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Adventure Drama Romance

Mark and Ted had been best buddies all during high


               It had been years since their high school graduation and

they continued their fond friendship.

               They considered themselves to be smooth operators, and

as such, able to understand what motivated, and what might

threaten, one another.

               Each could see into the other’s soul.

               Ted had been dating Linda for about five months.

               Ted and Linda found each other fascinating. They loved

being together and they loved entertaining each other.

               Ted was obsessed with her.

               “She sure is foxy and beautiful,” Ted remarked to Mark.

               “Yep, she sure is!” Mark responded. “No argument there!”

               Mark and his wife, Jessica, went out often for a night of

drinks and dancing with Linda and Ted.

               They quickly, as a foursome, became great friends.

               One evening, Linda and Ted made a surprise


               “We have decided to get married,” Ted said to Jessica and


               “Congratulations!” Mark pronounced.

               “Why, that’s great news” Jessica boomed. “I’m very happy

for you both! We made that decision and have been very happy

ever since.”

               Mark displayed a very slight grimace.

               “Have you set a date?” Mark asked.

               “No, not as yet,” Ted replied.

               “But it will not be far off,” Linda intervened. “Maybe three

or four weeks. Very small ceremony. You will be invited, of course.”

               There were numerous last-minute wedding plans, all of

which were ironed out easily. Things fell into place with ease.

               The Justice of the Peace was agreeable to their chosen


               Things calmed down considerably.

               Mark and Ted decided to plan a week together driving

along the southeast coast.

               It would serve as an unusual sort of bachelor party. Just

the two of them.

               Money being tight on both ends, they split the expenses

and stayed at fleabag motels. The rooms wee simple, one bed units

along the highway.

               It was to be a farewell to the traditional relationship that

they had shared.

               It was great!

               They would return a few days prior to the wedding date.

               There were occasional beach stops, cheap Mom and Pop

eateries and beers in the evenings while watching the baseball


               “How did you meet Linda?” Mark asked one night during

the fifth inning.

               “She was working in the entertainment industry,” Ted said

with hesitance.

               “I know that. But what did she actually do? How did you

meet her?” Mark pressed.

               “Strip club. She is a pole dancer. A very good pole dancer,”

Ted admitted.

               “What? Aren’t you concerned with that?” Mark asked.

               “No, Linda and I are committed to each other. She has

not been out there playing the big field,” Ted responded, with


               Mark left the room to make his nightly telephone call.

               He was back by the seventh inning stretch.

               Mark always admired everything about Ted. He was strong

and athletic, slim and trim, honest, true and blue.

               Ted was his best buddy.

               Mark insisted they stop at a beach on their last day.

               The water and waves helped to relax him.

               Mark and Ted frolicked in the waves for an hour.

They sat on the beach and drank a beer.

               The waves had tired them both while at the same time had

invigorated them. The beer helped them to relax and soothed their


               Mark couldn’t bring himself to ruin the moment.

               No, he couldn’t. Wouldn’t!

               But there was one planned discussion yet to come. It

would have to wait.

Meanwhile, Jessica was awaiting their return.

She had not heard from Mark all week. She could have called him

but didn’t want to interrupt their ‘guy time.’

               Upon entering Virginia, they saw the road sign that

indicated that Virginia Beach was not too far ahead.

               Mark had served in the military; the Navy, in fact. He was

familiar with the hot spots of town.

               “How about we get some roast beef sandwiches at Arby’s”

he asked.

               “Sure, let’s do it. I’m game for anything!” Ted replied.

               The sandwiches were great as usual. Inexpensive and


               “Ted, I have a bachelor party surprise for you. I know this

town, and I want us to stop at a place to relax before getting back

to the mayhem. I’m not even going to ask you. My treat.”

               “O K,” Mark. “I’m a go!”

               They pulled into the parking lot of stores.

               The game store faced them.

               Ted was confused. But, he did like games.

               They walked past the game store to the massage parlor.

               Mark opened the door and invited Ted to enter.

               They entered the very next session almost immediately.

               Inside the double lounge, they were told to disrobe, and a

bath tub was prepared for each of them.

               Each had a personal attendant that worked together to

make for an enjoyable experience.


               The attendant checked the water temperature.

               Each was helped into their deeply filled tub.

               They were left there for twenty minutes.

               The attendants help them out of their tubs, dried them,

and led them to the massage tables. They climbed on and were

wrapped in a fresh warmed bath sheet.

               The massage commenced within ten minutes.


Yep, it sure was. Each of them loved it!

What a great wrap-up to their week!

However, Mark was still tense. It was time for him to deal

with the issue.

               One can run, but can not hide!

               Mark grew increasing distant as they approached the

Maryland state line.

The road sign read ‘Welcome to Maryland. Please Drive Gently.’

They would be home within the hour.

               “I’m having an affair with your fiancé for three months

now!” Mark blurted out.

               “What!” Ted yelled. His jaw hit the floor!

               Ted was trying to comprehend the gravity of this


               Ted was quietly deep in thought. If the wedding would still

occur, he would be sharing his wife with Mark!

               “I will cancel the wedding!” Ted yelled angrily. “You can

have her!”

               “I don’t want her” Mark snapped. “I don’t want the one I

have!” Mark continued with rage.

               Both were in different boats. Mark was working toward the

same end for each of them.

               Long-term committed friendship.

               Unconditional loyalty.

               The next summer rolled around.

               Ted never had Linda.

               Mark had lost Jessica. She did not take the disclosure very


               Mark and Ted frolicked in the waves for an hour and then

retreated to the sand for a cold beer.

               Relaxation and soothing of their souls. 

               Mark had achieved his goal!

               Everything would stay as it always was.

               Everything would stay as it was meant to be.

               Mark and Ted, watching the baseball game or sitting on

the sand, drinking a beer.

               The game of life.

               Life was good!

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Dude that was awesome dad but awesome, can't wait for the next one!


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