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People of Color Transgender Romance

I walked quickly across the busy yet quite coffee shop, making my way to Rosalind, my best friend, and sat silently across from her. Rosalind was tall and thin, with espresso skin, angelic forest green eyes, glossy full lips and short curly maya blue hair. Me and Rosalind had been friends since middle school and even then she was the one to get us in trouble and I was the one to always get us out. We were impossible to separate and even when we were we always found some way to communicate with each other.

“So who is the lucky guy?” I interrogated, giving an infectious grin. Rosalind had been going on for weeks about some guy she was talking too and by the look on her face she couldn't keep it in any more.

“Malcolm; Malcolm Porter,” she whispered. At first I thought she was just messing with me but in the moment of silence. I realised she was telling the truth.

“Malcolm porter? You can't be serious rosalind.” I shouted, giving a look of disgust. Malcolm Porter was a transphobic halfwit that had beaten others trans kids to an inch of their lives in 9th grade causing Rosalind to never tell anyone else she was trans.

“I know, I know. But he's changed todi I promise you.” She reassured me, giving a desperate grin. I kept looking in disgust, quietly mumbling to myself on how she couldn't be anymore of an idiot. Sadly it grew when I realized Malcolm had walked in.

“Hey, ready to go?” He asked, giving that cheesy pop grin smile that I despised.

“Sup chief,” he said. 

“Do not call me chief. I am native american. Didn't your mother tell you not to say nothing if it's not nice?” I replied, giving a deadly stare. Malcolm Porter was a tall athletic jock, with short blond hair and brown eyes and chocolate skin.

“Whatever buddy.” he mumbled, rolling his eyes. I gave rosalind a worried look but left the two love birds before anything else was said and headed home.

My house wasn't too far away from the coffee shop and before I knew it was Malcolm who she was going out with she told me they were having a date at some fancy sushi restaurant. She barely even ate sushi. When I entered my house I rushed to my room hoping to not attract my meddling sisters. They were helpful from time to time but the feelings I had I need to figure out on my own. 

I liked Rosalind and I mean like like her. She was such a kind person that it was hard to be mad or mean to her. I couldn’t forget smart; she was at the top of her class too. Rosalind was the highlight of my life, we brought joy in each other in a way no one else could, she was my soulmate, without her I was all alone.

So when i got a call from her saying she needed help I couldn’t help but feel my heart sink.

“What's going on?” I asked, gathering my things quickly. It was ten o’clock at night and being the oldest meant I was the only kid up right now. 

“I told him. I told him i'm a trans-” 

“Rosalind? Rosalind!” I yelled. Someone hung up, and with that information I quickly made my exit and headed to the sushi restaurant that Rosalind and Malcolm were at. Within a few minutes of the building I could see puffs of smoke and hear the fire sirens. 

“FIRE! ITS FIRE!” a man yelled. I rushed to the building to see it being engulfed by the fire. 

“ROSALIND! ROSALIND!:” i yelled as I ran up and down the street among the victims. She wasn't there and at that moment I had given up all hope, till I saw Malcolm calmly walking away. I bloated towards him, tackling him as he noticed I had been hot on his tail. 

“Where is she? Where is she Malcolm? You better tell me or so help me god” I screamed, punching him as hard as I could. No longer caring whether I blooded up my fist or not.

“I locked him in the bathroom. Like the filth he is.” he stated, trying his best to seem hard.

“Hey malcolm, she’s a girl.” i said before delivering my finally well deserved punch, and even after my interrogation with malacm it looked like no one had realized rosalind was still in there. With minutes to spare Irushed into the burning and as I began to be scorched by the burning flames around me I had finally reached her, barely breathing. I made my way through the blazing obstacles trying to not get caught in it all. When I finally had reached the outside a team of EMTS took me and Rosalind. 

Because I wasn't hurt as badly I was able to tell the cops who all started this whole ordeal and before being taken away with Rosalind I was allowed to see him be arrested, and see the defeat in his face, I couldn’t help but crack a smile at the thought of him being sent away.

Within minutes we arrived at the emergency room and after being checked out myself I waited quietly to see her and when the moment came it was as if a thousand pounds had been lifted off my chest knowing she would make it.

“You deserve so much better than this,” i said

“No I don't, I'm a monster,” she replied, tears swelling up in her eyes. 

“No you're not rosalind, y-you're this sweet kind girl who was a victim of a cruel act. You are not a monster. Just a misunderstood flower.” I replied, gently kissing her hand. She giggled and I knew that it was now or never to tell her how I feel, but I couldn't. So I reached over, slowly, and as our lips touched I realized I had finally found my flower, my true love, and so had she.

October 20, 2020 19:25

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Alex Forest
18:43 Nov 17, 2020

This was so good! A very fast and quick moment, but I loved it! Perfectly made!


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