Magenta’s Nightclub: The Start of Living Life to the Fullest

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Drama Friendship Fiction

Magenta’s Nightclub: The Start of Living Life to the Fullest

By: Ireland Lorelei

            “Are you coming tonight?” Theresa asked.

            “Girl, I just don’t know yet. When this pandemic started, I was loosing my mind wanting to get out. I missed the club. Hell, I even missed going to the grocery store. That was a first for me! But with everything just opening all the way back up and people just starting to get the vaccinations, I am not sure that I am ready to go to the club yet,” Isabella replied.

            “I know. Trust me, I get it. I guess I am just so ready to get out of the house. I miss people. I miss having a few drinks with friends. And I am so ready to get back on the dating scene! We both had been vaccinated, but if you want to steal wear a mask, I will not let you look crazy by yourself! I will wear one too. But come on, let’s go. If it doesn’t feel safe, we can always leave,” Theresa said.

            “Okay, but if we get there and it’s too crowded, or the atmosphere just doesn’t sit well with me, I am gone. And you know I will leave your tail right there by yourself!” Isabella agreed.

            “Those words come out of your mouth, but you would never leave me at a club by myself!” Theresa laughed.

            “Don’t tempt me!” Isabella laughed back. “Okay, I will come to your house around 8 o’clock and we can get dressed and head out.” 

            “Okay that sounds like a plan. See you then,” Theresa said.

            “See you then,” Isabella replied and they disconnected the phone call.

            I cannot believe I agreed to go out tonight, Isabella thought out loud. I remember a time when you couldn’t keep me home. But since the pandemic and being stuck at home for over a year, I can honestly say that I am a little nervous about stepping back into the world. However, I am ready for life to get back to ‘normal’ by whatever means that is these days. I am tired of staying in the house. And maybe this night out is just what I need to jump start my social calendar again and put away my fears. Maybe, just maybe I can finally meet a good man.

            Isabella was one of the lucky people that was able to work from home the last year and a half. Because it had worked so well during the pandemic, that even with restrictions being lifted, her job was still going to keep her working at home. When the pandemic started she had the hardest time adjusting. She hated being stuck in the house all the time. She knew she would eventually feel that way again because of everything opening back up. She was ready for a vacation getaway and to get back to enjoying life. She guessed she could take her laptop out of the house now and work anywhere. That might help with the stir craziness, but step one was getting over the fear of being around people again without getting sick. This would really be the first test of these vaccinations and seeing if they really work. The country was encouraging people to get out over the last two weeks. It was taking some of the businesses, like clubs, a little longer to open back up. 

            She finished her work, cooked some dinner, and then packed an overnight bag for all of her make-up, hair supplies, several different outfits, and jewelry choices. Once she had everything together, she headed out to Theresa’s house.

            Isabella arrived to Theresa’s two story Victorian house right at 8 o’clock. Before she could even ring the door bell Theresa was opening the door.

            “Wow, what were you doing standing at the window waiting for me!” Isabella laughed out as she walked into the house. They headed straight upstairs to get ready in Theresa’s room.

            “Actually, yes! I know how prompt you are so if you were not here on time, I was ready with my phone, bag, and keys to come to your house so that I could force you to come out! I mean let’s face it, the vaccination has been out for a month and a lot of people have gotten it.  Some people, vaccinated or not, are still wearing their masks. I think we are pretty safe for reopening night. Can you imagine what the turn out is going to be? People are ecstatic about getting out the house with friends and meeting new people!” Theresa said walking up the stairs.

            “I know you are right. I just felt like waiting another month at least to see how it goes for everyone else,” replied Isabella.

            “Well, we are going! If your best friend/sista can’t get you out of the house, then who can! Now let’s get ready!” Theresa said in an excited voice. You would have thought she was going out to a club for the first time in her life, Isabella thought to herself.

            It took them roughly two hours to get ready. They both seemed to have the hardest time deciding what to wear. They had a lot of fun doing it though. Finally, Isabella had decided on a red tight-fitting dress that came to right at her knees with one shoulder hanging down on her arm with a pair of black open-toed six inch heels with one strap in the back. To keep in their usual going out styles of closely matching, Theresa had decided on a blue tight-fitting dress that came about two inches above her knees with only one shoulder strap, and a pair of black open-toed six inch heels that had two straps that wrapped around her ankles in a crisscross pattern. Satisfied with their outcomes, they headed out to the car and downtown. They arrived at 10:34 p.m.

            “Wow, you were right, look at this crowd! Everyone is ready to get out the house and enjoy some night life. I hope there is still parking!” Isabella said as they drove by the line at the door into the parking lot at the back of the building. Luckily they were able to find a park and they only stood in line for thirty minutes waiting to get in.

            Isabella had almost forgotten what the club looked like inside. There were two bouncers at the front door. As she walked in it all came back. It was a large club with an upstairs and downstairs, one of the largest in the city. The downstairs had a bar on each side and one in the back. The dance floor set in the middle of the building and was surrounded by rows of tables. The upstair floor layout was only about six to eight feet from the wall, just enough room for a table by the railings and walking space for two or three people to walk side by side near the wall. The middle was all open so you could look down and see everything going on downstairs. There was one bar that was sitting in the back overtop of the one downstairs. 

            The R&B music was playing and the lights were dancing all on the floors, walls, and ceilings. Because the mask mandate had been lifted, most people she noticed were not wearing a mask. There were a few however.  Since her and Theresa had both gotten their vaccinations last month, neither of them wear a mask, however, they did each have one in their clutches.

            “This is going to be the best night! I can feel it!” Theresa said.

            “I think it will be fun,” Isabella responded.

            The immediately headed for the bar on the right and grabbed two Midori Sours, then found a table a few feet down on the second row from the dance floor.

            The night went really well. By the time they left, they had danced with a few guys, had way too much to drink, laughed and had a great time meeting new people. Isabella had decided that she had been fearful and scared for no reason, at least she hoped the vaccination worked just in case someone there had it. But all in all she felt a lot better. She hadn’t realized how much she really needed to get out and start enjoying the world again until she actually did it. 

            “Theresa, I have to admit, you were right all the way around. I really needed this. I had forgotten how much until an hour after we got here. I think I was like most of the outgoing people before the pandemic had gotten so depressed having to sit at home, that I wasn’t even realizing anymore that I was in a slump. So, I thank you,” Isabella said with a funny gesture of bowing her head down slightly and taking her right hand and spinning it from her head downwards.

            Theresa laughed at the gesture and said, “I will take full credit for this coming out of the home body life and back to living life to the fullest event! For us both!”

            “Okay, okay, if it wasn’t for you being my best friend for decades, I wouldn’t have come. No one else could have convinced me to come out this soon!” Isabella laughed.

            They decided when Isabella was walking to her car in Theresa’s driveway, that this was the start of getting back to enjoying life. They made plans for next Friday night back at Magenta’s Nightclub for sure and even making plans for a girls vacation to the Caribbean in two months.

            They were getting their lives back to their normal.

July 26, 2021 01:15

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Michael Loring
23:29 Aug 04, 2021

This was a very pleasant story! There were a few grammar issues, like at the beginning instead of "still" you had "steal." But overall a very good story!


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