Creative Nonfiction Holiday

Its a week away tell July 25th.

Ive lived on this street for six years now.

A few years ago one of the neighbohrs put out a flyer. It must have been successful. We've been doing this for about three years now.

Its so much fun I work hard all year. It's the one day I take some time off work. Everyone brings something. This year were having dessert. We are all wearing blue, white and red.

Lately we don't invite the whole street like the good old days.

Theres four corners. I believe that they are rentals. There's different people going in and out. The whole street with out the four corners are fine.

We keep our distance from them. A few of us have security cameras.

Its always at night. We hear gun shots,

a few neighbors called the police. By the time they get here it's too late. They have already left. Then a few neighbors have had robberies.

It might not be connected but those houses are rentals. I'm going to knock on the neighbors door.

She left me a message and I couldn't get back to her. I went and knocked house 15.

She came to the door. She looked out of the window first. Then unlocked two locks in her door.


I left you a message,is everything okay?"

"Yes!" I said.

"Why you look nervous are you okay?

"I heard foot steps.

Can you stay for some tea please?"

My husband is going to be home late.

Please please I hope you don't have anything else to do."

Sure thing, a couple of hours!

Thank you so much!

I've never asked anyone before. I hope is not an inconvenience?

"No of course not!

We've been neighbors for ever."

I said.

"Oh, wait that's the kettle, I'll get some herbal tea. We both don't need extra to make us nervous."

"Actually m before I came by I was talking about the annual BBQ. It's just desserts this year. "

"Yes, we are all so nervous to linger on the street. We're going to be wearing red, white and blue. I think the neighbor beside you opened a new business. A coffee shop there colors are red, white and blue. They need a couple of pictures for there coffee shop."

"So what are you bringing?

I will try and get something fresh."

"Same here."

You can come by aswell!

"Thank you she said."

The phone rang, we both jumped.

It was her husband.

He wanted to let her know that he will be home later tonight.

She got off the phone.

"Sorry, about that!"

She said.

"No problem."

"Could you stay a little longer?"


"I'll put on some more tea."

"Just a little would be great."

As she went to the kitchen, I heard something. Then I saw a wired light.

So I looked out the window in the back. I kneeled down so know one can see me.

She came back and said.

"Why are you down there?"

I heard the footsteps then I saw a light.

You no something? I am only across the street. To tell you the truth I'm scared to leave."

"Would you like to spend the night?"

"Yes please I would."


"This is horrible." I said

"I hope we will be able to have our street get-together this weekend. We were never like this before."

Hopefully noone invited anyone from those four houses!"

"No I don't think so. There always going in and out. Then they have different lights on well there's only one person I saw in the house. Once the corner one I saw a baby stroller. I never saw a baby."

"That is wired."

I saw some one unpacking all kind of Televisions. Really big ones. When I looked another time I didn't see them. "

We were talking and laughing.

Every few hours we did see wired lights.

Then the phone rang again.

It was her husband.

"One minute" she said.

She came back and said.

That was my husband. He told me he wasn't coming home. He was on the street and saw something wired with the corner house in your side. He went to the hotel was scared to leave his car.

Someone looked right at him. So he left."

"Wow! I said.

This is getting nuts. We were all so happy before. I wish we could do something but there rentals and there allowed to rent out the houses. "

"That's true." she said.

"Maybe were all just being paranoid.?

Maybe were not.

It could just be we all don't know anyone from those houses and jumping for no reason."

We both had no idea what to do but something has to be done. We can't continue to be like this.

The night was finally over. I went back home.

"Thank you for staying."

"No problem thanks for having me."

"See you on Sunday."

I saw her husband pull up.

Someone has to do something I saying to myself. I must have said this over a hundred times.

Lets see. Maybe we should invite them. This way we can try to know them a little. Then maybe we won't all be so scared. So I made four flyers I got four responses. Three out of the four wanted to come.

I phoned Sue again told her what I did.

At first she got a little mad. Then she was okay with it.

I told her that were out side. Everyone was going to be there.

True she said.

Well the day came and went. Turned out I was right. They are in the resell business. They buy low and sell high.

We were all laughing for about ten minutes. See all four corner houses work together. They pick up and drop off different hours.

We were all afaird for nothing.

I just hope that there telling the truth.

They were not wearing the colors. I did that so we would know who we were concerned about.

Inspired by reedys prompts.

September 14, 2020 18:23

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14:45 Sep 22, 2020

Hey, Suzanne would you be kind to watch the first video it's on Harry potter. https://youtu.be/KxfnREWgN14 Sorry for asking your time, I would ready your story


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Meli Mangos
14:27 Sep 20, 2020

I couldn't quite focus on the content of the story because the grammar and dialogue really threw me for a loop. The sentences seem choppy, I would read your stories out loud once you've finished writing and see how they flow.


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