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Hi, my name is Thelma. Most of my life times, I used to travel around the country. I became the travel blogger based on my beautiful childhood memories. The places I liked the most are forests and mountain. When I was young, my father always do hunting and camping at the forest. He often go to the forests with his jeep car. Because of his childhood memory he never leave his family behind. So, he took his whole family with him on every trips. I remembered all these memories clearly and those are the reason why I loved to climb the mountain and go traveling. My father was a doctor but he liked to hunt the birds and frogs and snakes. I also remembered how I go on camping trip with my family since I was a kid. My father was being a selfish person who didn’t care about his children’s personal time, homework, playtime and etc. The whole family must follow his order. When he said “we will go for hunting today”, we must picked up our books, stuffs to carry and put everything in our backpack. Me and my younger brother used to follow father’s hunting and camping trip but we hadn’t happy to do that. Anyway, we can’t say what we want to do at that time if we denied his order he will punish us. Only thing we scared was punishment. I was doing homework during every trips. Most of the times I done my homework on the car. When I got free time for myself, I gave myself a walk and get into the forest for painting the beautiful flowers in my drawing book. Because I wanted to record what I saw. At that time, our country was closed so we can’t buy a camera and other electronic products including radio. Camera and every stuffs from foreign countries didn’t allow to sell in our country. I followed my family on every trips but I find my happiness by myself. I really loved to walking around the forest especially the big trees and beautiful vines. Sometimes I was swimming in the lake. My brother Henrik was the eater who loved to eat. My brother and I often went in to forest for picking up the fruits, collecting the flowers and sometime digging up the mushrooms. I often stop my brother because he picked up the fruits and ate before parents saw. I learned about the fruits, trees in the class and also in school club. So, I tried to protect him from poisonous fruits. One day, I found the birds which were coming closer to me during I draw the beautiful flowers. Those birds were being strange to me because the colors. They had the bright blue color and red mix. I hadn’t saw the birds which have those strange colors. I thought what a beautiful world. I knew the nature was being so strange and weird but I loved it.

                     My brother loved to hunt the animals. My mother was being busy with cooking the wild animals and birds. I kept secret about those birds. Because I don’t want them got killed by me. I used to go there for drawing their beauty. I was being late. I couldn’t forgive myself for looking them die in front of me. My little brother was shooting them with air gun. I knew he was just training to shoot the gun but I can’t forgive him at all. In my mind, “why did he steal everything I owned and now why did he killed my birds” I asked myself again and again. I knew I must stop him but my family praised him so much. I just didn’t talk anyone including my family and friends. I kept silent since that day. My family didn’t know why I was being weird lately. But they kept pushing me hard to do things like they did. Over their next trip, my father gave his air gun to me and teach me how to shoot. I did my best to shoot. At that time, I was scaring the birds with my gun shot. Because I didn’t want them die again. My father shouted to me “why you did that”. I said “stop it right now, I knew you all loved to kill and destroy the beauty of nature but I am not one of you please leave me be”. Then, I throw his gun away and leave there. At that day, they couldn’t find me all day long. I went into the deeper forest and saw the big green parrots place. I couldn’t find my way out. So, I climbed up to the big tree and slept for one night. ‘

                   The sun rays light up my face and I heard the birds singing out loud. I knew now its morning time. The sparrows flew over my hair and kept noising my ears. I opened my eyes and saw them singing around me. And then, one big green parrot came in front of me and stay at the branch. It looked like want me to go home. So, I asked “can you lead me the way”. After I asked it flew to the other tree and wave the wing. I thought it might want me to follow. So, I climb down the tree and followed the bird. It was being long way to go back to our camping site. But I tried follow the bird. At last, I found our car and camping tent. I knew my parents will shout and punish me because I ran away from them. I held my steps safe and sound and go closer to the tent. I looked inside the tent from the tiny hole at the back and I saw my mother was crying out loud and my father seemed like worrying something. I thought “couldn’t be”. I knew they won’t worry for me but why did they looked like this and then I looked around. I haven’t found my younger brother. Now, I knew it they worried about him not me. So, I put my steps back and leave that place silently. And then, I told my big green parrot about this. It kept flying over another direction. I thought “is it understand what am I saying, never mind let’s follow it again”. Then, I kept follow that birds guide and then it route me to another hidden place of the forest. I didn’t know there was a beautiful place like this. I knew my brother loved this place so he didn’t return to camp. There are many fruits over trees and the beautiful flowers are blooming and there had the pond. We are wild enough to not scary others. I moved forward to the pond and found him. I said “there you are”. He was shocking by hearing my voice. He said “what are you doing here”. I said “what am I doing here, I am here for looking for you”. I picked up him and said “that’s enough time to go back”. He said “No, let’s carry those fruits with us”. I told him “aren’t you get enough of it”. Then, he kept silent. I carried him back to the camp. My parents hadn’t punish me because I looked for their precious son and took him back to them. Since that day, my parents didn’t go hunting again. Because they scared to lose him in the forest. My father didn’t hurt other animals again.

When I became a teenager, I entered the boy scout team. Then, I went on trip with my friends, teachers and other boy scouts at every summer holidays. Since then, I loved to go on trip and climb the mountain. At university, I chose the major which was relating to environment. My job was being a environmentalist.  I felt the nature wildness inside me since those experiences. Fighting against the killing wild animals and destroying the nature are the things I do. 

July 16, 2021 07:45

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Clarissa Janeen
17:41 Jul 22, 2021

What a touching story about the beauty of nature. Your story has a lot of exposition, especially at the beginning. But while it establishes the beautiful setting, you use a lot of "telling" rather than "showing". The blocks of text are also long, and make the story more difficult to follow. English clearly isn't your first language, but your grammar will improve with practice.


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Nk Hatendi
03:24 Jul 22, 2021

Interesting narrative. However, I am wondering whether the flow of the text has been impacted in translation. Good luck


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