Looney Dream by Lana Del Rey and Queen City Wings by Hunter S. Thompson

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Either beyond say at least we love easily as the thunder cracks in the sky and the lightning hits day break.

Dystrophy at awe and we thank ourselves for this aliveness once we learn how to go to bed.

Love and abandonment curses us and makes us believe that we're all in this together until we're involved in something criminal.

Creation swims like two lovers sitting in the sun at an umbrella coffee table, watching cable, on beaches waltzing on its whitening sand.

Ethan derived his band as his music jolts a harp to replace him.

Micheal plants miracle gro in gardens tall as the grass he mows.

Colla sits at the windows that are ten stories higher than the rest. . . gigantic waves are flickering on their raincoats. She goes down to see the flowers reacting to weather. She isn't a professional painter but her name is scrollable.

Orange popsicles are being sucked on while the mailman gets upset at the watergun fight.

Red popsicles stain our laundry pins, as we go over them with magic marker, we cannot get them out.

Acorns are being thrown at us from over fences and did you know that acorns used to be the size of our heads.

Watermelons are much-loved and much-needed.

Colla sells books 'millions she makes.

("Colla is covered in mud,"?) Whenever she walks in tell her to take off her shoes and place them behind the door, okay,? Lana nodded.

Lana has a doll with holes in it, he walks and talks, made from artificial intelligence.

He uses his doll to buy fake train tickets for taking him to school.

His doll has a ball that he bouces back and forth with.

His school is on a hill eight stories high, his whole school is surrounded by glass, colla sees him resting his head on his desk sometimes when she uses the only elevator in town.

This one hovers in the sky, way up high, and goes back down when school gets out.

Colla greets him with a smile full of surprises as he arrives they head back home, he chases his doll up and down the ten cases of stairs until their mother arrived.

Mother is a who, her name is Cindy, that's all we know about her.

Colla is a tan troll, she uses metal in her hair, to keep it in a bow.

Micheal is in a group with her, they used to be best friends up until college, they don't talk anymore but she still smells his roses.

Lana is a human boy, with an old artificial doll, he walks alone with him to the mall for a balloon.

They hold hands, Lana is getting older now and the doll is at his hips, he even has new friends.

One day I was walking home from school, the sidewalk was right-lateral and strike-sliped in minutes, I broke my hand and asked Lana's doll for a band-aid.

He looked at me angrily, almost as if he were jealous, this allowed me to take my mind of my incident.

He went down to the tiny old broken down store to get me a bandage and wrapped my hand up using alcohol.

I felt better and was glad that I survived the fall, they should do something about my road, like fix it now.

Lana's toy was purchased from a friend of mine at an old shop in this one old town I used to go to.

He is special because he was broken for a very long time. It's not a simple fix.

I am Kara Ann and I still have my doll.

I finally fixed it, whenever I found it, it had holes all over it.

It was known to be haunted or possessed.

I located it at the supermarket in my new town. It was dressed up like a sailer, it had blue ribbons tied to it, so I guess the doll is an it.

I remembered this doll from childhood, I had gotten from a friend, but the doll were in mint condition at first and when I lost him I could not track him.

I recall heaving years to find him, he had no name, the story of Lana was so long ago that my friend who got it from him had passed too.

Once the doll is fixed, maybe it will be able to explain what happened, hopefully it can pick back up the information it had installed into it but that compartment in it is missing.

The people who have claimed to see this doll move have been called but I got no answer.

They say that the doll had been abandoned, thrown out in the street, one said they heard the doll last talk aloud before it were taken apart by a garbage disposal factory operater.

The clerk I got it from gave it me, he said it were a lost and found item but noone has ever came by to get it in so long.

I knew it was my doll after I've heard so much news about it from around the way.

I Remember when I got her down from the shelve as a child. I was in a library playing tea party and she handed me some cookies and giggled. I found out she were a he from a friend, then he told me the story of Lana and I ran and grabbed the dolls so fast-paced, my speed never caught up with my friend again.

I only remember a small amount like when I almost passed out when he held my hand out to fix it or as I were making his clothes from the baby dress I put him in.

I wonder if what it is wearing now was made from the pants and shirt I made from my extra baby dress I had with me the say I got it as a gift.

I can't remember if I ever named the doll or not or what else we did and I try to remember but I can't.

July 08, 2021 04:23

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