losing faith in corporations? profit be their creed.. seems killing is their breed.

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American Coming of Age Drama

Corporations racket is wild.

I thought corporations were to better society.

I felt comfortable working for them.

That is when I started to see things that did not make sense.



Yes, that you can work 45 plus hours if you are contracted and be paid for only 40 hours. At first working 62 to 70-hour weeks I felt I was helping out the company. I did the work and was good at it.

Then when I had health problems instead of helping, they added more work.

Made no sense until I went to a colleague’s wake. I knew him long enough and had seen him sign papers. The corporation was purposefully killing people to get their life insurance policy.

Say what?

Well, corporations for pennies on the dollar to fund their CEO retirement accounts purchases large blocks of life insurance on their employees. And?

Well, employees were living too long. To cut that down, they added stress. And then the 180 employment reviews. Then extra work. And no pay.

Then telling you when and if you can take PTO or your vacation. They planned out the deaths of their employees to make money for their CEO retirement accounts and corporation profit centers.

Sounds silly. At first I did not believe it. So I tried to cut back on my work. And? My 180 review. I had put in 260 hours a month for a solid year and instead of a good job they flunked me out.

Sounds evil. Is evil. And that is an institution that is evil. Being flunked out, I went on to my next job. Again the hours I did them. And everything seemed find. Until the heads of the corporations talked and finding out that I had flunked out at one corporation, they flunked me out of another corporation. Seems evil.

But I survived. Did I not? Then? I went on to another corporation and the same thing happened.

I worked a year only to be flunked out. No problems packing on the work. No problems stressing me out over major problems that no one else seemed to care about.


Now I look at the US government and realize they are doing the same things with this covid. Instead of helping the less fortunate people, they are stressing them out. One million suicides to what 900,000 covid deaths?

Well fair, is cut by that many people using it. And? Seems they are using that funding to allow illegal aliens into the country.

Institutionalized thief and no one seems to care.

So what happened to me finally?

My bod gave up on itself.

I lost eyesight, my left foot, right ankle. And of course my career and what little money I had. Good job institutionalizing thief and non carrying into the workforce and government.

The real question is who are these stock holders that are benefiting from killing their employees?

The latest group is those forcing covid vaccination. Meaning? The human resource groups all have been put on alert to hire more people because of the expected deaths of those vaccinated.

Don’t believe me. Look it up online for yourself.

So, corporations which own governments are stealing people blind, and making their lives so stressful to kill them on purpose.

Once more I look for hope and find none. Meaning? I looked at religion thinking maybe they can enlighten reality and say stop being evil.

Only to find the Pope statements that becoming less than human or a hybrid with this vaccination is acceptable and should be done. Meaning? Religion has gotten into bed with corporations which own the worlds government and seem to be pushing for the demise of humanity as a whole.

Wildly, I seek for help from fellow people. Only to find most have accepted their own deaths and are patiently awaiting the grim reaper having gotten in bed with the government, corporation and religion on the idea of dying without thinking.

Thinking. So I look towards social media. Surely I could find fellow supporters or people with ideological stances I could support?

Only to be censored for wishing happy birthday on Facebook. Or fake checked by fact checkers owned by Microsoft and crew to the point a meme of humor is banned and all the people reading me no longer see me.

So no people, no network, no government, no corporation, no religion, maybe my own family?

I tried to keep them safe only to find them to have fallen into bed with the vaccination. And I wonder if all of them are dead like I think they are. Exactly why or what am I doing here?

This seems like a horrible nightmare without any hope. So I search for hope.

Do I find any? Of course. I am that type of guy. Is it possible? IT is possible however the outcome is so demented that only one who has lived as long as I can see it.

Evil? Evil will eat itself. For those not standing against evil will become evil and in the end end up as zombies fighting a war against giants and then?

A war against UFOs or the Dyson sphere or heaven or demons depending on our reality, I suppose. I have seen this and it shall happen. And those living in their bunker? Well, those Mormon seers so long ago told me what happened to them.

They are dragged out of their bunkers and raped to death. Sounds absurd, no? In yet? A long time ago it was seen and now? I believe it. Then I thought they were insane.

And I? I now live one footed, one eyed outside of that reality for a time. Watching the end of time. Wondering how insane this story seems to be true.

And you? In the US or part of the national community seem stuck or sucked into a fascist reality. Where who you can associate on Facebook is regulated. When you can get items from the government is curtailed to those able to have access online. That banks now are cutting off loans, and personal finances seems to be what is next in line. Making me wonder all the same. Who made this reality insane. Me for not standing up against evil? I supposed I am to blame.

July 11, 2021 20:35

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