Horror Thriller

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

A strange feeling clutched his heart, he felt nervousness taking him over as he tightened his grip on the wheel, he wasn't sure whether he had taken the right decision, the woman sitting beside him sure was very charming and pretty but he didn't know anything about her, was it wise to let a stranger come along with you?

He had found her walking alone on the side of the deserted road, on stopping to ask he came to know that she was going to the same destination as him and that her car had broken down, she didn't know who to contact for help and was very worried, he knew the area was deserted and offered to give her a ride which she had hesitantly agreed to because she had no other option.

As she tucked the strand of hair behind her ear, he could see the stud earrings sparkle, he liked women who wore shiny studs, she was definitely his type, maybe it wasn't pity after all, he had been smitten by her charming aura to give her a ride.

"What is your name?", he asked trying to ward off his anxiety.

"Evelyn", she replied.

"Thats a nice name!, I am Dylan"

She smiled nervously at him, maybe she was as anxious as him, they were just two strangers on a journey on a deserted road that felt like it would go on forever, maybe she was equally smitten by him or maybe not, after all he was quite handsome himself too, maybe she was worried about her car, but who was going to steal a car in an area as deserted as this?

She coughed twice, he glanced around and handed her his coffee, he was saving it for himself but maybe she needed it more than him. She looked up at him hesitantly, maybe she was trying to be considerate he thought.

"You can have it, don't worry about me, I don't need it."

Even though she had the permission, she still drank only a bit and left some for him, very considerate he thought. These were the kind of women he liked most, brown wavy hair, shiny studs, polite, an 'e' in the name, she was just perfect!

She reminded him of Anne, she had a similar hairstyle, he was taken by her in their first meeting, she was reserved at first but he had gotten her to open up, he had his charms too!

The way blood trickled down her forehead as he hit her head with the hammer was his most fond memory of her, there was something exciting about women with an 'e' in their name, the pleasure he got from dissecting them made him only go after women with that letter.

Then there was Ella, she was a sight to behold!, she was unlike anyone he had met before but maybe this girl sitting beside him might outdo her, his mind began imagining all the possibilities.

He had really enjoyed his time with Ella, the way she screamed as he stabbed her, her will to live even after she was bleeding so much and the way she hit him back to defend herself, made the whole thing more exciting for him.

The most boring of them all had been Elena, he had hardly any fun with her, she was too meek to even defend herself and regularly changed hairstyles, that part annoyed him the most, the only good thing about her was that she had an 'e' in her name, he hoped Evelyn won't be as boring.

She looked out of the window, it was getting dark and chilly, the road was still deserted even though they had driven for an hour, the darkness had started to excite Dylan, he was like a child who had candy right infront of him and couldn't resist it, he was gettimg impulsive!

There were still two hours left to reach the destination, he had all his tools at the back of his car, he felt his knife, his hammer and his ice pricks were calling out to him to be used, he didn't expect to meet this perfect a woman on his journey, it felt like a stroke of luck to him and he didn't want to miss it!

No one would know if he killed her here, this was the perfect opportunity, he had to grasp it, if he tried to be too patient and waited for another opportunity, maybe it would never come, maybe once they reach their destination, she would thank him and leave and won't meet him again, maybe she had friends or family waiting there for her and he would miss the opportunity.

The dilemma was taking a toll on his mind, he didn't know what to do anymore, he let his impulses decide what to do, he stopped the car and pretended to start it but it wouldn't start.

"I'll go check!", he got off the car excited, the bewildered and terrified expression she gave made him even more excited, maybe she wasn't as boring as Elena, maybe she was going to surpass Ella!

As he unzipped the bag containing his tools, he felt a certain joy overtaking him as he saw his tools gleaming in the moonlight, he smiled excited for what was going to happen next, as he heard her get off and come up to him, he again felt nervousness clutch his heart.

Everything started feeling weird all of a sudden, he was feeling dizzy and he didn't know why, maybe the excitement had been too much for him, he needed to calm down but trying to calm down didn't help, the drowsiness was overtaking him.

"I like guys like you, tall and handsome, with a 'd' in their name, you are just perfect!", she said with a smirk while stroking his shaking hand.

She had drugged him but when, he couldn't recall, he hadn't eaten or drunk anything offered by her, he felt a wave of shock hit him as he realised in his nervousness on what to do, he had mindlessly sipped her half drunk cup of coffee!

As he lost his final remaining bit of consciousness, he heard her saying,

"You all taste so good!"

July 30, 2023 10:35

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12:02 Jul 30, 2023

Another creepy tale! Can't believe people ever hitch hike!


Sarah Saleem
07:56 Jul 31, 2023

Thanks! In this story the protagonist has ulterior motives and he thinks he is smart and underscorces the risk, l think thats what makes people hitch hike in real life too, they underscore the risk.


10:02 Jul 31, 2023

I could never bring myself to do it! Look for a lift off a stranger or pick one up! I dont do risk! lol!


Sarah Saleem
07:35 Aug 02, 2023

Me too! It may not be as scary as it is portrayed but you never know how you end up lol!


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