s house to pick her up; she comes to the door with a list of possible movies for us to see and places we could eat.” Kevin chuckles.

    By this time their friends are usually chuckling right along with them.

    “No, wait for it. It gets better.” Kevin cautions. 

    Evelyn tries to hides her bright blushing pink cheeks behind her slender hands.

    “Go on. Tell us more.” Their friends coax him.

   “Well, after dating almost a year; I propose. Her little sister reveals to me the next day that Evelyn had accepted my proposal because I had met all the requirements on her qualities in a husband list!”

   Everyone roars with laughter as Kevin pulls Evelyn into a giant bear hug. “Lists, it was the lovely lists.” They say. 


     “My mom says the guest list for the wedding is too long and we have to cut it.” Evelyn tells Kevin shaking her head.

     “Okay, come here and we will look at it together.”


     “How long is that list of baby names now, Evelyn?” Kevin teases. “We have to choose one soon or the baby will remain nameless.”

    “ I know, I know.” Evelyn sighs. “There are just many things to consider. What middle name sounds goes with the first name. What will the initials be? Will it be shortened to a silly nickname?”


    “Take a look at this list, Kevin. These are considered the best neighborhoods to raise children.” 

     “Okay, let me see what you have .” Kevins says pulling Evelyn onto his lap.


       “Kevin, we really should look at this lists of specialist Dr. Kramer gave us.” 


      Arriving back home with her armful of parcels Evelyn plops them on the counter top. She reaches for her Kiss the Cook apron from it’s hook and ties it around her waist. 

    Having generously seasoned the standing rib roast and after tightly wrapping it in foil she places it into the preheated oven. Evelyn prepares the asparagus for steaming and scrubs the potatoes for baking. She rinses the onions under cold water before peeling, a little cooking tip her mother taught her to prevent tears. The butter is browning nicely in the heavy skillet waiting for the sliced onions. The bacon is fried brown and crispy and the bowl of grated sharp cheddar stands in a bowl ready to top the baked potatoes. The savory aromas in the kitchen cause Evelyn’s stomach to rumble; reminding her she hadn’t eaten lunch. 

     Evelyn lays the dining room table with the set of delicate red rose trimmed china she inherited from her Grandmother. She carefully folds the red linen napkins into rosebuds and tucks the silverware in. The red roses stand elegantly in the center of the table with the polished silver candle holders on either side. The wine is chilling and dinner is almost ready.

    “Time to get dressed.” Evelyn thinks glancing at the time on her phone. After showering, she slips into her emerald green dress and then carefully applies her makeup. “Kevin always says green brings out the color in my eyes. Not bad.” She says turning to admire herself in the full length mirror. 

     Evelyn lights the tall tapered candles. Then she steps back to admire the table. She smooths the edges of her Grandmother’s white laced tablecloth. “Perfect. Alexa dim the lights and play love song mix.” 

     The flickering soft candle light cast a warm glow on his smiling face. Sinking into his deep sea blue eyes, she begins to softly recite...

The Reasons I Loved You

You forgave quickly

I loved the way you look at me

You understood me

You were my best friend

You made my heart smile

I loved your laugh

Finishing she leaves a gentle kiss on his lips. Tiny tears trickle down her cheeks. She brushes them away before tenderly returning the silver framed wedding photograph to its honored place on the fireplace mantle. “Happy Anniversary, Darling.” She whispers. “I miss you.” 

February 18, 2021 15:27

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Taja Jones
09:19 Feb 26, 2021

This was a wonderful story I loved the surprise ending only critique would be to add more about their relationship in the beginning so we can get to know the characters other then that you killed it


D. Owen
10:25 Feb 26, 2021

I appreciate that you read and critiqued my story. This was an odd write for me. I knew how I wanted it to end after I read the prompt. The idea for the lists came next. The focus character was Evelyn and her lists.


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D. Owen
18:31 Feb 22, 2021

Emily, You are my confidence booster.


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Emily Trucco
16:52 Feb 22, 2021

I did not expect the ending at all - made me cry. The build up was fantastically done. As always, your characters are wonderful. Definitely my favourite of your stories so far.


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Courtney C
02:41 Feb 20, 2021

Good job on your story! I thought I'd try and catch you before the deadline: there's a couple spelling mistakes if you see this and have time to edit. You wrote "french opinion soup" instead of french onion soup, and Kevin's arms go "flaying" instead of flying. Overall though, it was an enjoyable read :)


D. Owen
09:56 Feb 20, 2021

Thank you for reading and for the feedback. Much appreciated.


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