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"What does he want...what would be the perfect gift?" Rory thought to himself looking through the catalogs, while he sat on the sofa. Rory groans throwing the catalog nearly hitting Leo, his boyfriend. "Something the matter, Honey?" Leo asks sitting down next to Rory on the sofa.

"I'm doing nothing just...looking through some catalogs!" Rory said nervously. "You nearly hit me with one of them." Leo laughs, placing his head on Rory's shoulder. "I'm so sorry! I just got frustrated." Rory explains. "Who are you getting the gift for?" Leo asks being extremely curious. Rory leans his head on his boyfriend's head, and says, "For somebody, we know." Leo looks at Rory.

"For Kyle?" Leo questions. "No, for- Ferry! Yeah for Ferry!" Rory nervously explains. "We should get him a date instead of a gift." Leo snickers making Rory smile. "Should we?" Rory says seriously. "No, Honey that would be so mean!" Leo tries being as serious as possible.

"Hey, what do you want to like get for Christmas?" Rory asks. "A book set, honestly," Leo answers. "Oh! Okay, that's cool Babe!" Rory says with a soft smile. "But if you get me a gift- all I want for Christmas is you." Leo smiles. "B-But I'm not an object, you can't possibly do anything with me!" Rory gets flustered and looks away hiding his face in his own hands. "You can just be here for me," Leo kisses Rory's forehead and gets up then continues, "I have to go to work, don't overthink the whole gift thing. I'll help you when I get home just relax." Leo grabs his bag and heads out of the house.

Does he just want me? Pfft, so cheesy and stupid of him! I have to get him the best gift no matter what! Rory thinks to himself as he gets up and puts a pair of shoes on. He grabs his coat on the way out and slides it on when he exits the apartment building. Rory walks to the mall and finds chaos as everyone is looking for last-minute gifts. "Oh great!" Rory says a bit too loud that someone next to him asks if he is okay.

Rory heads to the least crowded shop and looks around finding nothing good enough for his Leo. Rory heads to a ring shop down the way seeing men and women picking out rings for their significant others. Rory looks at the rings admiring their beauty.

"Hello Sir I'm Samantha, do you need help?" Samantha looks at Rory. "O-Oh um- Do you think my boyfriend would like a ring?" Rory asked looking at Samantha. "How long have you guys been together and why do you want to give him one?" Samantha asked. "We've been together for one and a half months. I want to give him one as a commitment that I'll always be there for him- I mean if I should!" Rory blushes looking down. "I think you should in my opinion." Samantha smiles rubbing Rory's head. "What ring would be okay for a promise?" Rory looks at Samantha anxiously hopeful. "What is he to you?" Samantha questions. "He's my prince." Rory smiles eyes sparkling. "You are very certain about that." Samantha smiles. "I'm his knight, of course, I am certain!" Rory giggles at himself.

"Come this way, we have some nice ones over here." Samantha leads Rory down to the other end. "Do you really think he'll like it?" Rory's insecurities popped inside. "This one is perfect for you guys. The black and red one says 'I am the prince.' Then the blue and silver one says 'I am his knight.' I believe it fits the description you've given me." Samantha takes the set of rings out.

"This is the thing I don't know his ring size," Rory says awkwardly. "Ask someone you know to ask his ring size, then you can come back and select the size and color coordination." Samantha smiles. "Okay, I will!" Rory smiles brightly. "So do you want them on hold?" Samantha asked. "Yes! Absolutely!" Rory blushes out of excitement.

"Just write your email and phone number here and we will contact you if there is any inconvenience," Samantha says placing a paper in front of Rory. Rory writes his name and email and hands it to Samantha. "Thanks for coming, have a nice day," Samantha says waving and heading to the next client.

Rory leaves the ring shop heading to the exit of the mall. Rory left having more confidence knowing that he found a perfect gift for his Leo. Rory walks to the convenient store to pick up some groceries for the apartment. Walking home he sees his friend Aya talking to someone outside the apartment building.

Rory awkwardly walks pass Aya giving him a soft smile. "Hey, Rory wait!" Aya grabs Rory's attention making him stop. "Yes...Aya?" Rory looks at Aya. "Can we talk?" Aya asks. "Sure, let's go inside," Rory says and Aya leads himself to the apartment. Rory opens the door and lets Aya in. "Want s-" Aya was already at the fridge grabbing a soda.

Rory heads to the living room cleaning up the mess he made earlier. "Find a gift for Leo, Carrot?" Aya plops himself on the sofa. "I think, but I need to find out his ring size," Rory explains. Aya takes out his phone and starts typing. "Really?" Aya replies being totally oblivious that he is talking to Rory.

"Do you think he'll like a ring?" Rory asks. "Wait! You're proposing to him?!" Aya coughs on the chips he took from the cupboard. "No, of course not! I'm just giving him a promise ring!" Rory yells nervously. "Same difference," Aya snickers. "D-Do you think he'll like one?" Rory asks, being the insecure Carrot he is. "Depends." Aya looks back on his phone.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Rory freaks out. "Chill, he'll like anything you give him," Aya says with a fake smile. "What if this one time he doesn't!" Rory shoves his face in his hands. "I dunno, alright, I don't even know why you're making a big deal out of nothing!" Aya yells at Rory. "I'll calm down okay?" Rory looks at Aya hurt.

"Good. Now don't worry about anything he loves you no matter what." Aya gets up hugging Rory then walking to the door. "You're leaving already?" Rory asks getting up. "Yup, I have to go," Aya says. "Oh, bye then, have a nice rest of the day," Rory says waving at Aya. "Bye, Carrot!" Aya left after waving goodbye to Rory.

The rest of the day Rory laid on the sofa watching movies until he'd fall asleep. Rory was asleep on the sofa when Leo came home. Leo walked inside the apartment and puts his coat and bag away.

"Rory I'm home." Leo walks to the living room and kisses Rory's forehead. "Mhm.." Rory moves around and opens his eyes. "Did you find Ferry's gift?" Leo asks. "No, not yet." Rory sits up. "Good, because I found something we can get him" Leo sits next to Rory. "That's good." Rory smiles. "I love you, you are the best, anyone would be lucky to have you," Leo says kissing Rory. Rory kisses Leo back and smiles then mumbles, "I love you more."

I think I found him the perfect present.

December 09, 2019 23:07

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Felicia Barba
23:10 Dec 09, 2019

I'm sorry if it's quite bad. This is my first short story that has been published. Some parts were a bit ongoing but I hope that it's good enough! I enjoyed writing, and I hope you enjoyed the story.


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