That’s Snow Business!

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Adventure Teens & Young Adult Fiction

Hey folks! And we’re back on The Run and straight into zone 2, the Snow Zone! After surviving skydiving against fireballs and plane explosions, the remaining contestants need to keep moving to stay warm and alive in this treacherous ice zone full of nasty surprises. I’m hearing the first contestant has just landed so let’s get back to the action!


Landing on zone 2 first gave Johnny an immediate advantage. He ran over to the first vehicle he could find, a luge which was a glorified silver tea tray with handles either side. Grabbing the shiny slippery sled he ran up to the side of the snowy cliff in front of him and threw himself down the slope lying down to gain speed.

Within moments he was racing at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour down the steep incline, trying desperately not to crash or fly over the sides of the icy pathway. Covering half a mile in next to no time at all, Johnny slid off the tea tray at the bottom of the slope and started running through the snowy field in front of him. His earpiece connected to the TV producers sprung to life.

“Careful Johnny, there are some local villagers nearby!”

Johnny looked either side of the field and could see a number of eskimos getting into position either side of him. They seemed like normal fishermen with their latest catch hanging from their rods. It wasn't until they all dropped their fishing poles at the same time and picked up their rocket launchers that Johnny knew he was in trouble.

He stopped in his tracks and watched all the fire arms aim for him. As they flew in his direction, Johnny leapt out of the way as the rockets whizzed over his head and across the field exploding against a number of igloos on the far side leaving nothing but icy rubble.

Running as fast as he could through knee-deep snow, Johnny headed to the far side of the war zone. Hearing the eskimos reload their launchers, he ducked at the last minute and watched the rockets crash into trees off to the left, lighting up the sky and melting the surrounding snow.

Miraculously making it to the other end of the field, Johnny was confronted with a line of penguins. One of the penguins ducked towards Johnny revealing a rocket which he fired at him at point blank range. It flew past his head grazing his face as it headed towards one of the eskimos. They were not as lucky and were blown up, the force sending them flying through the air towards an icy grave.

Johnny got an idea, he picked up two of the penguins and aimed their rocket backpacks towards the remaining group of unscathed eskimos. He squeezed the birds bellies and their respective fire power jetted off in the direction of the upset inuits. They had no chance as the double explosion of twin rockets caused a huge fireball, setting ablaze the nearby trees sending fish and Eskimo chunks across the field. The other penguins ran off or leapt into the water as Johnny ran up the nearby incline towards where he thought zone 3 must be.

To his delight, he found the next batch of vehicles hidden near the top of the hill. Johnny jumped onto the back of the skidoo and sped off up the path in the direction of zone 3.

“You kicked their ass Johnny!”


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And now we return to your scheduled programming…



Watching Johnny throw himself down the cliff on a tea tray made Sully realise he needed to try a different route. He may not be the tallest in the competition but he knew he was the fastest. 

Sprinting to the right down an icy path he made good time for the first 20 minutes or so until he hit a dead end.  If he’d had something to dig into the icy cliff opposite him he could potentially have jumped and climbed,,but his route had not provided any objects to aid his progress. He spotted off to the right of the path, a smooth piece of snow leading down into an icy underpass. Without a tea tray to cushion his fall, Sully carefully lowered himself onto the snow and pushed off down the hill.

“Careful Sully, you’ve picked the most dangerous path of all of them!”

Within seconds, he was travelling fast down the mountain into a icy cavern surrounded by spikes that started to plummet towards Sully’s body. He dodged every stalactite as they pierced the snow and ice around him. Rolling over to avoid three daggers at once, Sully carried on speeding through the cavern on his front.

He spun round again to see where he was going once more. Finally a ray of light could be seen in the distance, the path started to rise slightly. Sully didn’t realise what this meant until his body was in flight and soaring out of the cavern into the open space. Screaming at the top of his voice his body landed in a heap on the harsh icy ground.

Picking himself up he looked around and saw that he was standing on a frozen lake. Stomping down hard seemed to suggest that the ice was firm. He took one last look around and other than the sound of gunfire in the distance, which he assumed was the Johnny having fun, he heard nothing of concern on his path.

Sully walked slowly across the ice making sure he looked left and right as much as possible to avoid any traps. Reaching the halfway point across the lake he heard the sound of gates opening either side of him. The silence was shattered by the roars of whatever was behind those gates saying hello to Sully in stereo. He froze still as his eyes darted left and right trying to see what was making that noise.

“Say hello to Vanilla and Mint Choc Chip! They’ve not had any breakfast today.”

The first thing he saw was the black nose of his roarsome friends followed by their thick white fur. 

Standing either side of him around ten metres away were two polar bears and the red marks around their mouths and the crazed look in their eyes didn’t suggest they wanted a hug.

Sully had two choices – stand still and give the bears a tasty lunch or run for it. The bears made the choice for him when they leapt from either side on to the frozen lake and the ice made a huge cracking noise.

Starting to run suddenly, Sully slipped over on the ice and grazed his knuckles. The bears were already halfway towards their tasty destination, despite the ice visibly cracking on the surface. He picked himself up and ran as fast as he could across the rest of the lake.

He was getting used to the slippery surface and leaving the polar bears for dust, until one of the hungry beasts decided to leap at Sully. The bear’s belly landing caused the entire lake to explode and the ice split in half, tipping Sully off the ice and into the frozen water below.

The freezing temperatures were already affecting his senses, but Sully still knew where he was going so began to swim under the frozen water towards the end of the lake, hoping he’d be able to get out on the other side.

Every stroke was a struggle but the sound of two more swimmers behind him certainly helped Sully find the strength to go on. The polar bears were both swimming closer and closer to Sully loving the fun they were having before eating their prey.

Sully squinted and could make out some light in the surface of the ice a few metres away. He took a quick look behind him and one of the bears was only inches away. He pulled back his leg and kicked the bear as hard as he could in the face sending it crashing into the deep in a momentary daze. Sully pushed on with his legs, put his arms in front of him and pulled himself into the pool of light on the water.

His freezing arms pierced the water’s surface and Sully pulled himself back on to the ice, lifting his numb legs out of the lake.

Taking a couple of breaths Sully lifted his body upright and began to walk away from the lake when a bubbly roar emerged behind him. The polar bear had come out of the same hole in the ice and was trying to lift itself onto the ice.

Sully with all the anger and strength he had left, screamed at the top of his voice and ran as fast as he could up to the bear and kicked it hard in the face sending it crashing back into the water. He knew it was a futile act and that the bear would be back stronger than ever, but boy it felt good.

Limping his way back along the icy path Sully could feel his temperature was not good and he needed to warm up fast. He spotted a log cabin off to the left of the path so managed to make his way up the wooden stairs and the door was unlocked.

The polar bears could smell where Sully had gone and were both walking toward the cabin with lunch on their mind. Only metres away from their meal, the door of the cabin opened.

Sully still freezing cold but slowly warming up, threw one of the objects he found in the cabin towards his furry dinner chums. The object landed just in front of the icy predators and if they could read they would have seen that the countdown on the timer was only five seconds.

The explosive device made quick work of their meaty bodies leaving a crater in the snow and ice and giving Sully time to recover in the warm. He shut the log cabin door and carried on getting the fire started.

“Well, that was dramatic!”

December 04, 2021 18:29

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