There were a lot of things that Beatrice had to hire, four days of packing and collecting all the things that the family needed to travel, the summer break came and they were ready, but because of the epidemic they would have to travel in their own car, which they would have to go a long way to move from Kentucky to South Carolina.

"Mom did I finish packing, I forgot to put my beloved yellow T-shirt in my bag."Roxana is Beatrice's daughter.

"Oh Roxy, you've been holding your bag for a long time, always late to get things."Beatrice.

"Please, Mom, you know I love her, the last thing, I assure you it is another thing."Roxy.

"Well, well, I'll put it in my bag, I won't take too much clothes with me."Beatrice is amazed.

Beatrice was the mother of six children, including 6-month-old baby rocky, in addition to her job as a gymnastics instructor at the institute, after a long year of work, diligence and motherhood she felt it was fair to take a summer vacation and enjoy the sea when she and her husband Martin and their six children decided to make an inland trip and.

"Is everyone ready for the trip, is all your luggage here, you have not forgotten anything ."Martin with a happy bright smile .

"Yeah, Dad, it's all set. just go. let's go."Mark .

The family set off for the beach town of South Carolina and, in their peak of courage, enjoyed the scenery along the way through several towns and villages until they reached their destination in South Carolina .

"Thank God, we finally arrived, it was a fun trip really, where the resort is located ."Beatrice.

"Take it easy Beatrice , it is in the south side of the city, by the Sea minutes and we reach."Martin.

"Dad, Dad, do we find amusement parks and a water lake ."Todd.

"And what about the site, how it is."Roxy.

"Be patient, boys, I promise you will have a lot of fun."Martin.

The family went to the resort, they were first directed to the resort's private hospital for tests for the epidemic, the children were devastated and expressed their opinion that they did not want to go, but Beatrice is anxious for the safety of her family, she suffered a lot after the death of her neighbor Steven and his wife Antonia .

After completing the tests and making sure to comply with all safety procedures, I handed them the keys to the beach resort, not too far from the Medical Center, everyone was very happy about it.

Open Martin's apartment door and entered Friday amid their surprise of Her Majesty, it was already fantastic ocean views and the sea breeze stunner makes you relax .

Each member of the family chose their luxurious rooms and arranged their rooms under the supervision of Beatrice.

"How long will we stay here, Dad ."John.

"About a month or a month and leaching."Martin.

"I said a month or a month and a half, are you sure, dad."Todd is surprised.

"Why is it so long , you want to go home."Martin is smiling.

"No, no, dad that's cooler than it is, Did your cousin let you stay that long ."Roxy.

"Yeah, he said We could stay six months at most ."Martin.

"But you didn't tell me Martin, since when did you tell me, why didn't you tell me."Beatrice glowing face of happiness.

"Because you didn't ask me if I do age."Martin.

"So we're going to stay for two months until school, Martin, if you told me I'd bring more stuff ."Beatrice is cheerful .

"It's okay you can buy them in stores."Martin.

Days passed and the family enjoyed their summer vacation, met new neighbors, visited some of South Carolina's attractions and had a lot left.

"How charming this city is with its beaches and picturesque beauty, I wish we could move here Martin."Beatrice with a look, please, Martin.

"That's not possible, what about my job, your job, school kids, it will be tired, listen to me, come to enjoy the beach, sea and we do, but this is not acceptable, where we're playing, we don't have a house even."Martin is a little worried .

"And what about this house, didn't you say that your cousin doesn't use it for six months, so we can live with that period ."Beatrice.

"And the second six months, will we stay on the street."Martin with a serious look .

"Listen, don't argue mom, I personally don't want to leave my school and my friends, I'm not moving from Kentucky my whole life is there, we came here to have a great time at the seaside, and then we go back where we came from ."Roxy .

"You see now, that the children don't want to move, I don't think it would be a good idea ."Martin .

"Why don't we vote."Beatrice.

"Oh no, a vote, it's not a good idea to make such a fateful decision."Martin stuffy.

"We'll vote dad. come on ."Johann.

"Well, those who agree to move close their fists, those who refuse to move, open the palms of their hands."Martin.

Everyone raised their hands and the only one who closed his fist was Beatrice.

"Didn't I tell you, the children also don't agree to move, we're not moving, we have to study it seriously, the most important thing is work, will I find work here or not."Martin.

"Sorry Mom, I can't move now, don't forget I'll make the final exam to enter the university, probably moved here after that."Roxy.

"Yes Mom, do not be sad, we may eventually move if dad finds work here."Todd.

Beatrice looked at her children, smiled at them and hugged them .

"Maybe if your father found a job here, we could move, I really like the city, it's great, now how about visiting the South Carolina Historical and War Museum."Beatrice.

"Great idea mom, let's get ourselves ready, come on ."Todd.

"Mom What do you think if we take my girlfriend Sherry and Natalie with us, it would be great with them."Roxy.

"Provided, their parents agree to it ."Beatrice.

"You have to talk to them on the phone or let's go now to talk to them in person."Roxy.

Beatrice knocked on the door of the apartment of neighbor Frances, mother of Cherie and Natalie, who was Swedish in origin and emigrated with her husband and parents a long time ago .

"Good morning, I'm Roxy's mother, friend of your daughters Natalie and Sherry, we're going to the South Carolina Historical and War Museum, and I beg your permission to take them with us ."Beatrice.

"You're going to the museum, it's going to be great, it's going to be a chance to get acquainted . It will be a chance to get acquainted" Francis.

"Yeah, great idea, do you have a car to go on foot, including touring the city and visiting the National Park."Beatrice.

The neighbors went to the Historical Museum and then the war and toured the National Park and had a lot of fun, Martin saw the merger of his wife Beatrice and her neighbors and talked with the children about the transfer of their place of residence from Kentucky to South Carolina, and Roxy decided to join one of the Universities of South Carolina, while the children Martin and he lived in it for two or three years until he bought his own resort, which is exactly what he did by taking a bank ancestor and making it a surprise for his wife Beatrice, who was very happy to move from Kentucky to South Carolina.

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Philip Baker
08:20 Jul 01, 2021

A very nice story and easy to read through. As a little feedback, I would highly recommend using "Grammarly" add-on because it will help you with things like spaces, periods and some of the grammar errors as well. But it was a very enjoyable read anyway.


02:46 Jul 02, 2021

Thanks for reading my story, I really needed that encouragement, I like to write stories that simple so that others understand my feelings, I don't like Complicated stories.


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02:47 Jul 02, 2021

Thanks for reading my story, I really needed that encouragement, I like to write stories that simple so that others understand my feelings.


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02:47 Jul 02, 2021

Thanks for reading my story, I really needed that encouragement, I like to write stories that simple so that others understand my feelings.


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