The Two Kingdoms

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Mystery Creative Nonfiction Romance

Ice crystals began to form along the pine trees that surround the gated kingdom. The one with the walls so high, you can’t see in or out. With the towers made of stain glass. They tell a story of the past. A harsh, painful one that brought the kingdom to its glory. One of respect and dignity. In that kingdom lies a prince. Young, full of grace and loyal to his people. He wears a coat of blues and reds. A crown of silver, with rows of ruby’s lining the prestige that resides upon his black locks. It was said for century’s he would be the one to bring the two kingdoms together. Either by force or marriage.

              Darkness looms over a strong ancient kingdom. Dead trees and wilted roses surround the palace gates. Cracks from time and war breach the concrete walls built up around the fortress. Shadows reach every corner where sunlight once praised. Its people scavenge to survive. Its prince is its only hope. Tall, strong and wise beyond his years. He wears the color of his kingdom, dark and gray, but the red in his eyes show all you need to know. He is said to bring back his family legacy. Bring glory back to his people. Whether it was by force or marriage.

             The two princes have never met. They only know of each other’s kingdoms. They know they are each different. One light one dark. Could they bring peace to their people? Could a crown of silver and ruby’s that hang over a pair of bright wonderous sea blue eyes catch the heart of a shadow ridden with a bend crown prince? They would meet in a neutral area, guards from both fractions surrounding them. One would bring a bouquet of the kingdom’s best flowers, while the other would bring the finest of his kingdoms wine. They would sit on a quilted blanket made by the light side. Talking and romancing under an elder willow tree.

             The young prince was fascinated with the older prince. Infatuated even. The stories he told to the gifts he brought. They enjoyed their time together. Some would say the two fell in love. The way one would touch the other with a gentle hand. The look of yearning or desire for the other. It had to be love. They each would come home with a bounce int heir step or a glowing complexion. It was the only idea that made sense.

             Then one day the dark prince was given an ultimatum by his father, the king. They were taking to long. All the flirting and mooning over each other wasn’t enough for the king. He wanted results. He wanted the light kingdom. It was time his son lived up to the dark side. He was to kill the prince from the light kingdom. He was to rip the last remaining hope away from everyone, including himself. The king left his son that night to think of a good strategy. 

             The night was cold in the kingdom. He could feel him fading away. The young prince could feel something changing in the wind. His heart yearned for his prince from the darkness that held him. Something was going to happen, and he had no idea what. It turned him angry, angry enough that inside his room in the palace he screamed. It was heard throughout the kingdom; the icicles shook from the very tree branches that held them. The good people from the village had to cover their ears and they all looked to the tall gates for guidance. None were sure what to do with the scream that rattled them to the core. It was one of pain and anguish. One that you felt deep within, feeling the agony that was filtered between the sound waves.

             The next day he raced to where him and his lover meet. The young prince could feel something was off. The frown on the dark prince’s face. The sadness in his eyes. The way he kept some distance between them. When he went to cup his cheek and lean in, he leaned away, gripping his wrists and removing them from where they were gently placed. A tear escaped his eye as he asked why. The dark prince couldn’t even look at him. His red saddened eyes stayed to the ground. He wanted to explain, but he felt it would be futile. What was the point of saying it was his dads’ fault, but he was the one about to go through with it? Did he really have a choice?

             He whispered those sweet three little words. The light side could barely say it back. The words stuttered and stumbled from his lips. There was no reason to ask for a different solution, he knew his mind was made up. So, with his silver and ruby crown atop his head. He reached in for one last kiss. A kiss filled with passion, love, hope. Hope that one day they will meet again. One day when there are no different sides. When they can be free to be who they are. Love whoever they want. No fighting or past wars to meddle in between. So, he stepped back, put his hands to his side and waited. He heard the unsheathing of a blade. A mighty sword past down, generation after generation. His eyes stayed locked on his future killer. Ready to die for his people. Just as the darkness was about to consume him, he pulled his sword and metal clashed together.

             They battled each other, each getting red in the face, fighting for dominance. One was going to come out the victor. The light prince fought fiercely, never looking away from the enemy. If this was how he was to keep the kingdoms glory, then shall be it. The dark prince began to fight with vengeance and anger. His moves were quick and uncalculated. He kept going for the openings that the young prince would keep, but in a last moment he would block. He was better than he said. In all the times they lay together in the sun, telling each other of their youth. The light shined brighter that day. The darkness filled the prince, distracting him for a moment. This gave the young one an opening and he went quick with his sword, shoving it into the side of his lover. Bringing an end to this nonsense. He vowed that day to keep his eyes only for his kingdom. No one would distract him from that. Not ever again.

February 07, 2020 13:04

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