Middle School

Regular Friday. Praying to get out and done with school as fast as possible. Sixth grade is such a bore. Why did it have to be this way? Just a month more. May had so many things happening, especially recently. I'd gotten Eagle scout at the age of 12 1/2. As a female. It wasn't easy, but very worth it. I'd been in the newspaper even. Even a magazine. I don't really talk about it often unless it's mentioned. Which is really not very often at all.

I don't really tell new friends either. Some of them I do, and some I don't. Most of the time it's good publicity, and some of the time it's really just not. Some of the time, it's people who aren't happy about it. We told some of my adult friends, and some of them were happy and the others were not. I felt upset that they had supported me for so long, yet don't approve of me for one reason, and they do not even know what they are talking about.

I was sitting in Language Arts. My teacher was alright. She gave us way too much work and stress. I would much rather the other Language Arts/Writing Workshop teacher. She's much more fun. Unfortunately, I have her twice every other day. And this class should be called reading. The writing Workshop should be called writing. Everyone calls it that. But making it be called those names sounds much more official.

Her class is quite boring. We only ever work and she makes me super stressed. Abnormally stressed. She made everyone feel that way though, so no one took it personally. And I had to have her for two hours every other day. An hour on Wednesdays, those classes are thirty minutes but you have everyone. There's enough time for you to get attendance and say hello to everyone. Very little work gets done. Luckily, it's nearly the end of the week.

During orchestra, with our tiny class of nine students, I hear a bit of shuffling, people going up and down the stairs. I had to have my camera on and there wasn't nearly enough time to go check-in between this class and writing. So I just went along with it and stayed in my room. My class was easy and fun. I'd been playing the violin since fourth grade. I'm quite committed to doing it. I'm never going to be professional, but I can be good at it.

Then it was time for Writing Workshop. More running up and down the stairs and phone calls. I'm super confused. The only thing I could think of that makes the most sense is if my aunt has gone into labor. Which seemed impossible, as she was due at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. Well, babies come when they come, not a second before or after. My dad had promised to go watch their son while she was in the hospital. He promised months ago, but he wasn't exactly the most prepared. So it would only make sense he was running around.

Soon, I went back to working on my school work and logged onto my next and last class of the day. Math. I liked math, but my teacher didn't challenge me. Not only that, but I was the only person who was in the class and had the answer. Every time. He was kind of slow too because he used online tools. The ones you use on your Chromebook. The other kids in there rarely answered too, so I was about the only one with the answer or a camera on.

About midway through the class, my mom came in to check in on me. "Hey, have you heard the good news?" She said with a bright smile. I answered I thought my aunt had gone into labor, she looked confused. "What? No. You're going to be in the news right after school. You're going to be done soon, right?" I nod. On the outside, I'm excited. On the inside, I'm freaking out. I finish school and text all my friends what's happening. They're all excited. But I'm still quite nervous.

When I get to the place, It's my family and some adult friends. Then my principal, vice-principal, and school counselor. I'm starting to feel comfortable, but still nervous. My vice-principal is someone everyone fears at the school. Even the teachers. You have to please him to be on his good side. The lady from the news does my interview first, then my dad and another adult friend. Soon, we're back at my house waiting for me to come on the news. Sure enough, an hour later I'm on. Everyone is very excited and everyone's thrilled for me. And I smile.

I smile because people who don't like the fact that they don't like me for the fact of who or what I am. But I'm happy. Because enough people in the world can look at me, my example, and say that's who they would want to be like. Follow my trail, want to be like me. There are so many people who are against this. People who have told me or my parents that I could never be an Eagle Scout. But I've shown them wrong.

This is a true story, one that I made for myself. I've actually lived this story. You can check my profile and search for my name and find some more information. You can actually find that interview on youtube if you want to see it. It was on channel 6 ABC news. I hope that other young people can form their own journey and want to try to find a way to push through haters. I learned to push through haters, whether they were close to me or not.

I hope that all of you can try to learn something from my story. From persistence or thinking that you can at least try. I said that I would do it. I pushed through, and so can you.

Thank you, God. Thanks an awful lot.

February 09, 2022 14:53

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