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Good Morning

It was a cold winter morning, one had already had breakfast and a snack before 10:00 am. Huh, I wonder why? What time did one get up to start the day? It was around 6:20 am on a Thursday.  She put on her pot for Tea, while deciding between Turmeric, Green, or any oh other flavors. Yes, it was options. She wonders what I should choose today. She thought let me go get some fresh air. Cool breeze as the wind blows her hat off. As she looks around it's lights on from multiple neighbors. What now she thinks. Ok replay, in front site was a church structurally made in a form of a watch point or a bell ring station. Now, curious to know what is really behind the sight she waits. Cardinal sings as pigeons fly overhead, wind blows stronger as crows takes to trees for stability. Wither leaves covers the side windows, while house lights flicker, and squirrels grab nuts to take to family. She feels the dogs jumping on her and licking her finger. Is that a dog? Why can't she open her eyes? Is she dreaming? What is going on? I know by now the neighbors are hanging out their windows. This is neighborhood watch scene. Laugh if you have some of those neighbors. Ha I did she thought. She could only be thinking this as her eyes stay closed and she takes deep breaths, flexion, extension, rotation, and breath. Oh boy she hears from a neighbor. After all that one last kick and pop lock and drop it and laughter. Good morning, as Melee opened her eyes from her morning meditation and exercise. Oh, hello from one side neighbor, as the other neighbor gasp and tries to close the window without notice. As if Melee wasn't aware of everything around her as she centers in the Earth for a moment of peace. It had only been six or seven months since Melee lost all contacts, computer, phones, you name it. Oh, but no worries. What was to be presented could only be known by who?

As Melee enters her door, she noticed that the shoes were rearranged. Oddly, but no biggie she thought and said out loud. Like a nap would be great. As she starts to drift asleep all these thoughts come to mind.

Her feet with shoes and the stage. There it is the dark, cold concrete floor or is it laminate? Feet, no shoes, sneakers, socks, pants, skirts, oh no. she says as she begins to bring her body to the top. To the left to the right and the front center. The audience are switching shoes, socks, and sneakers. If you could just imagine Debbie face as she stood on stage looking into what was supposed to be an audience. Oh my, the gentleman to the left must take a woman’s shoe. Al ran from backstage and yelled and here we go. Everyone looks, as if it was what? A Candy factory, or an Improv that the Joke wasn’t funny. No that’s laughter, applause. It’s lights, camera, action. It’s the song do you know that Jazz, no it’s the Blues, no it’s that Country with a mix. Here it goes the change of the lights.

OH. What is that? Where is that coming from? Oh, it’s my Tea she said to herself. She opened her eyes it was ready. The chair was so comfortable she said aloud. She chooses her Tea, drank it, and enjoy the sight that was in front of her.

Another amazing morning the clarity so bright. The tears of joy and delight. Jehovah, Jesus, yes, for she knew how all ways combine to heal. What she once browsed by caught her attention. What is it? The Buffalo News, all she saw was the Cardinal. The Red Cardinal to be exact. My Father she said in her mind and heart. It’s the green light, she had a feeling like no other feeling before. Where tension tried to come it was push. Where an itch tried to get a touch, it was blown away. All she could do was imagine the sweet peaches, walnuts, grapes, cucumber, butter lettuce, leek, no beets. Her mind was full of creative ideas. As each day would go by the creativity intensified because of all that would benefit. She had gone within so she will help heal with words. Can you see it and hear it now must have crossed so many minds, but then again? She wanted to help. She knew what worked for her might not work for everybody. What she knew from her heart and body was that you do what you must do. Prayer as we take a bow. So, as we help build a better person starting with self. Then we can help build a better person in someone else, as we build the Nation.

When she begins her journey of healing it was as if I never knew her, they said and probably thought. The exhibit at the studio was an oeuvre love for healing, and family pains. Through growth of learning she would not be the educated fool.  Melee wasn’t afraid or into spells or black magic that people tried against her and her family, howbeit, she has her angels from GOD protecting her in the name of JESUS. It was even Covid19 and all it’s entities that tried to curtail her against her Faith. Oh, she LAUGH in the face and shadows of the enemy?

Good morning Jay she said to the cashier. Good morning, after a little small talk and smiles with the eyes Jay said Hey, try this Melee did as instruct and what a difference.  Melee had a wonted morning routine but today was different for both. The mystery is why is Jay titivating himself today among other weeks. The bell rings and good day to all, oh here comes that cold breeze. The tracks are iced but the engine and tires soar through. Home at last. How about another pot of Tea to heal and add more warmth to the soul Melee thought? 

January 13, 2022 10:03

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