A low rumbling sound sounded from the engine filled his ears, filled his mind. Rrrrrr Rrrrrr Rrrrrrrrrr. He stood, slipping past the other crew mates. His hand clutched the dark black suit he was to wear. Yellow lights flickered over head, a soft humming noise coming from them. His footsteps echoed along the spaceship as he opened the door to the bathroom. The metal of the knob against his hand was freezing cold, and he retreated his fingers quickly.

Black stepped inside, pushing the door to a close behind him. It was tiny, the roll of toilet paper just barley on. Another light was flickering in here, and he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. The sink was usual, the soap a thing he had never seen before. Black undressed, pulling up the suit. 

The suite was hot and big, but he slid my glass face covering as soon as he entered the room with the other members. Dark Blue was fiddling with his fingers, mask down. White was staring at him, whilst Yellow whispered quickly to them. Under his mask he sweated, sitting down quickly next to Red and looking away. 

He could prove to White he was innocent. Maybe he could do a scan in front of them or something. Purple was watching Brown mess up with their tablet, mask very dark. Red was waving at him, kicking their legs happily. Lime was copying Green as he moved to get comfortable. Pink was doing a rude gesture at Black, one hand up.

Black glanced back at the one whom he had sat next to. Red slid up his mask, smiling. “Hiya! Just call me Red, I guess. Anyhow, do you know why we’re here? Cause I don’t!”

Black shook his head back numbly, though he did know. 

Red smiled again, looking around. “This ship sure is fancy! I wonder where they got it. Wow, Purple looks strong. I hope I don't get on the bad side of HIM! Anyhow, do you know why we’re here?”

Black had already answered, but perhaps he should correct himself. “Well.. it’s- it’s, um. Don’t get put down, but- uh..” He cast down his gaze, shaking his head as he searched for words. Was it okay to tell such an innocent person such a horrible thing? “It’s horrible. We were forced upon this ship to get killed- or- or- to kill.”

Red frowned. “To kill, or to get killed? Well, I don’t want to get killed.. Why would they do that? I don’t want to do either!”

He sniffed, glancing around at the lights. “I know. Every year teens get sent here. To kill or to get killed. Listen- this ship is called The Skeld. And, basically, two people get chosen to kill off the crew mates. They will get a knife, and have access to the vents. But us cremates, if we find out who it is, we win, they die. Then we get to go home and never have to be here ever again. It’s for a TV show.” 

His new friend’s face dropped. “I-I don’t want to die.. P-pl-please, Black- I-”

Black cringed, hugging Red fiercely. “I’ll try. We just gotta do our tasks and stay sharp, mk?” Their relationship quickly escalated to best friends, though he hardly knew Red.

He got a nod in return. He could feel Red begin to cry. 

Obviously Red wasn’t the chosen one- or he was just a very good liar. A female automatic voice rang overhead. “Welcome to The Skeld. Navigate the ship and complete your tasks on the list. Communicate through emergency meetings and-..”  There was a pause, and Black couldn't help but question. What was she about to say? To avoid the killer?

“There are imposters among you.”   

The Skeld doors slid open, leaving an open hallway with separate rooms. Purple leaped up first, marching into the other room. The doors slid closed, and Orange ran to the doors, watching until they slid fully open. Cyan followed. Green tried to leave first, but Lime shunted them away and raced through first. White got up slowly, followed by Yellow, who was muttering nonsense to them. 

Pink was nearby, tapping a screen nearby. Black got up, glancing at his tablet as it gave off a small dinging noise. First task was in Weapons. He turned back to Red who was now putting his mask back down. “Hey, Red, let’s stick together. Safety in numbers, eh?” 

Red nodded, turning his head to the other crew mates left. Black needed to stay strong for Red. They WOULD complete their tasks and they WOULD survive. 

Dark Blue was getting up, hurrying out of the room. Black shook his head softly, turning once more to Red. “I got a task in Weapons. What’s closest for you?” 

His new buddy pointed to the nearby trash chute, which led to Cafeteria. “Gotcha. I’ll go with you- I think I have a task for..uhm-” He glanced down at his tablet again, scrolling until he found the Cafeteria Section. “Never mind. I’ll just watch you.”

Red shook his head. “No, I got this. You do your task and I’ll meet you there.” 

Black nearly dropped his tablet, tucking it in his suit. “Wha- no, no, no. We HAVE to stay together, I’ll go with you.”

Red grabbed Black’s shoulder, shaking his head even harder. His voice was forceful as he spat, “Go.” His mask was tilted down as his head tilted, as if glaring. He turned, racing away. Red had stopped talking. Perhaps he had just discovered that he was Imposter. He had as well sent him away- he knew Imposters had fake tasks. Whatever, his friend had changed, sure, must just be a mood swing. 

He raced to the weapons room, where Brown was staring down the vent slots near the wall. Suspicious.  

Black moved past the asteroid seat, tapping Brown’s back. They spun around, falling on the vent. “You scared me, Black! I know this might look Sus, but I swear- I heard the vents clang, and one of the screws was out-..” 

He nodded, hearing the female ring in her voice. “I believe you. Did you see anything?”

She shook her head. 

“Okay, then. I got asteroids. Maybe watch my back?” He turned to see Brown nodding, moving to stand patiently over the vent. Black nodded his appreciation. His best luck in surviving was making friends, something he.. Wasn’t good at. He slipped to sit in the padded spinney chair that was attached to the spaceships flooring. 

Black reached forward, grasping the controls with his covered fingers. The asteroids were hard, and he hated them. Especially with the feeling of despair that if he failed that part of the ship would be ruined. 

As he finished he stood, turning to gape at the body of Brown. It appeared she had been strangled, the neck area of his suit dented in. That was a person.. A real life person who had a life and family to get back to, but she would never return. Purple was strong, he had seen their bulk through the suit. A footstep sounded behind him and he jumped, crashing into the asteroid controls. The ship swerved off course as the guns shot rapidly. 

Cyan was standing in the doorway, pointing accusingly at Black. “YOU! Ohh, you’re in for it now, Black!” They lunged forward, tapping their tablet to the body. A splotch of blood stained the electronic. “No- I didn’t-” A whoosh sounded in his ears, and a pure dizziness feeling took over him as the ship teleported them all around a table in the cafeteria. 

Cyan was standing proudly nearby, still pointing at Black. “Black was in weapons near Brown’s body. I found him RED HANDED.” 

Red raised a hand politely. “I don’t think his gloves are re-”

“SHUT UP RED! The thing IS I found him near the body-!”

Black shook his hands. “You don’t understand. I was doing asteroids, and Brown was supposed to be watching my back. I would never kill anyone! Tell them, Red.”

Red shook his head in agreement. “It’s true, I saw his tablet.”

Dark Green nodded slowly. "Yep, seems like Cyan is framing ya'. I'm voting Cyan."

Lime shouldered away Dark Green, nodding. "Yep, seems like Cyan is framing. I'M voting Cyan."

Dark Green made a growling sound, standing back and waiting to submit his vote.

White was staring in Black's direction again. He didn't think it was Cyan- but he didn't have evidence for anybody else. Well- maybe a little for Purple. But not enough to maybe eject a perhaps innocent crew mate to their death.

Pink cackled, slamming a padded hand on the table. It echoed in the room. "NA, NA, NA! Black seeming KINDA- I mean OBVIOUSLY sus! I'm votin' HIM."

Black rolled his eyes. Pink seemed drunk. Perhaps he knew one of the Skeld flyers. It wouldn't matter. One vote wouldn't send him into the abyss. He would skip this round.

The rest of the meeting was silent, and he couldn't look as Crew Members dragged Cyan to the automatic doors that led to open air. Their screams echoed for a while in the room, and finally he got up, Red hurrying after him.

"My next task is in.. Med Bay. Wanna come?"

His buddy nodded hurriedly, staying close to his side as they walked along the hallways. Black stepped into the room, passing the hospital beds to a platform. Stepping onto it cautiously, he was greatly alarmed when sirens and red lights flashed through the rooms.

His tablet made a loud BLAMP noise as he opened it. Oxygen was running out- Black prepared to step off, but a painful shock was sent through him as a green circle rose and fell around him, keeping him inside.

Red was just sitting there, head tilted downward. He was the imposter. Black was sure of it. Perhaps he could convince him he didn't need to do anything.. he didn't NEED to follow the stupid show's rules.

The oxygen alarm stopped. Good, his fellow crew mates had dealt with it. Black walked to Red, sighing. "I know you're imposter."

His buddy looked up, jumping. "No- NO - I'm not- I SWEAR-!"

Black facepalmed in his heart. "I know you are. But you don't need to do anything. We can-" He dropped to a very low whisper, crouching to be eye level with Red. "We can pretend the show had a glitch, a glitch where they only handed out one knife. It's okay, Red."

Red stared at him for a second, nodding softly.

"...thank you."

Writers note:

This was fun! Maybe a part two, maybe not :O Please rate it in the comments, open to suggestions. Honestly this piece was a bit rushed, but it was very fun to write. I MAYBE went off the Among Us Color Code- Certain type of players for different colors. But, anywho, thanks for reading :D

October 20, 2020 03:43

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Crystal Lewis
02:05 Oct 26, 2020

I knew as soon as you mentioned the colors what is was based off! Very creative. :) Just keep an eye out for your grammar and punctuation and I think you kept changing the pronouns throughout so sometimes the same character was first a “he” and then a “she” so it was a bit confusing as to who was who. Not sure if that was intentional? Either way. Nice job. :) Feel free to check out any of my stuff.


Savannah Lamkey
21:18 Oct 28, 2020



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