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African American Coming of Age Romance

I was getting ready for my skating party my bestie on the line asking if I wanted to wear her soft pretty sweater I wasn’t aware she felt like we had a sharing bound which she lent me her most important favorite items so I knew from them on I can trust that people choose you not the other way around so as the day turned to night my bestie suggested we call our ride to pick us up from her house she never said to me oh girl I got you a blind date I’ve never met anyone by first sight. So my heart was pounding with excitement and fear but what the heck I went for it he was the most kindest guy I have ever met so when we were on our way to the car I noticed a difference in how he opened the car door he went before me to make sure the seat was clean i then bent in to hop in so I grabbed his hand but he was handicapped but his self esteem was so confident that our friendship turned to a relationship that lasted 4 years but no children because I was a bit shallow in my younger years I told him I was not sure I wanted to stay with him in fear of me having children with that handicap and he understood so later through the years he showed me that his kids were fine 😇we linked up once more but we just couldn’t get back to that moment but I’ll always remember him from

ready for the world record (Tears) song it still gives me goose bumps first love ever that I cherish and I was 14 teen I’m now 54years 😉 so it shows that we never really grow up. But we keep in touch but not numbers but in passing from our previous friends as I felt he lived a fast life which landed him in jail yes jail like I said he’s as normal as the next guy I watched his life go from fun ,partying drinking drugs and it’s a barrier that hard for him to bounce back from so I’ll often thank the love ones who stuck by me while I figured out how this thing called life goes it doesn’t there are rules and when adhere to them there’s consequences so with that being said I was not only interested in the first guy I felt love in my heart without pressure so I met my son’s dad and he was the other guys thrown in the side other words competition may the best man win well my sons father wasn’t standing down how did I not know they both attended the same high school how I found out I had picture day and I wanted to share my photo with this kind young man that was the most well mannered guy ever so I cut it out and gave it to him well he use it for good luck and set it on the bench which my sons dad saw it mind you we were only 15-16 years of age so with me in the middle of who I would choose I became pregnant yes I did but had the worst miscarriage my cousin thought I was on my period so she helped me by secretly taking me to the doctor never mentioned it to mother who would have killed me cause I was liked at as the good girl after that ordeal I left all male beings alone for awhile but my sons dad never stop till we became the couple we had been together 4 years then the next year but 4years after miscarriage we had a healthy little boy and we now have 4 grandkids we’re not together but we’re still the best of friends with support to our grandkids taking turns sharing grand parenting we all take family trips together I guess what I’m saying if your true to yourself about how you want things to be it takes working together as a team all the things that life has to offer won’t seems so challenging if we all just get along I don’t just stop with my past we still have extended family brother uncle sister aunt who bakes cooks and love to share all our recipes with each which makes life more enjoyable and in between I had two other sons which their dads also fits in the circle as well by two different relationships but as the boys aged my oldest has health concerns which makes us stay bounded and one of them battling alcohol issues but over all Amy youngest has grown to see how he has to have control over his life or it will take over your life and as I noticed must youngsters don’t understand that being a parent is not a fun thing but it’s some one’s life and it’s fragile once mislead there’s no turning back so it’s crucial to listen to children there only small once and when they’re grown you won’t be able to reach them the way would have while living with you and make sure they know they are loved no matter the short comings all I know is that we use too tell them what we expected it’s now how to support with the way they think which it very different then we remember as our ancestors would say you don’t think fat meat greasy? Really do we ok don’t be hardheaded listen to someone especially if they willing to talk to you nowadays haha the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child my saying is reach one teach one goes a long way so I figure if we as adults set a start line a lead to great accomplishments youth are so interesting kids says the darnedest things just the other day my grandkids were on the phone asking me to make a video so they can put it on tick-tock I was like I’m not doing they come grandma we can make some I said how muck I get she said grandma I’ll call you back I said that what our generation has come to 😌

January 24, 2022 02:29

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Kevin Marlow
00:24 Feb 03, 2022

I read this out loud. It needs punctuation.


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