Anonymous Adventure

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“Someone help! Please!” I clamour, sounding very desperate. The next second I clasp my throat as if someone is trying to strangle me to death. It is that I suddenly fall down and wake up. I’m pretty sure that was a lucid dream. I change into a sitting position and switch the lamp on, trying to relax myself. I take a quick glance at the time and conclude that it is 4:30 am. My parents are out for some business trip and my elder sister has gone for a sleepover for her friend's birthday. Hence, I am alone in the house. Ever since I began watching horror movies, the depth of dreadfulness in my thoughts began intensifying. The precise second I switch the lights off, I hear a loud thud outside, loud enough to know that it was created by SOMEONE. With every breath I inhale, that “SOMEONE” takes a step closer to my door. After a few breaths, I could feel my heart thump profusely inside me, just as my sixth sense tells me that “SOMEONE” is directly at  the door. I close my eyes and cower inside my blanket after turning the lights back on. 

As the door bursts open, I let out a frantic cry, and fear wraps it’s icy fingers around my brain. I slowly lift the blanket off my face to check the intensity of the situation and feel truly relieved to see Bruno, my dog. Assessing him by his expression, he seemed quite sleepy, so I asked him to sleep on the sofa located parallel to my bed. I turn the lights off and immediately fall asleep.  

The Morning

My days are so monotonous, I talk to Bruno while ravenously feasting on my breakfast. Out of deafening silence, I hear a notification bell on my phone. You know when you're literally too absorbed into doing something and then you become all reluctant to instantly stop. However, it could be something important so I decided to physically get up and walk all the way to the bathroom. The smallest distance feels like a kilometre when you are in this situation. Just as I was about to check my phone, Bruno suddenly appeared at my feet and scared me to death. This caused me to fall forward and hit myself on the mirror. As this was happening, my body experienced the most ridiculously absurd event. I WENT THROUGH THE MIRROR! 

Bruno, who seldom barks, was incessantly barking. When I managed to pull myself back out, I thought all of this was a hallucination until a hand comes directly for mine and pulls me through with great force. I stood on a rocky path which seemed to go over the enormously steep hill. A gigantic dark thunderous cloud swirled in the atmosphere. After scanning the whole place wildly, only plain green land was to be seen even at a distance, it was also quite bizarre how the mirror completely vanished. My instincts told me to move ahead and be prepared for literally anything to happen. After cluelessly walking for hours, I trip over a rock which knocks me unconscious.  

Sharp rays of light penetrate through my eyes as I slowly try to open them. I get up and analyse the situation to conclude that at this present moment, I am on a small street with a plain and old looking wall in front of me. I tilt my head at about an angle of 160 degrees in an upward motion. I see a fluorescent blue sky with soft white clouds swirling ever so gently. Thinking that I am back in “my world” I started walking towards where it opens into another street to the left. 

As I walked, my stomach felt greasy and churned unpleasantly. You know that sixth sense we all have that gives us hints that “Something” is about to happen. Just as I am about to take a turn, out of nowhere,  a clown appears in my face causing me to scream louder than ever. His expression and the creepy stare in the eyes traumatises me from the inside. Without giving it too much thought, I aggressively push the clown and run for my life. Clowns have always been my greatest fear, that’s why I have never been to a circus before. I kept taking turns, it just seemed like an endless maze. Eventually after running around in circles for what seemed like hours, I stopped and turned around just to find out that the clown wasn’t even chasing me. 

It took time, although I found my way out. The weather complimented my outfit, however it contradicted my mood. The feeling of fear still resided inside me. I kept walking as I really had no other choice. I knew that I had to stay alert at all times - since anything could really happen at any time. After walking on an isolated street, I sighted a tent from a distance. Curious, I kept walking towards it. I was appalled by what I saw inside that tent, there was an entire city, from the outside the tent was small and shabby. Where I was standing, it looked like I was in the area of an old market, like the one in Aladdin. It also looked quite busy. At the end there was a black portal which had my address on top of it. The glee gave me a sudden surge of energy which caused me to run. 

While running, a gigantic snake comes cutting my path. The scene grows intensely chaotic and I stand there rooted to the ground. The snake wraps it’s thick green slimy body around me. His head stops in front of my face. By judging his expression, it seems like he was getting ready to feast onto me. His eye contact makes me anxious, sweat cascades down my cheek. Out of the blue, a courageous person shouts, “Hey kid! Here’s a sword,” the sword comes flying through the air, landing at my foot. It was the intense battle moment when the snake came directly for the sword; however, I seized it before he could, and stabbed it in his eye. Without giving a second thought, I perform a high jump and manage to jump over the snake. The portal is slowly closing, and the furious snake is chasing me at full speed. I calculate that a distance of 5 metres is left and ⅓  of the portal has already closed. I continue questioning myself, “Will I make it?”. 

I take a final leap and end up in my bathroom where Bruno is standing. Tears of joy gush down my eyes and I hug Bruno as tightly as possible. I hurriedly ran outside and was surprised to find that it was the exact same time when I left. Since I share a great love for writing, I decided to write about my anonymous adventure. 

January 28, 2022 06:54

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