Fantasy Mystery Teens & Young Adult

Usa, 2024

Chapter 1: Surprise does not exist

Hi. My name is Tim. Tim E Traveler. Say it fast, and you get time traveler. I’m called time traveler because to me, surprise does not exist. I can predict everything that will happen. There are only four others like me. Moor O seer, Min D Reader, Fortun E Teller, and Actio N Prophet. As our full names state, we predict everything. Know everything. Foresee everything. We know all. For example, I’m going to take a step to the left because someone has a gun locked on me. But he only has one bullet. So if I step now, he’ll be out of luck. So, time to step. In 3, 2, 1. Bang. Oh, and that’s the other thing I was going to tell you. The rest of the people with my powers, are dead. The government, with there four souls, can foresee everything in the country.With mine, they would be able to foresee everything in the entire world. But I foresee that they will never get me. And when I die at the age of 79, in 47 years, I will hide underwater so they can not get me. Which leads on to why someone just tried to kill me. They need my soul. Point is, they want us all, No matter what, dead or alive.

Chapter 2: The hostage and the ambush

So I just got home. I’m looking for my wife and my children, but I can find them anywhere. “Ashly! Thea! Leo! Are you here?” … No answer? I didn't see this happening...What if - Oh no. I didn’t see that happening either. He thought as he rushed to the basement. “WHERE IS HE!” Yelled the president of the United states. Tim was hiding on the staircase, trying to listen to what was going on without getting caught. Then he heard a familiar voice. “I told you! He went for a walk! But he wont come back now that he knows you're here! Just don't hurt the kids!” Ashly, my wife, he thought. “Mommy! I’m scared!” screamed the voice of a little child, “I’m scared too mommy!” yelled another, the two kids were being held by some soldiers. Thea and Leo, my children, He knew that if he tried to help, they would kill him, but if he didn’t, his family would die. “General, may I have the MRM,” asked the president, “Yes, Mr. president. Here you go.” The general handed the president a strange device in the shape of an octopus. He placed the octopus on his head, each tentacle on a part of him where his consciousness was. “Mr. Time traveler, I know you’re in here” he said. Then, all of a sudden, Tim pulled out his pistol, jumped out from behind the stairs, and aimed it at the contraption. Then, the general shot the gun right out of his hand. That's how they contain the powers of the souls, isn’t it? Tim thought. The president looked scared. He closed his eyes the second before Tim jumped to tackle the device. But the second he made contact with it, everything went dark.

Chapter 3: Lost in time

What is this place? Why am I here? Where is my family? When will I see them again? Who is that, holding that light over there? He thought. He was in a black void, there was nothing else there except someone holding a light, about a football field away.  He reached his hand out. Suddenly, it was right in front of him. I looked like - himself. He touched the light. Then his hand started glowing - his arm - his whole body was now gleaming with light. The body and orb started to fade, as well as his glow. I didn’t foresee any of this, he thought. Then, he saw some beams coming toward him. All different shades of blue, and purple, and pink, all rocketing to him. Before he knew it, he was in a tunnel of bright colors. His body started fading away and becoming a beam of light. He was sky rocketing through the tunnel. So many colors, he thought, changing so fast, getting - dizzy - so - so many flashing - flashing lights - getting tired - can't - stay - in control - In a second, he was in a seizure. Once again, he could not see, hear or feel anything. But he could smell something. Was that - cherry blossom pie? He woke up in bed and got out of his room. He went down the stairs. He saw - his mom? What!? I thought mom moved out!? What is she doing here !?! “Mom?” He said, “Yes, dear?” she answered, “What year is it?” “What do you mean sweetheart? 1996,” “1996!?” Tim screamed loudly. All of a sudden, he was in new york. There was a plane crashing into - the twin towers!? As a huge structure fell onto him, he was transported to Japan. Was that a huge wall of water coming to him? Right when he was about to get washed away, he was in the woods somewhere. He heard evil laughing. A clown started chasing him with a knife. He ran as fast as he could. “This is all just a bad dream,” Said the clown, “And you're NEVER waking up.” Just when the clown raised his knife, he was all of a sudden back in new york. But there was no commotion. Everybody was wearing a mask. “HE HAS NO MASK!” someone yelled, “HE’S GOING TO INFECT US!” screamed another. “You're coming with us.” Said one last person as the police walked over to him, trying to stay six feet away from him. As the police reached out for him, it went dark again. There was nothing.

Chapter 4: This is all just a bad dream. Please Wake Up!

“...! …! …!” Tim heard a muffled voice. He was only half conscious. “Mommy, why wont daddy wake up?” Thea asked. He opened his eyes. “Daddy!” Leo and Thea shouted at once. “Tim!” Yelled Ashley. “What - what happened?” he asked. “Well,” explained Ashley, “When you grabbed that machine, you created a hole in time, because with five souls, all raped in the fabric of the universe are combined, the power is too strong. It creates a black hole, which evaporates just slow enough for two people to fall out of time. You’ll be transported to about 30 years early, spend about five minutes there, then be transported a few years ahead. It repeats until you’re back in the present. You just made it back from being lost in time. But the president evaporated, meaning he died in the past and now doesn't exist. Harris had to take over for Biden’s last week in the office.” Tim looked surprised. “Wait, I didn’t foresee you explaining this. In fact, from when I got home, I couldn't foresee anything,” Tim said confused. Why did he lose his powers for so long? “When you two were in time, all of the time fabric was washed off of the souls. Which is what gives them their powers,” Amy told him. “YES!” Tim yelled, “NO MORE POWERS! NO MORE BEING SOUGHT OUT BY THE GOVERNMENT! JUST NORMAL!” Leo and Thea let out a small laugh. “Yes,” Ashley said finally, “Just normal.”

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