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Rosamunda everyone said she was a child, even though she wasn’t a child at all. She wasn’t even young anymore. She was tired of being told that she was a child, but then also to stop being a child. The only one with whom she got on really well was her cat. He, MICIO BELLO, also called My coconut, and My duckling seemed to get along very well in his life, he seemed to fit right in his life as a cat. Rosamunda knew well how her Micio Bello behaved, since she was living with him for a decade. Her cat was a sweet tooth ( a glutton). When there was food he appreciated it particularly he was capable of eating to his heart’s content….Later he would start vomiting, but he never learned the lesson. And at the next opportunity, that is, at the first food he liked very much, the cat again binged out of all proportion.

When it rained Micio Bello regularly started protesting with her, meowing insistently, as if he wanted her to make it stop raining. Oh, he had to go out and he didn’t want to get wet! Nothing to do for her, who kept saying him , in a caressing voice, smoothing him: “ My love, honey, I can’t make it stop raining” Her cat continued, meowing insistently, angrily, to ask her to make it stop raining….until it stopped raining and Micio Bello ran out of the house.

Her Beautiful Cat was very greedy  both cooked and raw pigeons and duck meat. Of course, he hunted pigeons and, albeit with less success, ducks too. She could see that for him hunting was not just a way to secure delicious food, it was indeed…a sport, above all a game, a joke, a great fun.

When Rosamunda threw herself on the ground and tried to walk on all fours, like her cat, Micio Bello came towards her wagging his tail, joyful. He seemed to congratulate with her, as if he said:”Well! GOOD! Oh, you can see that it is better to walk on all fours than with only two! By God, you too have four legs, and then do like me! STAY ON ALL FOURS!”

Rosamunda began her life as a cat WALKING ON ALL FOURS and gorging herself with anchovies, peanuts , and French fries until she burst, that is, until she vomited.  Her mother scolded her at first, then started kicking her ass. Rosamunda didn’t get discouraged and she went to get under the covers in her mother’s bed together with Micio Bello. Her mother kicked them both off the bed. Rosamunda, even if kicked in the ass by her dear mother, continued to persist in her life as a cat. There was Micio Bello to encourage her to persist. Her wonderful cat….she was enchanted by the sensibility to light and dark of her beloved pet. It was as if her cat measured TIME BY LIGHT, instead of with the clock, as the humans did ( do). TIME was neither divided nor divisible for him, it was a continuous flowing. When the sun came up her cat felt the light on her skin, before seeing it. So when night fell and he turned on those beacons which were his eyes.

Rosamunda started to go out at night, in the middle of the night, as her cat did. She didn’t know which encounters her cat made at night. Maybe he hunted, maybe he met other cats.

She, wandering nighttime met stragglers, people singing at the top of their lungs, coming out of bars and nightclubs.  Strange , exagitated people who held wine whistles, bottles of whiskey and vodka in their hands and then threw them on the ground, where they shattered, the bottles to which they had kept their mouths stuck a moment before. She had seen the MAN IN THE BOTTLE and a man inside a barrel, which seemed his dress. The man walked inside the barrel, his torso and his feet bare, and people around him were hitting the barrel, shouting: “ Dioneges! Dioneges! Help! Save us!”

Rosamunda witnessed a stabbing and saw a woman killed. She would have very much wanted , according her feeling, to throw herself to the woman’s rescue, kicking the man who was strangling her, but she was not able. So she stood watching, immobilized by fear. When she started screaming a terrifying MEOWWWW! came out of her throat.  She was chased by the man who had strangled the woman and she too was being to be killed. At the last moment, when the man had already grabbed her, a BOBCAT appeared, pounced on the man, and knocked him down

 The LYNX, after trampling and biting the killer…oh, she, Rosamunda couldn’t believe her eyes….disappeared, as if she dissolved in the air, or in the dark of the night.

But sure, that big BOBCAT was indeed her cat who had rushed ( come) to save her, since he had felt her life was in danger. What a wonderful friend Micio Bello was! Rosamunda thanked him by cuddling him, smoothing him, kissing him, and offering him his favorite food, the pigeon, which she cooked stuffed with wild boar sausages.  After the big binge, which Rosamunda joined in, the two…cats vomited profusely, and her mother kicked them out of the house. But Rosamunda was more convinced than ever to continue her life …like a cat. Micio Bello ( Beautiful Cat) was a great hunter of animals of which it was clear he was eager to eat them. Oh, there was no animals that Rosamunda so much wanted to eat. Yet she began to wonder who she could start to hunt, who it was such desirable that she wanted to catch, to grab him, and not to eat him, but for the pleasure to catch, to grab him. Since she had watched several times her cat when he was chasing a mouse or a pigeon , or a lizard, or a little bird . In addition to the eagerness to eat them, there was in him the lust to catch them, to make them his own.  Who was so much desire to her that she wanted to catch them and make them her own? Rosamunda kept wondering. Ah, of course there were the rabbits, the ducklings, the chicks….But there were, above all, the children. She lurked at the exit of the kindergarten and started to catch children. Hers was only a game. Sure, she did not want to eat the children or kill them or harm them. But people said she was a pedophile and a serial killer of children. They also said she was a cannibal who hunted children. They locked her up.  In her cell Rosamunda kept banging her head against the wall, hoping to be able to get out, until instead of breaking down the wall, she broke her head and died.

November 18, 2022 23:34

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