60 YEARS {BUT WHY? pt-2}

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hello readers 👋,

just an important note,

BUT WHY pt-1 was a nested story.

this is a normal story.

thank you.

you may read now.


flora Johnson- a mysterious girl, who is said to be having a gift.

Nancy Matthew- she is a goth girl from whom all her friends are scared.

Ellie isadora - a lovely girl who is charming, and is from the UK.

Park darian - a boy from Kentucky who is obsessed with magic.

Peter Roland - a boy who is.... weird? and very crafty

'HA HA HA HA', the voice of Flora Johnson echoed in a dark blueish

Sapphire room where she had trapped her friends.

Nancy tried to kick, punch, she even hit her head on the wall, but it didn't budge.

'UGH! I give up! you win stupid wall.' said Nancy.

' great just great, we can't even break a stupid wall!' said park with a Southern accent.

' wait we can't break the glass, but we can cut through it!' said Ellie with a British accent and hope in her voice.

'how exactly?' asked park,

Ellie showed park her diamond necklace and said, 'diamond! the hardest substance on earth! now all we need is a drill, and some super glue, but we don't have those things, but, it was worth mentioning.'

'hey!' Park called out.

' Peter! give ya bag." he said, looking at Peter who was enjoying macaroons that he "BORROWED", from park's house.

'me?' asked Peter with his mouth full.

'no, her' park said pointing towards Nancy who was surprisingly siting quietly.

'yes! you, now give it!' he said snatching the bag From Peter.

park opened the bag and took out a bottle of super glue and an automated paper quilling tool.

'oh yes!' said Ellie.

Ellie broke the diamond from her necklace and attached it to the automated paper quilling tool.

she cut through the wall and made a small square from which they all crawled out.

They all found themselves in a burnt up house.

it was probably mid afternoon.

it was all so familiar but everything, the trees, the houses and the grass was burnt.

They all walked to the next neighbourhood.

It was the total opposite of the previous one.

everything was new and fresh.

there was a big mansion in the middle,

it looked pretty normal,

but there was only one thing weird about it,

it was rapidly turning to ashes.

the kids did the wisest thing they could do...

'RUN!' said Ellie.

everything the ground, the houses were turning to ashes.

they all ran as fast as they could.

soon they could run no more,

they all stopped next to a Nissan.

'Nancy you drive' said Ellie.

'no, I can't' said Nancy.

'sure you can' replied Ellie.

they all hopped in and Nancy ALMOST DROVE THEM INTO A POLE!

after a few hours they reached the end of town.

they stopped in front of a house in a nice neighbourhood.

they knocked.

an old woman opened the door.

the woman gasped.

she quickly pulled all of them inside.

hey! creepy old lady. we were looking for shelter from the ash houses. but I think we should leave because yours might be next!.

said park looking out at the houses turning to ash.

soon he noticed it was only the lady's house that was not turning to ashes.

'how!?' Ellie said in amazement.

the old woman said ' its all because of this Ellie'.

she sowed her a Sapphire pendant, it was the same one as flora's.

'what!, and how do you you know my name?' gasped Ellie.

'I know all of you! its been sixty years! the world is ending and its all my fault!'

'flora!!?? but we were trapped for like 2 hours!' said Nancy in a tiny voice.

'well this one guessed who I am, and no time is different in the realm of gems' said flora.

'but how do you have the pendant it was there in the burnt neighbourhood'

asked park.

'I had two, one, the source of good and one evil, I got confused and accidentally trapped you in the good one'

replied flora.

'but why did you trap us?' asked park.

'because I thought you guys were getting close and I felt left out, like the time you guys went to a movie without me or the mall or the- you get the idea right!?. said flora in a calm tone.

'look im sorry, ok. I need your help to save the world, you in?. asked flora.

'no we should be the ones sorry we shouldn't ave left you out' said Nancy

'so you guys in?' asked flora.

' of course ' said everyone in unison.

{part 3 coming up}


August 25, 2021 06:35

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