Among Us Part 2

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Adventure Crime Drama

The oxygen alarm stopped. Good, his fellow crew mates had dealt with it. Black walked to Red, sighing. "I know you're an imposter."

His buddy looked up, jumping. "No- NO - I'm not- I SWEAR-!"

Black facepalmed in his heart. "I know you are. But you don't need to do anything. We can-" He dropped to a very low whisper, crouching to be eye level with Red. "We can pretend the show had a glitch, a glitch where they only handed out one knife. It's okay, Red."

Red stared at him for a second, nodding softly.

"...thank you."


Ah, hello, reader! Allow me to give you a recap. In Among Us (The Skeld), we discover two knives were handed out, with the intention of slaughtering the rest of the ship. Our characters must finish their tasks on the spaceship in order to win.. and survive ..

Black already suspects Purple of being one of the imposters, and has already discovered his friend Red IS one. How will they survive for the next few weeks? How will they put a stop to this madness? Read on to find out >:)


The light flickered, illuminating the two embracing friends for just a second before leaving them in total darkness. He jumped up, grabbing a hold on Red's wrist and pulling him upward alongside himself. They had to stick together in order to get to electrical- even if he had a knife.

Soft thuds marked along the hallway outside of medbay, loud and slowly growing smaller. Black edged alongside the beds, gripping the wall just before the large entrance way. The doors made a whirring sound, nearly shutting on his gloved fingers. He leaped backward, footsteps ominous in the darkness.

The soft whisper of Red brought to his ears from just behind him. "I closed the doors.." He needn't finish for him to understand. The imposters could sabotage, close doors, turn off the lights, kill, and crawl through the vents... meaning Red had closed the doors for his safety.

They just sat there, upon the mint colored sheets of the beds.. Waiting for the other members to do their thing and turn on the lights. He knew electrical must be right beside medbay, or.. behind? As he could hear the scrambles of feet and hands as they fixed the power box.

Red eventually unhooked from Black, standing to move to turn on the computer. With the slight touch of a button the screen came on, lighting up that section of the room. He hurried to sit beside the light source, fingers fidgeting with a tassel from his suit. The sound of a vent clattering could be heard.

He was calm at first, as he knew Red must just be messing with the venting system, but then, as he glanced over and saw the shape of Red right next to him, worry took over. With a quick movement, the computer was off once more, and Black was being hurried to curl beneath the beds.

For once he was thankful for his dark colored suit, and the natural shadows in Medbay. He was easily cloaked to near camouflage with the shadows wrapping around him, melting him into just another black patch. A louder clatter, this time, and new, strong footsteps.

Black curled closer into himself, heart beating so hard he felt they must be able to hear it.. Who was the other imposter, whom had jumped out of the vent? How would he know? As similar thoughts to these circled in his head, voices faded into his brain, breaking the train of thought.

"Nothing here." That was Red, innocent voice ringing.

A soft grunt sounded nearby, the doors opened, and the footsteps faded. He stayed still for a few minutes, assuring the threat was gone, and then a soft voice lulled him out. "He's gone."

It took a moment to crawl out, adrenaline shaking all his limbs. Fear still pumped through his blood, head dizzy with the near death experience. He looked up at his savior, gripping the tiled floor in an failed attempt to stop the shaking.

Apparently that look had unfolded his questions upon his friend, as he answered them without hesitation, seeming just as shaken as him. "Purple." The voice was strained, mask looking away with strange quickness. Black bit his lip. As he had expected. How would they stop the murderer-?

The lights came on, brightening the blood stained vent. It appeared Purple had done a murder in electrical, escaping through the vents with bloody hands. They should report the body as soon as possible. And find a way to survive. At the moment it seemed the only way for everyone left to live, was to finish tasks.

His tablet lit up, sensing the presence of a nearby task. He had already done the medbay scanner- what now? Empty vials sat on a counter nearby, and as he approached his tablet grew brighter, shining his face in a blue light. His eyes flickered closed, strained by the sharp brightness.

He set it down, searching nearby for whatever he was supposed to use for the task. A machine that spurt out a purple liquid sat nearby, and he picked it up, dispensing the purple stuff into the empty glass vials. A timer appeared on the vial case for forty seconds.

It seemed he'd have to stay in the room for that amount of time, so he settled on a bed near. Red was pacing the room, opening and closing the vents, peering inside. His mouth opened to say something like "Don't let people catch you in the vents," when a dark green figure burst in.

Red reeled away, slamming the metal shut, which produced a loud clang. He was now pretending to click around on the computer, mask darting to look at the new figure in the doorway. It was a relief to know who was safe and who wasn't..

Green let out several pained gasps, hands grabbing his legs as he bent over to breathe deeply. "L-lime-?" The voice was sad, shaky and worried.

"What about him?" Black whispered, propelling himself to a stand.

"He.. I lost him- when- when the lights..went off-" He kept pausing to take breathes, body heaving with the effort of standing when he had used so much energy to race to all the rooms.

Red stood as well, walking past Green and into the hallway. "Have you checked electrical?"

Black understand what Red meant. He most likely suspected Purple had slaughtered the brightly colored person. Green shook his head, "well.. I checked from the doorway. That place is a deathtrap. I'd feel better if you guys could go with me."

He tilted his head, thinking. How strange. Green didn't know whether they were imposters, if anything, they could just slaughter him in the shadowed room. But.. they weren't imposters. At least, he wasn't, and he knew Red wouldn't kill him any time soon.

So he nodded, following Red into the hallway that led to the cafeteria and upper engine. Green walked between them, head casted downward. Lime's and Green's relationship seemed to be rather strong. It was sort of cute, how Lime teased Green, yet Green loved them so much.

Red entered Upper Engine first, slipping along the wall and past the rumbling engine. This room hurt his ears, and he was thankful to pass it and hear the noises fading. The cameras blinked a red light, and he glanced into both Reactor and Security for dead bodys. It was simply White watching the cameras with Yellow standing behind to guard.

Yellow gave them an untrusting look as they passed, and Black wished he could disappear. As they approached Lower Engine, Red stopped. The whole group paused, eyes shooting and inspecting every shadow. A strange, eerie presence could be felt, clanging sounding below the floor.. And then the vent creaked open, and a purple head emerged. Purple? Purple. Purple! Panic filled him and he stumbled, knocking into Green. What if Purple tried to do a double kill-? What if-? What if-?

His heartbeat quickened maddly, grabbing Green's wrist and pulling him behind the engine. But Purple had spotted them. He nudged Red- as to show what he wanted to do. Double murder.. double murder..

Red shook his head fiercely, grabbing Purple and trying to push the muscular imposter away. "No- stop-!"

He let off a growling sound, shouldering past the weaker Red. The lights shut off again. Imposters must have a special night vision feature in their helmets, because he could hear the clank of shoe against metal growing closer.

The engine whirr filled his brain, numbing him.. He could feel Green taking off, stumbling into the walls. The cameras were on, surely? As he glanced upward he could see the flash of red. Good. Purple was smarter than to kill on cameras, right?

As the bulky imposter followed his head direction.. he saw. Thank god. But.. didn't Purple know he knew now? Wouldn't he need to kill him so as to not get voted off into space? He had backed up until he was right against the wall, tucked near the nasty smelling engine. He could hear Red let off a soft sigh, looking down the hallways as the lights came back on.

Green had re emerged from the security room, hurrying back to the two. Black smiled under her helmet. "Did you turn the cameras on?"

He nodded, soon following Red down to Electrical. A group had formed around the light box, standing there for a second as they pushed each other to see if it was fixed. Purple slipped into the group, head towering over the others. The head of Pink dropped to the floor. Dead. Gone.

He darted forward, sliding among the many feet to tap his tablet to poor Pink's body. A whoosh sounded as it triggered the teleportation system, the same dizzy sensation tingling through his veins as he found himself back at the cafeteria.

Purple was staring at Black, fingers curled into hard knuckles. As he surveyed the table, the first things he noticed were how many were gone. They were missing Cyan, Brown, Lime... and Pink. Green let out a horrified gasp- it seemed he had noticed.

Red was standing next to Black, mask tilted towards his fellow imposter. Blue was staring at the emergency meeting button. White and Yellow were watching everyone else.

Red turned back to Black, nodding softly. They had to get rid of Purple. For their safety.

With soft breathes, Black placed his hands firmly upon the table. "It was in Electrical. A group kill. And.. and I saw Purple vent."

Purple shook his head. "That's foolish. I was in Electrical."

White shook their head, nudging Yellow. Yellow nodded, turning to Purple. "Liar. I saw on the cameras. White and I saw you cornering Green and Black."

Red nodded to support the fact, staying quiet. Orange shrugged. "I was at Electrical with everyone else. White and Yellow came in and helped fix the lights, and Pink dropped dead when Purple joined us." Their voice was feminine.

Purple slammed his padded hands upon the table, now yelling. "YOU'RE ALL MORONS-!"

Green slid up his mask, a horrible, furious glare piercing into Purple. "You killed Lime. You deserve a painful death." And then there he was, unraveling his vote of Purple.

Orange voted Purple. White and Yellow voted Purple. Black and Red.. voted Purple. The body of the purple colored imposter was thrown off the ship, helmet taken off to allow a death.

Everyone expected to win, then and there. They had thought Cyan was the other imposter. But they.. were wrong.

Writers Note:

Aaaa so much fine to type this out xD I don't even care if yall think it's trash >:) Please comment your opinion on this writing piece so I can improve in the future :D

November 03, 2020 17:33

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