The Violet Killer

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Thriller Crime Fiction

Upon seeing another dead body by the river with a Violet flower placed on the corpse we then all knew who the culprit was. It was the Violet Killer a serial killer in the town who kills people and places a Violet flower on their corpse. The police in the town was patrolling every night but that didn`t stop the killing. Grew frustrated by the serial killer they hardly take actions since then what they all do is recover the body, inform the relatives about the dead body, and pretend its a normal day for the town. Pathetic law officers couldn`t even get a lead. Its was all like that for almost three months until the police chief was reprimanded and replaced by a promising new police chief .

The new chief in the town was called "Adrian". Adrian did what the previous police chief didn`t do dance with the devil and that devil I meant the killer. I remember it was spring at that time when murder had started. I am a failed journalist trying to find a good story to be able to write a piece to be published and I stayed here for that reason. I remember story where they deemed this town as a peaceful and quite town now its a pandemonium. I always went and offer assistance to Adrian about the case but he always shove me away telling how dangerous it is. A persistent person I am eventually found a way to make myself involved in a case with chief "Adrian". Adrian was an intelligent person by large margin compared to the mindless police law enforcer that`s when the simple killing began to get complicated.

Election was a month away and the current mayor Mr. Raul Rodriguez was losing to a survey conducted, no one trust his leadership anymore thus the obvious result would be he will eventually lose to his rival Mr. Arturo Sanchez. Three days before the election Mr. Arturo died by 23 stabs all over his body and a Violet flower was placed on his corpse. We got our eyes now on Mr. Rodriguez and due to   Mr. Arturo`s death the current mayor win by default. The body was found on Mr. Arturo`s house on a sitting position with a Violet flower on the desk of the corpse. Initially the victims of the killer is killed by a poison not stabbed or anything, the police concluded maybe the killer was doing another way of killing but that`s not what me and Chief Adrian believed in.

Two weeks later the police station received a letter with a bouquet of Violet flowers on it, a rookie cop went a get the box to deliver it to the chief. I am not at the police station at that time due to other matters . The cop was curious about the smell of the flowers and upon smelling it the cop died. At this point we concluded that the killer was giving the victims the flowers and when they smelled it they die of poisoning. Adrian then concluded that Mr. Arturo`s death was more of a political killing rather than the Violet killer killing the politician. Another corpse was found five hours later after that incident someone from the family of Mr. Arturo died his wife Lolita died with Violet flowers on the corpse but this time the corpse died of the same poisoned that killed the cop. It messed the chief`s initial investigation about the mayor due to the wife`s unforeseen death. In everyone`s mind the mayor is the killer but on Adrian`s mind was the Violet killer.

At that time we didn`t publicize the information about what caused the death of the victims and we never disclosed it to the mayor. To continue the investigation I was tasked by Adrian to interview the mayor about the recent rumor about him becoming the "Violet Killer". The interview went well at the first day I told Adrian what I saw on the mayor`s residence I saw a garden full of Violet flowers and I must say the mayor was calmed when I ask him about the rumor and laugh it off. I remember him saying " Then you should fear for your life boy you`re in the house of the Violet killer" and proceed to laugh. He was satisfied with the information that I gave him and tasked me to interview the mayor more so I did. The second time I interviewed the mayor I asked him heavy questions like "I heard you and Mr. Arturo had a quarrel before his death" he suddenly get tensed saying " Where did you hear that?". I showed him a photo of him and Mr. Arturo the day he went to his residence. In his shock he punched me and I passed out. I woke up chained to a basement inside his big mansion and saw him burning the photo I gave to him. He told me about his plan to dispose of my body. "Boy" he said "You should have stayed quiet". I saw him getting a handkerchief poured some liquid on it and slowly coming towards me. Suddenly I heard a blast in the upper door and Adrian went in and a commotion occur accidentally without knowing Adrian got some of the poison inhaled from the handkerchief and slowly died while the rest of the police came and shoot the mayor. Adrian became the hero in the town and the Violet killer disappeared. I didn`t expect for the chief to die that way I could have made it more fun, I went back to my hometown and published the story of that town and became a successful journalist. The day the Violet killer died the day I disappeared on that town but hey I made Adrian a hero but my planned got ruined. My published story was a success and made me a mainstream journalist but I need another good writing like the one I orchestrated. What will I become next? Since the Violet killer is dead how about "The Chrysanthemum Murders" it might be bland having the same serial killer premise about flowers but I planned to create a conspiracy theories about the killer whether its the same person or a different one following its footstep. The reader will think it is all connected. This time I should be more careful in planning and not to be careless about the small details because when I said to Adrian I saw a garden full of violet flowers in the mayor`s residence I almost got caught lying since there is no garden at the mayor`s house. Tipping the mayor about the cause of death by a letter is a hard one to do since most of my letters sent were not read by that idiot. Killing Mr. Arturo`s wife was easy since his wife loved perfume so much I just changed the liquid inside with the poisoned and when she sprayed it on her body she collapsed and died. Hiding in Arturo`s residence was a hard I waited overnight on their damn attic and after that woman poisoned herself I put the flower and left I almost got caught since the dogs were barking at me. Triggering Mr. Rodriguez was so easy seeing the photograph maddened him and went on a spree didn`t expect that to happened and well it may not be according accurately to my plan but in the end it went well . I just wish to danced more with Adrian he seemed like a nice guy. Well China and India is where Chrysanthemum were produced largely and its a fresh air to read a killer in other country I hope a competent investigator will be my next partner till then my book will be published soon.

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Lynn Dewees
18:12 Mar 27, 2021

A clever story with a good twist at the end.


Arvin Alesna
00:14 Mar 29, 2021

thank you for liking the story


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Amy Brown
06:40 Apr 06, 2021

The twist......amazing


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