She and I were like bicephalic twins, but of course, she was older and taller. Her hair was blonde, her eyes were blue. My hair was brown, and my eyes were a periwinkle hue. I was intro, she was extro, but we both still got along.

She and I were opposites, but we knew the same things. The same pain of family, the same fake smile, the same world. If she was down, I would know. If I was down, she would know. Only because we knew what a fake smile looked like. Only because we both knew the same thing.

She was considered annoying, and I depressing, despite us showing what we thought they wanted. Making other people happy was our goal, but neither of us accomplished so.

We both found a lover, one girl one trans, but we still stuck together, still nothing could breakthrough. We call each other 'sister', though it's not 'true'.Our lives are stuck, we're so much the same, we're both playing together, in the world's largest game.

October 04, 2019 20:25

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