It's been a long winter. I haven't been outside much. Especially with covid scare. There's still not many people out. Just a couple people here and there. Mostly running and exercising.

A couple people walking dogs. Even a few parents with strollers.

Its a long day working from home. I don't get out much anymore. I'm going to out the balcony for some air before I start. I looked to the right then to the left. It was so nice out. The sky was as blue it could be. In a good way. The sun was shining.

I don't have much of a social life working from home.

Its been hot the last couple of days. I cant live with my shorts and tank top. This summer it seems like every other week is a heat wave.

I feel the nicest breeze it's just perfect

I think I'm going to do my work out here for a while.

I have a chair and a table to work on. Let me clean the chair and table with alcohol. Not the kind you drink.

Then I'm going to first make some cold coffee. I have a special mug I us every morning. It was a gift from a Eric when we went out.

I haveany ice cubes. Great I have two. I'll drink my coffee inside first. Oh I almost forgot to make some more ice cubes for tommarow.

The new coffee machine works great. All ready in five minutes. I'll have to get more coffee for it. Thoughts Keurig ones. Especially with the new coffee shop across the street. This will save me some money then getting tell cups a day over there. It's pretty much taste the same.

I have everything ready and I'm going to start working. I'm just going to look around once. It's so nice and peaceful. There's a few buildings a park oh and a restaurant down there. I'll have to try the patio. That's wired I've never noticed it before. I guess that restaurant must be new.

Wait there's a few people all dressed up. There dresses look so pretty. One has lace. The men have tuxedos. It must be a party or something.

It looks like there all really happy. There's about ten people. Oh the flowers it must be a wedding in the park.

I don't get to see this from the office. What a wired time. Well it is Sunday morning I probably shouldn't be working.

I continue watching I hope no one sees me looking. I noticed someone.

Wait a minute one person is coming from across the street from the coffee shop.

It can't be I thought he passed away years ago. Oh my! Is it my first boyfriend? It is I'd remember him anywhere.

It didn't work out for some reason. I honestly can't remember why.

Should I go and say Hi?

Should I stay?

To many choices.

I'll put on a nice outfit and go down. He's still crossing. Hopefully there still there in ten minutes.

I walk towards the group of people. There dresses are so pretty. Lace in the back and the front.

I want to make sure. Before I say anything. It is omg I thought he passed away years ago.

Its like a dream come true. I've been thinking about him. I can't believe he's here. Right across the street.

I'll go to the coffee shop. I'm to nervous to say anything.

I'll get some tea. As I walk back to ask for some sugar, I noticed out of the corner of my eye he was coming back in.

Oh no I hope I don't spill this. I'm really nervous and it's really hot. He opened the door in his dark grey tuxedo. He looked out and called my name.

I turned around slowly. Yes

"Hi how are you?"

I said.

"He responded well nice to see you again."

"Yes same!"

"I'm just at the wedding party my friend getting married. In about an hour. I don't have time to chat now. Would like to meet for coffee one day?"

"Sure here's my card."

I handed him my card trying to keep my six feet. That was harder than I thought. Of course he didn't move back.

I watched him walk out the door. Back to the wedding party. I stayed in the coffee shop for about fifteen minutes. I finished drinking my tea before I went home.

Of course I couldn't work the rest of the day. Or could I sleep. Wow what wrong information was I given. Someone else must have liked him back then. I wonder why someone would do that? I said to myself.

I'm so excited I saw him again.

Later that night my phone rang.

" Hi"


"Its me Eric would you like to meet in a couple of days?"

"Sure why not!"

We made arrangements to meet at the same coffee shop. It was right across the street.

Two sleepless nights passed. It was time to meet him. We both arrived at the same time. Just as we walked in it started to rain.

We stayed for about two hours. The rain just stopped and also.

Unfortunately I had to wake up early the next day. I had to leave.

After that almost every Sunday my phone would ring we would make plans for the same day. This went on for about a year.

For some reason one day it was really bothering me. Why did she tell me he wasn't Alive.

I kind of mentioned it.

He explained the whole thing.

That's why I came to the wedding. At first I had to work. When I realized where it was I did everything I could to come. I was hoping I would run into you. Just because I didn't no if you would still have the same last name.

I can't believe this if I didn't look out the balcony I would have never seen him. I would still think he's not alive.

Inspired by prompt contest

July 27 2020

July 27, 2020 20:27

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Ann Rapp
23:25 Aug 06, 2020

This is the first submission I've seen that is set during the covid pandemic, which makes it interesting. The form is different too - it reads like a list of what she does with many of the sentences beginning with "I."


Suzanne Urowitz
12:54 Aug 09, 2020

I was trying to change the I but it didn't make sense any other way


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