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Christian Drama Romance

his sister

Ah, finally the day had come when Jocelyn and Carter tied the knot. The two had been dating for what felt like years! Although they weren’t high school sweet hearts, they did meet soon after they graduated at boot camp. Jocelyn’s father had been in the army and she intended on following her father’s footsteps, hoping to make him proud in heaven.

Meanwhile, Carter Wilbert just did what he had to do in order to do something with his life, and so, having a pretty athletic physique and a macho personality, the army felt like a good path to take.

Their time there was no fun and games but what they went through together brought them to a similar state of mind. Coming out of their training, Jocelyn found out that her father was no guardian angel watching over her and that she had to do things herself whilst Carter realized that his ego was a little too big and that it was his actions would define him, not his family’s wealth.

They served their four years and decided to take a yearlong break, that’s when they travelled the world together. They went from Thailand, to Russia to Cuba and did all they could in the spam of a lifetime.

Once they got back to the States, they decided to introduce each other to their families. Jocelyn’s mom was overjoyed to find out her little girl wasn’t alone in the hardships of the military and welcomed Carter as a member of the family.

However, Carter’s family was a little different. He had two sisters, one was his twin sister and the other much younger. The parents were statue like individuals with blonde hair stricken by sliver strands and each had an aristocratic feel to them, which always made Jocelyn feel somewhat uncomfortable. Mr. Wilbert worked at the Pentagon and appeared as a very powerful man and Mrs. Wilbert worked with many fundraisers for developing companies.

The two sisters were quite similar, the smaller one still being in college and studying to become a business woman. She was very small and frail, she looked like a little bird that had fallen out of its nest somewhat different from the rest of the strong golden eagles.

Carter’s twin was probably the most gorgeous woman Jocelyn had ever seen in person, her hair was long and silky, her limbs strong and yet lean. Everything about her made Jocelyn feel insecure, and what made things even worse was her relationship with her twin brother.

When they got there, she and him and instantly taken off and she was left as a third wheel. Every time they spent a second alone together a part of Jocelyn died a little. She attempted to speak to Carter about it but he brushed it off as if it were no big deal.

But Jocelyn wasn’t blind and couldn’t ignore the look in his eyes, the intimacy of their touch and the way their voice lowered when she approached them unwarned…Nonsense! They were siblings! They were twins for God’s sake! How could Jocelyn be so jealous? Jesus, she was insecure but at that point?!

Anyways, today was Jocelyn’s big day and she was going to be the princess. She wore a long white mermaid trail dress. She had chosen it with her best friend Olivia months ago but didn’t remember it feeling so tight. Was it because of the cake her friends sent her last week to celebrate her wedding early? Her eyes crossed Olivia’s who was looking at her in awe.

“Man Joss, you look like you’re shinning!”

Oh, if only she felt that way! She looked at Olivia, she was wearing the bridesmaid gown they picked: a simple blue dress that ended at the heels. Her hair was pressed into a tight ponytail and Jocelyn would’ve gone back to preparing herself if she hadn’t noticed some gold in the corner.

There came gliding forwards the imagery of a painting come to life. In a long deep green dress, with a low V neck and several coats of cashmere that went to the ground appeared Callie, Carter’s twin sister.

If it were up to Jocelyn she wouldn’t have invited her but it wasn’t only her wedding and she was Carter’s twin, so she had to come one way or another. Carter had suggested she be a bridesmaid but Jocelyn couldn’t imagine having her be behind her while Carter was saying his vows. But looking back on it now, it might have been a good idea to stick her in an ugly dress.

“Oh Jocelyn, you look outlandish!” She said with her velvet voice, as she kissed Jocelyn on her two cheeks. Jocelyn pulled back an instant and then remembered that it was a coutume in Europe to kiss people as a greeting. Because of course, her being a great ballerina had been touring around the world.

Jocelyn tried to give her a smile but felt as though she was grimacing and turned away. No matter what Callie looked like, what she said or did Jocelyn decided she would bring the attention back to her and her husband to be.

Callie excused herself to take her seat and suddenly it hit Jocelyn that she was getting married now, at this very instant! Olivia took her hands and together they squealed in excitement. Jocelyn had a hard time taking in the fact that this was going to happen right now: Carter was going to be all hers!

“Baby, it’s time.” Said her mom from behind her, she was in a casual looking dress but the smile on her face made everything brighter. Jocelyn wished her father could be there, but she was more than thankful to have her mother walk her down. Since he died, it had always been the two women together. Jocelyn was aware that this was a little hard for her mom, but she’d sworn to herself to visit as often as possible.

The music began and her bridesmaids left the mother and daughter alone. Jocelyn was gripping her mother’s arm so tightly and slightly started shaking. She attempted to take some deep breaths, like she was taught in the military but they came out all jolty. Her mother hugged Jocelyn and told her some reassuring words before their time was up.


Nervously, Joss started walking up the aisle, hand intertwined with her mom’s. As she looked around her, all she could she was a daze of heads in colorful clothing and popping hair. She couldn’t focus on anyone’s face and suddenly felt extremely conscious of herself. The dress seemed to be even tighter and her makeup weighed on her face.

But then her eyes went to the front of the church, where stood her beautiful man. She smiled gawkily as she realized they were to be with each other forever. She imagined getting home after this long night, twanged together as if they were discovering each other for the first time.

She thought about all the time they’d have each other, getting an apartment then moving into the suburbs and eventually having children. Growing old together wouldn’t be as scary if he were by her side.

Jocelyn glided through the church, ignoring the peering eyes around her, all she wanted was to be Mrs. Carter Wilbert. She didn’t know half the people there and thinking about it brought anxiety she didn’t want to face quite yet, that would be for the reception and the toasts.

She was about to get to the top when she caught a glimpse of dark green in front of Carter’s row. Jocelyn’s eyes were burning her as she wanted to look at Callie and see how Carter belonged to her. Now, he would first be Jocelyn’s husband, and then a twin brother.

But with all the willpower she had in her, she focused on Carter who was waiting at the altar like a good golden retriever. He had on a dark brown suit and had a few of his military badges on him. Joss wanted to wear hers to but it didn’t look good with the dress. His hair had grown out of its usual shave, and Joss didn’t really recognize him for a split second. She hadn’t really seen the difference with all wedding preparation. Actually, she hadn’t seen him a lot in the past two weeks.  

He always wore his hair short, even when they travelled together. This small change in Carter made Jocelyn rethink everything for no reason at all. It was just a stupid haircut, why was she getting so worked up about it? Was it because she’d been so busy with the planning?

Jocelyn brushed away all those thoughts and focused on the ceremony. Although not very religious, it mattered a lot to her mother and Carter so she had accepted. As a kid, church was always very boring to her and had a hard time believing everything that was said. But she had to admit, churches were quite beautiful so it could’ve been a lot worse.

Suddenly, as she’d drifted away in her thoughts and the priest brought her back to reality as he asked if Carter would take her for wife. Her eyes sank into his as he spoke loudly and clearly: “I do.”

The happiness she felt in that instant was outlandish. The rest of the church was empty and she was in her own bubble with Carter.

She was thrown back into the tough times when they had to run missions in delinquent areas. The memories from their time warm and humid Guatemala, where they helped care for a school came rushing back. But now, she was here, in front of her soul mate. And so, she muttered “I do” for the only person who would ever hear it.

“You may kiss the bride” The priest proclaimed after the exchange of weeding bands and the groom pulled her tightly over as the guests cheered. Jocelyn kissed him as if there were no tomorrow, no matter if the kiss seemed animal like or if people gossiped.

Everything was hers. This was all she could ever need.


The celebration was a craze, everyone danced and laughed. All her fears she’d felt before seemed to have evaporated as she became Mrs. Wilbert. She ignored all the old and rusty looking friends of the Wilberts and focused instead on the people who counted to her. The people who surrounded her and cared for her, that’s who really mattered.

The night drew out and she was so exhausted after the wild party and sending off all the guests that she hadn’t realized they weren’t headed to their hotel. No, they weren’t going to the fancy resort like place they’d rented a sweet from. Instead this was a dark and forestry road she had seen before: they were headed to the Wilbert’s mansion.

She turned towards Carter, who besides her had his eyes slightly closed as he observed the road. He seemed drained, which would be explainable if he’d danced like she did. But, he hadn’t actually danced that much. Joss knew he wasn’t the crazy party type, but this was their wedding so she’d expected maybe a little more.

She reached over and held his hand, a reassuring smile on her face. Startled, he lifted his head and then, as if he’d recognized her familiarity, turned back. Jocelyn breathed in, feeling as though she’d been shot in the heart. She turned back and looked out the window, but all she saw were spooky and mysterious trees.

For an instant, she wondered if she’d done the right choice. Was marrying into this rich family a good choice? Would she find a new facet to her love in his childhood home? Did she actually know him enough to marry him? All those questions rushed over her, and she acknowledged them each but then thought about all they’d gone through.

This didn’t mean anything, perhaps the fear of being married was striking him.


Once they reached the house, everything was quiet and dark. A maid informed them that the Wiberts were sleeping and suggested them to keep quiet. Jocelyn would definitely follow that to heart, she didn’t want to be a bother.

“What about my sisters? Is Callie home?” Carter asked, somewhat urgently. The maid’s eyes narrowed slightly as she told him that May the youngest had gone back to New York already and Callie was in the grand salon. All the Wiberts had left quite early in the night, May having a complete schedule had to go back for college, the parents weren’t into tweaking and reggaetón and Callie needed to practice her part of Gisele.

Together they went up to their room and Joss immediately tore off her dress, wanting to make the most of this early morning. The dress hit the ground and she turned to see where Carter was at but he’d only taken off his tie, jacket and shoes. His hair hung over his eyes as he struggled to remove his socks. Joss decided she would shave his head tomorrow, the long hair didn’t suit him as well.

“Hurry up! I’m horny now!” She exclaimed teasingly as she patted the bed where she laid, in an improvised sexy position. Carter chuckled and jumped onto her, pants and blouse still on.

Joss sighed, starting to unbutton his blouse as he drowsily kissed her. His eyes were shut and his body tense. She tried to make him relax a little, make it feel more romantic but all he wanted to do was get down to business.

Fortunately, Joss excelled in good love making and she was going to make it even more unforgettable than he could ever imagine. This was her first night as his wife and she was going to prove that he was hers and that he’d chosen the perfect wife.

But, for some reason, as her panties flew off, his eyes popped open. Something in the dim moonlight made him stutter and retreat off the bed. He gasped and brought his hand to his face, rubbing his eyes. Jocelyn stared in deceit: what the fuck was going on!?

She tried calling him calmly, to nurture him back to her but her voice only seemed to worsen things and he excused himself and he rushed out of the room. Her cries became more urgent and pleading until they turned into hiccups and tears. What happened to us? She thought as she went back into her memory, everything was perfect until they’d gone back to his home.

A soft tune made its way through the household, jostled by the melody Jocelyn wondered who was foolish enough to play music now, especially after they’d been told the Wiberts were sleeping.

Oh, it was Callie, practicing. Her parents must accept it, Jocelyn had to admit, the sound was quite dreamy. All of sudden, an idea grew into her mind. One she feared and knew, somehow, it would help her out. Carter knew she and his sister didn’t have the closest of relationships and maybe if they talked, he would feel better. Was it early in the morning, yes but good intentions shouldn’t be delayed. So, she bottled up her fear and dug through her bags in search for something less revealing.


 Jocelyn reached the grand salon, and to her surprise it was only lit with a few candles. The music was booming from here and she paused before Callie could see her, not wanting to interrupt her passionate performance. She truly looked stunning and broken, just like what she was supposed to portray.

All of a sudden, the tune switched to a lower melody and a figure stepped out of the darkness. His tight grip held Callie’s waist as she flowed through him as water. She pirouetted perfectly and he was her everlasting sturdy companion. Jocelyn felt as though she’d intruded on something private, intimate where emotions were displayed in such a raw and painful way she wasn’t used to.

Joss could see the shininess of the ballerina’s face, and realized shockingly that they were tears. But what she wasn’t ready to see was she man’s face, the very face of her newly proclaimed husband serving as a supporter for this overwhelming scene.

Jocelyn hiccupped, flustered by what was happening before her eyes but they didn’t hear her. This was for them, only them. They were in their bubble. The bubble Joss thought she was in during her very wedding.

The music heightened and growled and Jocelyn felt the strength to put an end to this. He was HER husband and he was hers for the night. In no way was Callie’s ballet practice was going to steal her husband away from her. She started stomping forwards, anger pulsing through her veins.

Callie’s arms were extended, and twisted themselves around his neck. His face anchored on her shoulder, inhaling her passionately. She elegantly glided on her foot, facing him. Her fingers engrained into his long blond hair, her face inches from his and no one else existed for either of them. Carter tentatively reached to chin and after a few seconds of their eyes screaming them to do it, a natural and fervent kiss erupted.

Jocelyn stopped dead in her tracks, caught between anger, confusion and awe. Before her stood two gods, intertwined perversely in a reunion only they could comprehend.  


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This is very goog story. Slowly guiding the reader up to the end. Badges on wedding dress, original humour


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