Mystery Kids

“Go on, patrol the area.”

“Now?!?!” Grayson exclaims.

“Yes now! Come on, there's a reason that we made you the guard.”

Grayson grumbles and stomps off, which is easy for him because of the bulky armor he has on.

"Remember your horse!"

He goes to the stables, saddles up his horse, and trots past the restaurant. Hesees her. The same person Grayson sees every day. After he signals to her, she nods and runs off.

Five minutes later, she’s beside him, on a horse.

“So,” she says. “Today’s the day, huh?”

“Yes, it is. And Max’s already mad at me, so don’t say anything to him.”

“Relax, I’m coming with you.”

Grayson gapes at her.

“You-you’re what?” he sputters, face turning purple.

“Coming with you! Just because I’m a woman, it doesn’t mean that I can’t survive.”

“O-ok, but you really should’ve told me this before.”

“When? We only got to speak once, and even that was a short period of time, so I couldn’t. Anyway, I’m well prepared.” She pulls out a sword from her sheath. Grayson didn’t even realize that she had one, let alone be able to bring it along.

“But,” he pauses. “Women aren’t allowed to have weapons!!! Or horses!”

“Yes, well, I like to break the rules.”

“I can tell.”

We continue in silence, and Grayson finds himself looking at her, her sword seems suspicious. Max would’ve seen it, and her horse as well. Maybe… no, she can’t be, he’s the only one.

“Hello? Grayson???”

“Huh? Oh, sorry.” Grayson face turns red, and he looks away.

“Hey, I need to tell you something.”

“Ok, what?”

Just then, a village came into view.

“There!” she says.

“Um, what?”

“The village! My friends live there, and we’re going to go there!!!”


“I mean, unless you have anywhere else to go,”

“Nope, I just wanted to get away from there.”

“Alright! Let’s go!”

We start to gallop, and, a couple minutes later, we’re there.


We spin around, hard to do on a horse, but we manage.

“What are you?” the guard demands.

“Humans,” Grayson replies.

“I mean, WHO are you?”

“We-ell, I’m Grayson, and she is…” Grayson trails off, realizing that he doesn’t know her name.

“Ella,” she smoothly finishes. “Ella the hunter.”

“Wait wha-” Grayson start before she glares at him.

“Ok,” the guard replies. “Lady Ella, let me direct you over here.”

He grabs her reins and pulls her horse to the side.

“Now, Sir Grayson, we duel.”

Grayson knew this was coming. Every city has tight security, and requires a duel if you get in. The thing is, it’s a fight to the death, so people who guard have special talents and potions to make people back alive. So, naturally, Grayson had those talents as well.

“Alri-We shall,” Grayson say, remembering the proper words.

“Then let us begin!”

We take out our swords and begin. Grayson slashes, but the guard’s fast, he dodged the strike. However, Grayson had prepared for that to happen, and he pulled another sword from his sheath and struck the guard in the head. He crumpled to the ground and it was over. Grayson had won. They would be able to stay here, wherever this was. Grayson and Ella entered the village. Everyone was staring, and they started to whisper. It was then Grayson realized that they had all be watching.

He went straight to the clothing stall, and heard people whispering.

“……cheated……. had two swords……… should’ve lost…...”

“One tunic and trousers please.”

“And what is your name? Sir?”

“Grayson. Sir Grayson.”

She nodded, and went into her tent, where Grayson heard them laughing away. She quickly returns with the clothing, and hands it to me.

“12 Shims please.” she rasps.

“12! That’s outrageous. I refuse to pay a price that high. It should be 7,” Grayson stands his ground as the old lady stares at him.



“Fine, 8 is it.”

Grayson hands her the money, and rides with Ella to the nearest cottage. The person inside is excited to see them.

“Hello!” Grayson says.

“Hello, who are you?” she replies.

“Don’t you recognize me?” Ella buts in.

“Could it be? Ella?”

“Yes, I fear that we need a shelter. Would you mind helping us?”

“But of course! I would be honored to have you in my house! And you are?” she asks, turning on me.

“Um, Sir Grayson, madam,”

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Well come on, inside.” She bustles us into the house, making sure that Grayson doesn’t knock anything over in his armor.

“Um, madam?”

“Oh, call me Adele,”

“Ok, um, Lady Adele” Grayson starts, “May I, you know, change?”

“Of course! You may go into this room.”

Grayson strips off his armor, and dresses into the tunic. It fits perfectly, so he goes to look for food.

“Lady Adele?”


She’s sitting with Ella, who’s doubled over in laughter.

“If I may ask, do you know a place where I might store my possessions?”

“Oh yes! There is a room right over here. If you want, this can be your room during your stay.”

“Thank you, Lady,” Grayson responds. “and may I trouble you for some food?”

“Oh, of course! How I’d expected you to go for that long without food, I don’t know. Ella dear, would you help me prepare?”

“Of course, I would be honored to help you in your restaurant,” she says.

They double over in laughter again and go into another room. Grayson, sensing somethings suspicious, peers in. He gasps and goes into his room to think.

--- ---

Grayson stops scratching with his quill, thinking about what he saw. If he was right, he needed to confront her.

“‘Lady Ella! I need to ask you something,’” Grayson mutters. “No, that wouldn’t work, um, ‘Excuse me, may I ask you something in private?’ No, not that either.”

He paces around his room, pondering.

“Excuse me, Sir Grayson?” a voice calls out, making Grayson jump out of his skin.

“Um, yes?”

“Lady Ella wants to tell you something.”

September 14, 2020 17:40

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19:20 Sep 14, 2020

Great story! I liked the dialogue a lot, it was really entertaining to read and made me laugh a few times! You switched tenses quite a bit throughout the story and there are minor grammatical errors, but apart from that I really liked it! I love how you showed how confused Grayson was, that was really funny to me! Well done, Aamenamenamena!


19:22 Sep 14, 2020

Ok, thanks!!!


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Lilliane Wei
07:25 Nov 27, 2020

Very nice story, intrigue is not lacking. One thing I feel the need to point out, however, is that you seem to change the point of view of the characters often from "I" to "he" or "she". Other than that there are a few grammatical errors and adding some more descriptive words wouldn't hurt. But otherwise, good job, I admire how you leapt right into the action, looking forward to reading part 2! -Whirl


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Julia Boddie
19:15 Oct 19, 2020

Great story! I loved the ending and the dialogue. Can't wait to read more of your work!


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01:09 Sep 24, 2020

Great job dear Go on !!!


00:01 Sep 25, 2020



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Zea Bowman
17:35 Sep 21, 2020

Wow! I loved reading this story; it was full of great descriptions and I loved the way you ended it. The words seemed to flow effortlessly together. Could you please come read some of my stories? Thanks :)


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