It’s going to be a long wait

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The sky turned into a deeper shade of black and all was quiet except Tasha’s heartbeat. She took several deep breathes before taking the decision.

Was she ready for this? Could she do this? Was she confident, mentally strong and patient enough for all this? She did not have the answers to any of these questions. Took her first step and she knew it needed to be done, for herself, her love, her world and her future. She heaved the bag on her shoulder and walked out of her residence. She had been preparing for this for ages. Since her parents disclosed their plan of marrying her to a rich business man they had confirmed. They all were blinded by money and never considered her age or her permission. She met him once and took an instant dislike due to his age, pride, and attitude. However she was approved by him only because of her exceeding beauty. Though she tried to make sense of this decision and argued back with her parents, they had made their minds.

She was not ready for all these struggles at this age, she wanted to be independent and loved and happy. Besides more than money she wanted cooperation which she knew never exists in large age differences. She was indeed in love and thought her beloved would love her more than anything else on earth.

So they planned to elope, and she arranged for the money formerly by asking out for special projects, tours and extra-curricular acts. Money had been sent to husband-to-be almost a week ago.

Tasha was an over thinker but in case of love her brain fell flat. She did never give doubts and scruples about love any space in her heart.

This was a huge mistake of her life.

Her last conversation with Martin came into her mind.

‘’Oh darling don’t over think, I’ll do anything you want, if you have thought of eloping it’s done we of course will. Problem is all with money. If we manage enough money it would be a lot easier.’’

‘’That’s no problem Mart, I’ve arranged money from my parents, you just have to confirm my ticket and arrange all that needs to done.’’

‘’Send money and everything will be arranged. I just need to visit my mother at our village before proceeding with this. I’ll pick you from the village station and don’t worry about anything. Remember the money. ’’There was confusion in his voice that Tasha like always ignored.

She had sent the money the next day, and from then on his phone was switched off, though he left behind a message.

‘It would be long before I open my phone. My mother does not want any nuisance and you better keep yours off too. Anyone would be able to track us, see you soon Tash.’____

Soon she mustered the courage to shut the door and proceed with all her belongings in her back pack and her luggage, ‘’Oh god protect me, be by my side,’’ and muttered under her breath as she walked further into the dark night.


‘’Ed did you hear that,’’ Narni asked as she patted her husband. ‘’Hear what?’’ demanded Edward, exasperated.

‘’The door I think someone just closed it, and I heard a screeching noise, too.’’

‘’ I know Narni, you have superpowers when it comes to listening, but you better keep that down at night and let me sleep.’’

Narni, though a blind mother and wife, she could hear well enough and was sure she heard something. Being blind prevented her from checking on it, she needed her husband’s support.

‘’Well you might regret this Edward,’’ and she drifted into a troubled sleep.


The sky seemed deeper than usual as Martin proceeded with his packing. He stuffed all his clothes and belongings into his luggage and arranged the money neatly in the briefcase. He did not have enough time she might have already left home and caught the train. Martin was an expert in showing love to foolish and lonely girls, persuade them to elope, get the money from them and sneak away with his life and fortune.

This time he did fall in love but could not afford to increase the mouths at home. Martin had to feed his parents 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He could never and would never get a wife. Wiping of sweat from his forehead he walked clumsily towards the door. He looked back to check if any identities were left, took deep breaths and at his 1st step nervousness gripped him for the first time in these jobs. He pushed aside all thoughts and scruples and cascaded down the stairs.

He peeled off the sticker on the number plate of his bike, checked the fuel and jumped on it.


Tasha was almost at the railway station when suddenly the breeze turned to a gale and lighting struck the roads, frightening her. Seeing her seeking for a shelter a security guard felt pity and let her sit under the garage shed till the rain stopped.

Suddenly she saw a teenage girl, and a boy kneeling onto the puddles in front of her, ‘’youth’’ she chuckled weakly.

It struck her odd, not having any quarrels with Martin. ‘Isn’t that part and parcel of love,’ she thought. ‘Was his love fake or was it too concrete for any breakage.’ She doubted her love, something she should have done a lot earlier. Tasha chided herself for having evil thoughts at the eleventh hour.


Martin could still feel confusion around him as he reached his hometown. This was now turning into guilt and fear of being punished as Tasha was a smart girl, though a bit weak with love, and had rich parents. Mainly he himself had developed feelings for her.

Parking the bike he chanted, ‘’Oh God let Tash live her life knowing she was loved, and make sure she doesn’t commit suicide.’’


The rain and thunder ceased with uncertainty as Tasha approached the station.

She needed peace of mind and the station being free till the arrival of the next train, she resolved to rest for some time.

No’ her mind argued back, ‘No rest, if searched for you would get caught, keep active, you can  listen to something, read or write your book, but no rest , just a few hours of wait.’

‘Okay, okay,’ she thought and pulled out her laptop, unable to use her cell phone. Checking her ticket, she began writing, with the long wait still in her mind.

May 22, 2020 09:34

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