Disastrous Date

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  Cassidy was glad today was her day off. It got her enough time to do the housework and also be ready for tonight. Tonight, Jamie was going to take her out. During these two weeks, both of them were super busy, and they had no time to spend together. After two long weeks, she was finally going to spend some quality time with her boyfriend.

  If it was up to Cassidy a night in at her or Jamie’s place would be enough, but since today was also their two-year anniversary, Jamie insisted on going to the restaurant they went to on their first date. Cassidy appreciated his thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Also having a romantic dinner with her boyfriend at one of the best restaurants in the city sounded really nice. But a simple bouquet and happy anniversary would suffice for her. Cassidy never cared about big gestures or expensive gifts. The thought and him wanting to do something to make her happy and him remembering was enough. Jamie knew that, but also, he liked to do big gestures. He loved to see that big smile on Cassidy’s face and knowing he was the reason for that smile made him happy.

  After cleaning and tidying the house, Cassidy looked at the hour. Jamie was going to pick her up two hours later. She should start getting ready if she wants to be on time. She went to her closet to decide what to wear. Finally, she decided to wear a short white dress and a pair of high heels. She was doing the last touches to her make-up when the door rang. Jamie was standing there in a blue suit and a bouquet of white orchids in his hand.

  “You look stunning as always.” Jamie complimented her.

  “Thank you. You look pretty handsome.” She returned the compliment and stepped aside to let him in. He got in and handed the bouquet to her. Cassidy took the bouquet with a huge smile and put them in a vase.

  “Shall we?” he asked. Cassidy took his arm, and they went to the car. Jamie opened the door of the car and helped her to get in.

  “You don’t have to open the door every time you took me out you know that right?” Cassidy asked.

  “I know but I love spoiling my girl.” He answered and winked. She rolled her eyes at him but smiled anyway.

  They drove to the restaurant. They were just on time for their dinner. They ordered their food and red wine. While they were waiting, they talked and laughed. Dinner was going pretty well. Soon the waiter came with their food and the red wine. He filled their glasses and served them food. While he was serving the food, he bumped into Cassidy’s glass and the red wine spilt on her. Her white dress was stained red now. Unfortunately, when the waiter bumped into the table the candle on it fell to the floor and the tablecloth caught fire. Three of them stepped away from the table. The waiter tried to put it out but failed and then the fire alarm went off. Everyone in the restaurant panicked. There were screams and cries. Everyone was out when the fire department arrived. After the fire is extinguished Cassidy and Jamie get in the car.

  “This was not how I imagined the night to go. I am really sorry for the dress, and also for the fire.” Jamie said.

  “Hey, it’s okay, and also neither of them were your fault. It was an accident. We can still go to your place or my place and have a nice night in.” Cassidy reassured.

  “You are right, but I wanted our anniversary to be special.”

  “It will still be special. There is no need for big gestures to make it special. Just us spending time together is enough to make it special. And if it will make you feel better, I can assure you this is definitely the most unforgettable date I ever had.”

  Both of them laughed at her last sentence. Jamie looked at her with eyes full of love and kissed her passionately. Then Jamie started the engine. They were having a silent car drive until strange voices started to come from the engine. Jamie pulled the car over. He got out of the car and opened the hood to check the engine. Cassidy also got out of the car and asked, “What is wrong with the car?”

  “Well, I am not sure, but it is better we call the tow truck.”

  After fifteen minutes a tow truck came and pulled the car to a garage. The mechanic took a look at the engine and said, “It will take some time to repair it. You can come tomorrow to get your car.”

  They thanked the mechanic and left. Since the garage wasn’t so far from Cassidy’s place they decided to walk there. They had gone a few blocks and it started to drizzle.

  “You had to be kidding me.” Jamie said and added, “We should move faster. Soon it will start rain heavily.”

  “If I had known that we would be walking in the rain, I would not have worn high heels,” Cassidy said.

  “I am really sorry for this awful night and ruining our anniversary.”

  “As I said before none of these is your fault, Jamie. So, stop apologizing. It had been a bad night I am not going to deny that, but you can’t expect every day to be perfect.”

  “You are right, but never in a million years I would think this night will be a complete disaster.”

  “Neither can I. Right now, all I want is to go home and eat something and then sleeping.”

  Jamie agreed with her. They were moving as fast as they can. But before they can reach Cassidy’s place it started to rain heavily. Jamie took off his jacket and used it for protecting them from the rain. When they arrived at Cassidy’s place, both of them were soaking wet. They wore more comfortable clothes. They decided to order Chinese food. They eat their food on the couch watching a movie.

  “Happy anniversary,” Cassidy said.

  “Happy anniversary,” Jamie answered, and kissed her.

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