Wicked Delights

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It was the snow that froze not just the soil, but all movement and echos. The seven-year-old cooed as a midnight snowflake landed on her tongue. I on the other hand, frowned. Flurries attacking my eyes was not so much fun as an adult. People actually expected me to be able to see.

I glanced down at the vibrating ball of energy, ready to remind her about those eyes I was supposed to be using.

Wrong move.

The kid jerked my arm to the side, making it click and sputter as it tried to remain in its socket. I hopped forward to keep my limb attached, and the crowd converged on me. I squeaked, darting away from a man twirling his date right into my face. I skimmed past a mouth full of hair when my hand veered the opposite direction, smashing me into a tree. Bitter dirt coated my throat as I inhaled the bark. I pushed off the trunk with my free hand and glared at the child who threw me into such a pointy embrace. 

She tiptoed forward, maintaining her death grip so my fingers glowed white between hers. She paused a foot in front of me. A grin showing too many teeth emerged. My stomach dropped. Right when not a drop more dread could flood my system, she rushed me. I jumped. My high heels complained. 

Such a fun night.

She cackled, scooting away. I clutched my chest. I wasn't about to die via a tiny child, awesome. Crisp air entered my lungs once again. I opened my mouth to demand an explanation when she hauled me into the crowd. My midnight blue ball gown fluttered behind me as I struggled to keep up, each turn making it whip to the side and shimmer beneath the park lamps.

I gasped for breath, “I'm not sure I’m exactly helping you look for your dad.”

She whipped her head around, eyes giant. “You’re perfect!”


Content with my lack of answer she yanked me into a dancing couple, giddy when I tripped over my own feet. The twirling people parted in the most graceful twist that ever existed, making my face burn as I bashed into each of them.

The girl glanced back as I collided with someone holding a frozen lemonade who had gotten in the way. “You know, you and I look super similar.”

I wheezed some apologies before she whirled me away once again.

A screechy laugh erupted from her as she sprinted, “You're so clumsy even though you’re ancient. My little brother has more grace than you. Anyway, we totally have matching noses, yours is all messed up just like mine.”

I blinked, “Are you trying to end up as a stuffed animal?” 

She stuck out her lip in a proper pout, flashing it at me before hurling my fumbling limbs into a new couple. 

Ok, it was official. This girl was so dead.

I reached for the dagger strapped to my thigh, but right as I my hand brushed the slit in my dress, she spun me away. This girl was either a villain or a genius. 

“Do you know where your dad is then?” I asked.

She giggled and in one last flick of her wrist, whirled me into a man's chest. I began straightening up, apologies already on my lips when a ringed hand was offered to me. I froze, ice from more than the tiny snowflakes coursing through my veins. That girl was definitely a supervillain. 

“It's rude to refuse help, especially from a friend milady,” the man purred.

I stood on my own. “To you, it's Sabrina.”

He clicked his tongue, and I raised my eyes to his. Deep mocha with gold flakes glittering beneath stared back. Eyes that would kill me in a heartbeat if given the chance. Their edges creased as he grinned. 

He pulled out a tulip he’d been hiding behind his back, “For you, Sabrina.”

The sound of my name on his lips melted my insides. The deep tremor of his voice a soothing chocolate rolling over my skin to pool in my navel. 

The hair on my neck stood from too many eyes. I glanced back, expecting to see the kid but instead a clique of girls greeted me with a death glare. “You seem to have a fan club.”

A finger brushed my chin, turning me back to him, “And yet you are the only one that interests me.”

Warmth bloomed in my belly and I bit my cheek. He was my enemy. One delicate flower wasn't going to make me forget.

He let go of my chin and placed the tulip between his teeth. He bit ever so gently on the stem; my gaze fixed upon the fragile shaft. He leaned in, a hand resting on my thigh. Right on the hilt of my dagger. Heat bloomed on my cheeks.

“Don't you try anything,” he whispered, leaning in. His neck laid exposed beside me as he inclined forward. My composure faltered. His sharp jawline brushed my ear as he placed the flower in my hair using nothing more than his lips. His breath fanned across my neck and I shivered. 

“Beautiful,” he breathed. 

I trembled as he leaned back. His brows knitted together, studying my movement. He swung off his jacket, wrapping it around me in one fluid swoop. 

His hands hesitated on my shoulders. He swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing as he pulled away. “I wish I could control the weather, but unfortunately I can only change how it would appear to you.”

I grimaced.

His eyes flickered, “Milady, I didn’t come tonight to dwell on the past.”

“And yet it follows closer than your shadow.”

He offered a half smile, a shallow dimple appearing on his left cheek. Not an ounce of remorse glimmered on his face, “I fight for what I treasure.”

I opened my mouth, preparing a withering retort when his dark eyes traveled to my lips. I replayed his sentence and butterflies vibrated my stomach.

I tugged his jacket closer around me, thankful I could blame my tremor on the snowfall.

He closed his eyes, impossibly long lashes creating delicate shadows on his cheeks. “I believe you are starting to understand my reason for being here.”

My quivering must be worse than I thought. I swallowed in a feeble attempt to calm my jittering nerves. They buzzed faster. I forced a deep breath, the snow waking my sleeping senses. My face fell to one of icy water.

His eyes opened and he laughed, the sound vibrating in my body, “Not even your signature look can conceal your feelings.”

Blood coursed to my cheeks but I kept my brows low and eyelids half closed, mimicking boredom. 

He placed an arm on my hip, twirling me around until I was pressed against his sculpted chest. He tightened his grip, melding my back against him. 

Warm breath curled around my ear, “I can make you see whatever you wish. If your interest is not for me, I’ll simply make the lucky party appear before you, ready to fulfill your wildest fantasies.”

My blood quickened and air caught in my throat. I released a labored breath, my chest rising and falling with the snow. The movement attracted his gaze. Heat flushed my body, the redness seeping into my breasts. The framing of my dress only enhanced the image, the rouge trailing along the upper slopes of my exposed chest to sink below the fabric in a deadly tease.

I searched the crowd, trying to find someone I could pin my desire on. My gaze landed on a handsome young man trying to win over a woman with a glass of juice. It was going so well that he spilled the frozen drink all over her bodice in an attempted bow. 

My captor leaned down and nibbled on my ear, a chuckle reverberating in his chest, “You are going to have to do better than that milady.” The movement sent my muscles tensing in some places, softening in others. 

His scent filled my lungs. A deep forest pine and thunderstorms. The rich spice coated my tongue, my throat. It curled around my every part, promising a crisp dawn and secret nights. The earthy aroma sent lightning whizzing up my spine and I sank deeper into his chest.

Composure, I needed composure. My hand darted under the slit in my dress, whipping out my dagger. Its icy blade slid against his throat. The simple weighted handle caressed my palm. “While you may have forgotten who I am, I have not forgotten a thing about you.”

I turned ever so slightly and gazed into his face. His eyes were dark, hungry, and on his lips there was a … smile. One that weakened my knees.

His dimple deepened, “I would expect nothing else.”

My hand held firm while the rest of me quaked. My cheeks flushed a deep scarlet, “I’m not referring to when I saw you emerging from the river.”

He arched a brow, “No? I thought you remembered everything, especially how I wore nothing, my towel lost to the forest.”

“What if I told you there wasn’t much to see?”

His pupils grew until there was no color left. He leaned down, guiding my dagger forward until he was beside my ear. He nibbled the tip, “Then I would whisper how your crimson stained cheeks betray you.”

My pulse soared and I pressed the daggers edge into his neck. It didn't break the skin but reminded him it sat there, debating whether to leave or take his life. 

He dipped his chin, “So you wish to dance?”

My eyes darted around the party to the swirling couples and clique of girls gossiping in the corner of the park. “I don't think they will like our waltz.”

“They stopped being able to see us long ago.”

The arm around my hips loosened and I instantly missed the warmth. The night was falling into a frigid storm, one that would send most of these couples’ home together. The sweet zing of rain coated my tongue.

I peeled away, goosebumps prickling my arms. I set the jacket properly around me, the sleeves swallowing my hands so only the tip of my blade hung out. He chuckled, falling onto one knee as he began rolling up the ends. I held perfectly still as he worked; my eyes locked on him. His shoulder muscles flexed with the tiny movements, rippling beneath his fitted black shirt. His brows scrunched together in concentration. His fingertips brushed against my skin as he folded, sending shivers up my spine. I licked my lips, praying the wetness would distract me from him.

The wind whipped against my newly exposed knuckles and I shook. He paused, “I want to keep this from interfering, but I would rather it causes mayhem than see you turn into a popsicle.”

How generous.

He straightened, edging back until he stood a few feet away. “I should be concerned since you're the only one with a weapon, but it has been too long since I’ve had an interesting partner.”

There was a reason for that. 

He lowered his head, his gaze hooded, “Let's dance.” 

My heart thundered in my chest and I raised the dagger. My feet glided on the new fallen snow, leaving behind a delicate trail. His eyes watched the path, arms hanging at his sides in a fake nonchalant act. 

I stood a foot in front of him, close enough for him to react, but only the snow moved. The silent fluttering echoed in my pounding ears. 

He waited.

I struck.

My dagger lashed out, angled upwards in a deadly thrust. He leapt out of the way, his feet soundless as they landed on the dirt covered snow. I twirled towards him, grabbing him by the waist with my left fist and placing the knife against his kidney with my right. He grinned, wrapping both hands around mine and leaning away. His height forced my feet off balance and I hurled one leg around his, the point of my high heels sinking into his leg. 

It never made contact.

His leg coiled around mine mid thrust and he dropped my wrists. I stumbled. He kneed my stomach, the air pushed out of my lungs in a gasp. The ground hurled closer. I flipped the dagger between my fingers, holding the blade in my palm as I fell. I threw it.

The knife flew eerily straight, right for his eye. My lashes fluttered, readying for the spurt of blood that would occur no matter how he moved. 

He plucked it out of the air.

Oh no.

My elbows bashed into the ground and sharp pain exploded. I pushed my legs under me, crab walking away as he advanced. The dagger pointed down at my exposed stomach. He dangled it between his fingers. 

A wicked light shone behind his eyes, “I see you’re better at archery.”

My head bounced against a tree. I froze, eyes wide. His teeth sparkled in the moonlight. I curled an arm behind me, pulling the bark against my back. The sharp points dug into my skin, protected only by the jacket consuming me. I paused.

He sauntered closer, licking his lips. His foot brushed the blue puddle that was my dress. He darted forward. I leapt to the side, using the arm coiled around the tree for leverage. I found my footing. My knees bent, waiting for his attack. 

He was gone.

My stomach clenched and my palms went cold and clammy. I’d lost all visual of him. The cold sting of the dagger kissed my neck and his chest brushed my back. His voice was deep and husky as he murmured, “Hello there.”

My insides somersaulted. I bit my lip, swallowing a unholy giggle as I reached behind me, my hand shifting under his shirt. My fingertips caressed the hills and valleys of his chest, his muscles flexing beneath my touch. His breath caught. I ducked down, rolling away. He laughed. 

I swept my leg low, forcing him to jump over my foot or tumble to the ground. He chose the former. I popped up right as he was ready to hop, plucking the dagger from his unprepared fingers. His grin widened.

I danced away, clutching the handle so tightly my knuckles reflected pure moonlight. He advanced, undeterred with his lack of weapon. The knife twirled between my fingers so I held the blade in my palm once more. I hurled it, only this time it wasn't at his face. It pierced his pant leg, launching him backwards and pinning him to a tree trunk. His jaw dropped. He tried prying the dagger out of the bark. It didn't budge. His gaze slowly rose from the lodged weapon to my eyes. 

I approached until our breaths mingled, “Surrender?”

“You are definitely better at archery,” he said.

Snow fluttered onto my eyelashes as I let my original question hang in the air. He remained quiet, his face wide with awe. I scanned him, my gaze snagging on the torn pant leg. A darker spot blotched the side. I fell to one knee, shifting the torn fabric to reveal a nick in his skin. He must have moved more than I originally guessed. My heart constricted.

He growled, “Don't waste your emotions on me milady.”

I raised my eyes to his, “You always call me that, but I’m no lady.”

A smile of pure sadness, longing, and heartbreak broke his features. He leaned down until our noses touched, eyes fluttering closed. “You will always be my lady.”

April 02, 2021 23:30

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Michael Boquet
17:09 Apr 07, 2021

I like the dreamy quality of the whole piece. There need to be more mysterious romances as this story proves they can be quite interesting. I do have to say, I was confused as to the setting, a dance in the middle of a snowstorm? I also pictured your main characters as a doll and action figure (not sure if that's correct?). So I liked the idea of the reader seeing things from the toys perspective vis a vis the imagination of a child at play. Puzzling narrative but a creative story nonetheless. Nice job.


Kathleen Doidge
17:32 Apr 07, 2021

You are right, the setting was slightly confusing. It's a dance in the park but the weather took a turn as a snowstorm rolled in. Thank you so much for reading!


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