Striding swiftly back into the center of the training circle Jones ripped the staff out of Amanda’s hand.  Shoving it back into her hands and readjusting her hands to grip it properly sent her a chilling glare, “You need to hold the staff right otherwise it's pointless against a skilled opponent!”

Amanda took a deep breath before taking up a fighting stance.  Jones turned to walk back towards the wall he had been leaning on.  The instructor in front of her shifted back to her original starting position.  Jones watched as the two studied each other for a bit before Amanda made the first move spinning to slam her staff into the instructors side.   The instructor blocked her easily, taking a step back as Amanda swung the staff again.  As nothing connected with Amanda’s staff she spun too far and the instructor used this to her advantage.  The instructor jammed her stick in between Amanda and her staff.  Going on her knee, the instructor bent her stick upward and she rolled under Amanda.  Amanda lost hold of her staff along with her balance.  The instructor who had rolled to her feet shoved the end of her stick under Amanda’s jaw, before pulling back.  Jones rolled his eyes at Wolf’s amature mistakes.  He stalked back over towards Amanda, anger rolling off him in waves.

Amanda quickly rolled to her feet turning to face Jones.  The instructor seeing Jones' anger quickly made herself sparse.  Amanda took one look at him and her blue eyes hardened.  Jones bent down and grabbed the staff on the ground.  His movements were uneven and full of rage.  Amanda took a step back as Jones slammed the staff back into her hands,“YOU CALL THAT FIGHTING!  YOU LOOKED LIKE AN OCTOPUS WHO DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL ITS LIMBS!!!”

Amanda blinked before rage overtook her face.  She threw the staff down on the floor, “WHAT!  I’M SORRY I DON’T SPECIALIZE IN HAND TO HAND COMBAT!”

“IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU SPECIALIZE IN!” Jones took a breath before continuing, “It’s about being able to defend yourself if the need arrives.”

Taking a step back Amanda glared, “Why do you hate me?”

“Wha..” Jones started.

“No,” Amanda interrupted, “Why do you hate me.  If you didn’t hate my guts you would be more patient with me, and don’t think I haven’t read your file.  I’ve seen how you interact with others and you treat me differently.”

Jones just stared at her, his mind racing, attempting to come up with an answer.  He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again.  

Amanda snorted, “Yeah I thought so.”  And with that she turned and stalked out of the room.

Jones stared dumbfounded after her.  She was right.  Well at least to an extant.  He did not hate her, but rather the idea of her.  He knew that ever since the incident he reacted to situations with either extreme anger or a carefree attitude.  However it was his way of hiding.  The persona he has put on for the world and for himself.  leaning down he picked up the staff and moved to return it to the rack.  Jones then turned and exited the room.


Amanda groaned as she was knocked to the ground again.   She felt ready to scream in frustration.  She would never be good at self defense or fighting.  Groaning again she rolled to her feet.  Her sparring partner gave her a questioning look.  She started to shake her head no when a voice stopped her, “I didn’t take you for the type to give up.”  Amanda whirled around to come face to face with Jones.  Jones ignored her and looked at her sparring partner, “Smith.”


Amanda watched with a forlorn look as Smith turned to leave, “What are you doing.”

“What does it look like,” He grinned, “I’m helping you.”

Amanda watched with an apprehensive face as Jones stood causally shoulder relaxed and face impassive.  Reluctantly she took up a fighting stance.  Giving him a hopeless look.  He shrugged and the expression on her face irked her.  She sprang forward her fist flying towards his face.  Jones’ hand flew up, gripping her fist.  Using her momentum he spun behind her spinning her pinning her arm. “Play smart not dumb,” He snapped in her ear.

Enraged she threw her wait backwards.  Throwing him of balance she ripped her hand out of his grip before spinning away.  Just as she came to a halt a hard force hit her in the legs and she found herself on the ground.  Jones’ rolled on top of her putting his hands on her throat.  It was not hard enough for it to hurt but it was still firm.  She stared at him, “Always keep your eyes on your opponent.”

Sputtering in pure rage she crossed her arms over his arms before ramming them down on his elbows.  He lost his grip on her and she rolled out of the way coming up to face him.  Jones was also on his feet.  Amanda shifted, but this time did not attack even though she really wanted to.  Suddenly Jones was moving towards her throwing punches that she dodged.  Jones suddenly spun almost ramming his foot into her chest as he did.  Amanda jumped back frowning.  Her eyes replayed that moment in her mind.  She threw her own punch and Jones blocked.  A sharp bain hit her ribs as Jones' other hand slammed into it.  She jumped back. 

“Always expect the unexpected,” His voice filled her with rage and she threw herself forward only to end up on the floor, “Also you shouldn’t let your emotions cloud you.” 

She glared at him as he smiled at her.  She rolled to her feet and ducked as he sent another punch forward.  She backed up and then she saw it.  Jones’ twisted slightly and she knew what to expect.  As Jones spun into a kick she ducked.  His foot spun over her head and she sprung up ramming into his back pinning him to the ground.

A cheer arose around them and Amanda felt shock creep through her.  She had just beat one of the best fighters in the agency.  Quickly she stood up and Jones rolled to his feet.  He flashed her a real smile as the crowd dispersed.  She just gaped, “I...I...How?”

Jones chuckled, “I’ve been watching you train and you always gave up the moment you were pinned down.”

Amanda just spluttered, ‘But I..” 

“Still have a long way to go,” He smiled again, “You need to learn technique, but you have great potential.”

“I don’t know...”

“Look I read your file too and it said you are a great analyst.  One of the best.  You just needed a little push,” He smirked.

Amanda grinned at that, “Wait until I tell everyone I beat The Jay Jones.”

Jones just huffed. “I let you win,” Amanda laughed, turning to leave, “Amanda?”

Amanda paused turning around, “Yes?”

“I don’t hate you,” And with that he was gone.  Amanda smiled to herself before turning to leave.

August 15, 2020 00:25

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