“If you open up your eyes you can see that sometimes dream can separate your soul into reality.”

   I dreamed of her every night where darkness arose in my room.

  A tall auburn hair woman with a small-shaped face, innocent gray eyes with long nose and full red heart-shaped lips. She’s the main attraction of my life. I insist in my head that she is my first crush and my first love. My heart sink in different kinds of joy and my body ascends in a very hot temptation. She’s more than a rose to smell, more than a food to satisfy hunger or maybe it’s the power of love and attraction or maybe a simple infatuation for a teenager guy like me.

    I tried to capture her in my imagination and make an art through brush and mixing colours. I used my pencil and picture her gray circle eyes, long nose, and red luscious lips with her heavenly body that I can’t resist. I taught i was insane for this kind of masterpiece but she only exists in my head and her essence remained in my heart.

      I worked out with my painting for almost a month where i hide her image in my bedroom every morning. No one knows that i adore someone reign only in my mind, my parents didn’t notice my action and they are never suspicious to it so this night would be my last attempt to create this final piece of a woman who enslaved my whole persona.

     The rain poured hard outside with a roaring stuck of lightning so strong and it makes the electricity went out. I was able to lighten up a candle through a lighter and as the light shone in the four corner of the bedroom i smell a foul and stinky odour coming from the painting. Stench with unbearable smell like BLOOD. Maybe it’s just the smell of the acrylic paint but not just that, when her image were completed, the temperature rose in a lingering cold like the fog enter my room and switch to 0 degrees Celsius. I was terrified or maybe i was just imagining things. I erased those foolishness and tried to ignore the idea and continue to repair the final touch of the painting when something happen.

     The rain ceased just like a finger snap.                             


     Someone broke a glass outside my room. I was alarmed, maybe someone makes a prank and throw a bottle outside the house. My parents will get mad when they heard the loud crashed. Whoever or whatever it is, he/she needs to take the responsibility for the cause he/she made. I unlock my window from my bedroom and peeped outside, I saw outside the trees and their eerie whispers and when the wind blow hard and enter inside my bedroom it causes a large impact so i fall into the ground and collapsed.


     After some few minutes i blink and my blurred vision cleared up. There was a sharp pain in my skull, and I felt my head hit the floor before I even realized I had fallen down .I winked and as i stood i found myself staring to someone watching me in a distance. A figure sitting in my bed and i guess it is a woman. It was dark inside my room and my vision was getting dim the candle died its light and i can’t recognise someone.

     Now there was a smell in the room like a smoke but I’m not sure. It was alive and dark. It was gamy, like the breath of a hideous animal after killing its prey.

     I took a step closer even though my feet are trembled.

I tried to approach her until the moon rise and its silhouette brighten up the whole bedroom like spotlight centre to someone in a hot seat. I stared up at the moon, watching how its trailing edge shone into a creepy darkness, so close to being full like a pregnant moon. A thin shaft of moonlight shone in, hitting the bed followed by the howling of the dogs.

     And what I saw then I will never forget for as long as I live.

     The woman in the painting was gone and she sat down next to me. Waiting….. waiting for me.

     I’d seen strange things in my life, and heard of things stranger still, but nothing could prepare me for what happened to that woman in the painting comes into life.

     She looks so freaking hot and gorgeous, young and wild like a mighty goddess. Her presence is infectious and being in that situation my eyes lights up with longing. It’s a strangely distracting sensation, but I can’t take this any longer.

I stared at her, astonished and when I looked up the woman was staring at me, just as delighted. She was surprised to see me.

     “You bumped your head. I’m so sorry to frighten you.” She approaches me and hugs me tight like she never sees me for a long time ago.

     “You give me life from this painting and I thank you.” She stared and my heart sunk.

Instead of feeling horrified I blush. “You’re welcome,” I mutter, because I don’t know what else to say. It’s as if my whole body is highly attuned to his presence. It relaxes and ignites at the same time- a weird, internal duality and I sense that strange pulsing electricity.

I feel her gray eyes brighten the darkness of night and her lips gave an intense pleasure in my mind. I don’t know what to do and my hands shake in a freezing point, my jaw drop and i can’t move like I’m in a mysterious trance. She’s not just an idea but a real person in flesh and i smell fragrant sandalwood coming from her auburn coloured hair. For a few minutes passed, she draws nearer in my face, now i can smell her breath and all of a sudden she showed her intention where our lips met, her voluptuous breast ignite next to mine so my body produce a chain reaction for what happened, i touch her waist so tight and make my move. I push her against the wall of my bedroom as her tongue finds mine. We kissed and taste her mouth with my tongue. The fiery feeling burned and explodes inside my whole body. Her hands landed in my head and brushed my hair so passionately then she drapes her arms around my shoulder in a seemingly casual display of affection. I feel safe and excited with her arms around me. This is my first time in my life and I never kissed a woman before so how come i kiss her with such skills?

     This is what she does to me. Takes my lips and body and possesses it wholly so that I think of nothing but her. Her magic is powerful, intoxicating like I’m drunk with a love spell or enchant. I’m a moth near a lamp, unable and unwilling to escape.

Thrilled from some irrepressible emotion i bite and sucked her lips she indulged the feeling and she moan into my mouth, both our lips got wet. She doesn’t stop, her tongue circling my mouth, driving me insane, on and on, around and around. One of her hands moves into my hair, pulling my head back as we kiss savagely. I am panting already. My heart beat fast, gasping for breath and my body burned like a volcano erupted just as my throat dried, thirst for something unusual.

     “Give it to me.” She gasps.

     Her words are my undoing, and I explode, mind-numbingly into a million pieces around her, and she follows, calling out my name.

Dream becomes a reality and I want to explore the deepest inside of her until I felt a sudden cold and frighten when her lips depart from my lips and she opened up her mouth.

     The innocent looking eyes turned wild and furious and skin become oddly pale. Her white teeth become grinning teeth. The canines lengthened and sharpened and her angelic face turned into a vicious looks. I was no longer looking at a woman. I was looking at the vampire of some hideous beast. Am I having a hallucination? Is this a concussion from falling into the ground?

     I shook off the feeling but i was stuck to where i stood. I can’t make a move nor speak. I couldn’t think straight, I felt paralyzed as i want to push her away and call for help but my whole body tightened as my heart falls into crescendo beating.

     Far off in the distance, I heard another howl.

     I shifted my position from the window to try to get a better sense of how high the moon was in the sky, I saw a cloud dared to touch the sky on this terrible night. The full moon shining over the city gave every surface an eerie silver sheen.

     You can’t imagine what it’s like to be torn between darkness and light but now i’m probably dead tonight.

     She pulls over my shirt over my shoulders and open wide her mouth and bites my neck, her fangs tear and stab inside my skin until the blood comes flowing outside. She sucks my blood and I struggled to remain conscious but a sharp slam of pain knocked the thought out of my mind. The pattern of lights flashed in my eyes until all the things went dark.




     The sun shone in the sky and the birds chirped somewhere.

I open my eyes and gazed up. I felt myself asleep in a very long time. When it did, I found myself in a table with a book. Wondering by my curiosity i hold the book and read the title page: GODDESS OF THE MOON by LOIUSE ANDREW J. CORNELIUS  20 years old. (it was me).

I was shocked with wide eyes.

     I am the author of the novel GODDESS OF THE MOON featuring the character of Elena Salazar a female vampire who trap a man with her glamorous beauty and charisma during the full moon that’s why they are called the Goddess of the Moon in the Ancient folklore where they used the power of feminine side to control a man through his deepest desire and Antonio Vergara a lively idealistic passionate painter who loved a woman only in his mind. He creates Elena in his masterpiece and soon as she came out from the painting Antonio falls to her trap and unleashed the power of a hideous beast inside of her. She bites him and become the first male vampire who gave her an offspring to spread the force of darkness in the city.

     I was awestruck, i tried to comprehend what happened during that day and then suddenly i realised something. I pulled down the collar of my shirt and i felt two little puncture marks on my neck and i gasped.

     “How did it happen?”

     “Am i still dreaming or this is some kind of witchcraft?”

     I never knew that i became the victim of my own story and enter the life of Antonio Vergara through falling asleep. Dreams can be cruel, it is the exploration of unlimited imagination, and we expect reality can replace the impossible things through our imagination but sometimes it gives us the idea that “If you open up your eyes you can see that sometimes dream can separate your soul into reality.”

     Just what happened to me earlier. I could have a life as a supernatural creature of the dark that fell in love with the same creature. It was a fine fantasy, except for one thing. Vampires were merely a piece of imagination of people. They tend to become one of the hideous beast creeps into the night and live in the blood of humans.

     I remembered the quote of Colin Powell “ A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. It is the most important part of our lives and I agreed to it.


May 21, 2020 05:40

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