Fantasy Mystery Fiction

By the time I stepped outside, the leaves were on fire. Autumn foliage is evident wherever you look, and I got tired from the view. I fixed the strap of my bag and started walking to God knows where. 

I just walked and walked without a destination in mind. 

“Fire!” A woman shouted while pointing at something.

I stopped in my tracks and saw that a house is on fire. My eyes widened from the sight. I hurriedly took my phone out to call the firetruck but stopped because a ray of Golden light shot up to the sky.

“What the hell is that?” I raised a brow and examined the light when another light appeared out of nowhere. This time it was in the color blue. 

I am so confused at the moment and couldn’t process anything on my mind. “You’re emitting light, too!” The woman from earlier shouted while pointing at me. My brows furrowed. I looked at my self.

A bronze light surrounded me, but I felt no pain. An unknown warmth started spreading in my body, but I didn’t feel any ounce of fear. It was gentle and welcoming, so I let it be.

Two weeks after the incident, the government declared that 50-foot doors in different colors started appearing not only in my town but around the world. It caused chaos, especially when the doors started opening. 

Monsters of different kinds came out from the door, which killed millions of people around the globe. People were scared to go outside because monsters lurked in every street and ally.

It was a normal day for my family though fear reigned in our system. My Dad and older brother also experienced the light thing which happened to me the other day. Dad’s light was purple while Sevirous’, my older brother, was green.

We are currently seated at the dining table while watching the news. 

“An organization called World Hunter Organization or WHO was formed. This unknown occurrence would now be defined by their founder Mr. Lionel Richards. Good afternoon, Mr. Richards. Mind telling the world about what is happening right now.”

“Good afternoon, everyone. I won’t go dilly dally. The world is in chaos because of the 50-foot unknown doors opening, revealing a variety of monsters inside. Two weeks before the appearance of these said doors, some people around the globe got surrounded by different colors of light. WHO investigated this phenomenon and asked a few of these ‘people’ to do some tests. We found out that these people were bestowed with powers of different kinds and levels.”

The news anchor is surprised to even comment or ask a follow-up question. Mr. Richards noticed it, so he continued explaining. 

“WHO called them hunters and classified their ranks and types. The types are tanks, mages, assassins, support, marksmen, and fighters. The ranks are classified by the color of light that surrounded them. The weakest would be bronze followed by silver, gold, blue, green, red, purple, and white, which is the most powerful. As of now, the gates are still being examined by the ‘hunters’ we have in order to know if the gates vary in difficulty. For now, I ask all the people who experienced the awakening to help WHO to avoid further casualties.”

Mom immediately turned off the television and started crying. “No, you aren’t going anywhere. No one in this family would go out there and risk their lives.” Dad stood up from his seat and started cooing her. 

“Dear, we have to help. I want to help those people who don’t have this power that guy told us earlier.” My mom cried harder, and her sobs echoed in the entire room. I held back the tears while my brother looked away. 

A loud thud came from above us, and Dad suddenly looked up. “I think there's a monster in our roof,” He said. He looked at mom and smiled. “It’s time to test these so-called powers.” Mom shook her head. “Dear, please hide well. I’ll be back unscathed, promise.” He kissed her forehead and looked at me. 

“I’m going, too.” I stood up, and so did my brother. 

We ran upstairs and followed the sounds coming from the roof to pinpoint the monster's location. We ended up entering my room. 

“Childish,” My brother said and looked around. My room is full of anime posters, and manga’s filled my bookshelf. 

“Mind your own business.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Stop fighting because we have to figure out these powers the man on the TV said earlier,” Dad scolded us and walked to my window slowly. He took a peek outside and immediately backed away from the window. 

“Dad, you okay? What did you see?” I approached him, and he shook his head.

“I saw a big monster with wings on the roof. It was biting the tree your mom planted in the garden. Oh my god, if mom finds out about this that monster would be dead in a minute.” He was obviously panicking because my mom’s favorite tree is being chewed by a monster.

“We have to figure out if we really have powers,” My brother said. We nodded and sat away from the window.

We tried everything to let the so-called powers out, but nothing happened, and the monster is making a fuss on the roof. 

“Try harder,” Dad said.

I looked at the window and saw the monster's eye. It was peeking inside, and it definitely saw us since it started cawing loudly. 

“D-dad!” I shouted in panic. Light started appearing on my palms and formed a gun. “W-what?” They both saw what happened, and their eyes widened in shock.

“Shoot, Sei!” Both of them shouted.

“B-but I-I don’t know how.” The monsters cawed again and started tearing the window apart. 

“SEIGAIHA SHOOT!” Dad shouted. 

I just pointed the gun at the monster. I felt something warm traveling from my chest to my hands. In a matter of seconds, I fired the gun thrice and hit the monster. It fell on the ground making a loud thud.

I took a peek and looked at it. “I-I think it’s dead.” I turned around to look at them. Both their eyes widened because of something behind me. 

I felt something cold pierce my back, and the blade went through my body. “Sei!” Dad shouted, and the monster who wounded me flew out of the window full of holes in its body. 

I fell on the ground and coughed blood. Dad and Sevi ran towards me. “D-dad, y-you have a-a c-co-”

“Stop talking,” Brother said and placed both his hands in front of my wound. “I discovered my power a minute ago. I can heal.” He seriously said. A green light came out from his palms, and the pain slowly disappeared. 

“My princess.” Dad hugged me tight and cried on my shoulders. I chuckled and caressed my Dad’s back.

“Dad, I’m fine, and you have a pretty cool power, by the way.” I heard him chuckle. He then stood up and offered his hand for me to stand. 

We stood up and looked outside the broken window and saw monsters coming into our front yard. “Let’s do some monster killing, shall we?” We both nodded our heads and jumped out of the broken window to greet the monsters in our front yard.

October 15, 2020 08:01

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12:57 Oct 22, 2020

Interesting story, however the description at the beginning wasn't so much. I also feel like it was a little rushed especially the fight at the end where she gets injured then healed.


15:51 Oct 22, 2020

Yeah it does feel off. I just wrote the requirement for the prompt and this story popped in my head.


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05:55 Oct 22, 2020

Your writing is very descriptive. I did find it difficult to uncover a plot. Try to watch changing tenses. Keep writing.


09:40 Oct 22, 2020

I'm sorry about the plot thing. I just kept on writing without proofreading it hehe. Thank you for reading the story!


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Vinci Lam
23:22 Oct 19, 2020

Interesting idea! I think the huge doors adds to the mysteriousness and grandiose of the "monsters". I think you should pay attention to dialogue attribution though, because some of it were a little hard to make out who was speaking. Also, you might want to add something to show that dad was the one who left holes in the monster, it seemed a little too vague. Other than that, this was a super intriguing story! Great imagination!


09:19 Oct 20, 2020

Thank you for reading the story! I'm sorry about the dialogue I just kept on writing and writing because I might forget if I don't. Also, dad's powers are activated by looking or extending his arm something like that hehe.


Vinci Lam
00:57 Oct 21, 2020

Haha, don't be sorry! I think that's probably the best way to get a story written! I tend to overthink myself and edit as I write (which is so unproductive!). But I guess we all have to practice how to write and then go back to edit, in that order. haha!


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