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Fiction Happy Adventure

SpaceHuman's note:

*Lol I barely made the time. I was kinda rushing near the end if u couldn't tell :p. I'm too lazy with the paragraphs and it's acting weird idk. But i'm happy with it :)*

You walk along the sand of the shore, watching the seagulls call to each other in the sky. The salty water crashes againsts your feet and you smile. A couple feet away from you, a rock gets splashed and the clams next to it get closer to the ocean. You quickly run to them, careful as to not trip on your long toga. Everyone on your island wears them. They are simple to make, and of good material.

The clams are rough in your hand, and you place them into your basket, weaved from thin pieces of tree bark. You look over the horizon at the rising sun. Just minutes ago the sky was pink and orange, but now it is a yellow that fades to sky blue. The island town is waking. Not with alarms, but with the sun. Embracing all nature. You are about to head back and deliver your clams to your mother and sick brother, when you see something in the distance. At first it looks like a huge bird, but the tip of a ship appears in the distant sea. Your eyes widen, and with the bag of clams in your hand, you dart toward your hut. Your mother is just getting up. She walks out of the hut to place some dirty clothes on a line, as well as grab some wood to start a fire. Your father left a little over an hour ago to hunt with other town's people. Women may hunt as they like, but your mother wants to stay with your brother. While she places the clams into a pot to put over the flames, you explain to her what you have seen. She doesn't seem concerned like you. Try as you might to say what happened, she doesn't flinch. "Settlers" you tell her. She responds with the story of when she was but a little girl, and the town had torn the ship's people to shreds. Their clothes had a big stench she often says to you while you sew togas together. But what if they have changed, you wonder. Technology has advanced around the world, while you and your people have been playing with the trees. They could be armed. Convincing your mother will be impossible anyway. You know she is the most stubborn bull in the arena. So you go visit your friend and neighbor: Jax. You knock on a wooden piece that hangs outside the hut. Someone hears it, and you can hear their feet on the rug approaching to answer you. It's too loud for it to be Jax, so it would have to be a grown-up. Jax's parents go out to hunt every other day together, no matter the weather. Today is hunting day where they will hopefully catch big game. His uncle would be the only option left. Your logic has been proved right when you see him slip through the flap of the hut. He gives a warm smile to you and extends his arm to lead you into the hut, where Jax sits on a pile of dead leaves. He waves to you with a large piece of flint in his hand. After a couple tries, he gets a small fire going. The light grey smoke flows out of the hut through a hole in the top where it escapes to the views of the world. You begin talking right away. The ship on the horizon, and how you want to investigate. Jax's unless thinks this seems to be interesting. Much unlike your mother, you note silently. His uncle moves away from the rose tea he is blending in his clay mug, and transfers to tending the fire while Jax follows you out of the hut. You take him through the worn out dirt trail leading to the ocean, and swift breezes. His brown hair blows out of control as he runs with socks to the sand. Eventually you reach your destination, where the horizon is endless. But a ship is nowhere in sight. Jax doesn't seem to see anything either. You begin to explain that you knew you saw it and that you wouldn't be lying, but he cuts you off. It could have gone to another route, he mentions. You shrug and begin to wander back to the hut where the horses nearby in the barn wait to be fed. Suddenly Jax spins you around to your left, and you gasp. A strange man moves through the waves towards shore. It doesn't take long for him to come, and when he does, you can tell he belongs to the ship. He has a strong odor, and you can tell he's been hard at work. Strange pills are in plastic tubes wrapped around his waist. As you look at him, he does the same to you and Jax. When Jax asks where he came from, he replies he was pushed off a ship. Everything clicks for you and satisfaction soars through you. The feeling that you have watched surroundings and used wit to connect pieces. He explains to you both that he is a doctor. The first thing that fires through your mind is your brother. Jax senses your excitement and puts his arm out to remind you to let the doctor settle in. You make sure your excitement doesn't rise too high. This doctor also might not be able to heal your brother. It would be surprise for anyone to figure out what's even wrong with him. Without telling him to follow you and Jax, he begins walking. You lead him to the hut where your brother lies on a wool mat. By the expression on his face, it seems to you he already knows what he's doing and what's wrong with your brother. The doctor reaches out for his gloves and inspects your brother. He immediately pushes away, but when you reassure him and mention this is a doctor who could potentially cure him, he sits back still. The doctor smiles and praises your brother's ability to cope. For a moment, this man doesn't feel like a ship doctor, but instead, a kid doctor in the city, who hands out big stickers as rewards. Then the kid goes home with the biggest smile. After while, things get a little boring and you don't feel like looking anymore. You and Jax step out of your hut, and you decide it's time to feed the horses. You grab some freshly picked carrots and make your way to the barn, when you hear the flap open. The doctor steps out with a genuine smile. Your father, and Jax's parents have just gotten back and are delighted to hear the news that in a few weeks, your little brother will be healthy and back on his feet. The doctor explains what was wrong with him and describes some medication, but the words are gibberish, and you aren't listening. The beating of your relieved heart fills your eardrums.

June 05, 2021 02:09

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Genesis Grullon
19:34 Mar 04, 2022

To be honest this is such a good story this deserves to be in a paper book.


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