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Henry, Henry a fierce voice cried out! Awaken my lad and listen!!

Henry jumped up as if a fire alarm had gone off, wondering what kind of dream he had been having. He had never heard a voice so clear to him in the middle of the night, suddenly he began to tremble thinking someone was in the house. “Hello” he whispered and moved swiftly to his closet where he knew there was a baseball bat he could grab. Tip Toeing to the closet, he grabbed the bat and made his way slowly into the hallway. He gradually crept into the living area and kitchen to find no one there nor a threat of anything. He checked the doors and window of his small one-bedroom apartment. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Rubbing his hand through his hair, “I’m totally losing it” he said to himself in the dimly lite room. As he made his way back to bed, he could not shake the feeling he had lurking deep within his soul. He climbed back into his comfort zone and slept restlessly until the alarm blared at 7am. Dragging himself through the motions of getting ready for work, Henry could not escape the feeling that someone was watching him.

Good Morning, Olly shouted as Henry entered the office. “Does this guy have to be so chipper every morning” Henry thought to himself smiling and mimicking a faked good morning. Bracing himself, Henry knew that Olly would be around shortly with coffee, and chatter. Not that he did not enjoy the man’s company, but he’d had a rough night and was not up for the morning chic chat that most mornings started with. He just had not been able to shake that eerie feeling deep inside.

Here we go buddy your java just like you like it to start your day, Olly offered. Thanks Olly I will just grab it and get to work, it has been a long night, Henry complained. Olly had to be the jolliest man alive, Henry was thinking to himself. The man never seems to have a care in the world, Simply good ole “Jolly Olly”!

Henry quickly focused on the things he needed to get done. His job as a newspaper editor was demanding and required his complete attention. Each day brought a new challenge to his desk, and not a day passed when he did not ask himself, “what am I doing here”? The articles that he edited daily just seemed to be getting worse by the day. Full of violence, robbery, and murder. This was enough to give anyone nightmares, he silently thought to himself. As the day wore on, nothing seemed to change. Henry became more nervous and jittery with every passing hour. That still small voice calling his name would not go away. As lunchtime approached Henry decided to see if Olly would like to grab a bite of lunch and get out of the office. Olly was delighted to accept the invitation, and even suggested they take the afternoon off, and just go unwind. “Jolly Olly” had sensed that Henry was having a difficult day and thought he may need someone to talk with.

They decided on an Irish pub down the street, and a favorite go to spot. I am having a beer Olly, care to join me Henry asked? Not sure if having beer at lunch was the best idea, Olly declined. As they sat and talked about the workplace and some things, going on there, Olly sensed that Henry’s thoughts were really not on the topic.

Alright Henry, what is going on my friend? You are not yourself today, and I can sense that something is not right, Olly whispered to make sure no one overheard him.

Man, I just had this weird night, and I cannot shake it. It was as if I heard a voice trying to wake me up, and I am still not sure if I was dreaming or if I was actually hearing a voice. I actually got out of bed and searched the house, and I have not been able to shack the feeling all day, Henry explained.

Olly sat quietly for a few moments and hesitantly asked, “were you drinking last night, Henry,” or “smoking anything out of the ordinary”?

No Olly, I was completely sober all night just a typical weeknight of doing nothing, and boom this happens. It is really just too weird to explain a confused Henry replied.

Well, I know you think I am a little psyco with some of my beliefs, but hey maybe the universe is trying to tell you something, or maybe God’s speaking to you and you do not recognize his voice, I am just saying Olly smiled at him.

Henry sat there with a blank stare, and angrily turned to Olly and said, “you think I’m losing it right”? Sarcastically Henry chuckled, “universal voice, or your God’s voice”?

 Ok Henry I am leaving now, you are upset, and I think you need to just take a breath, calm down, and maybe get some sleep. If you need me, I am close by Olly said as he walked away.

Henry arrived home later and swore when he walked in the door there was a scent of lilies throughout the house, you know that scent you often find in a funeral home. Something seemed out of order, but nothing looked out of place. The minute Henry crawled into bed he sensed a presence in the room and pulled the covers over his head. After a few hours with no dreams he remembered, he was awakened to the sound of music, “write it and they will read it” over and over again. Henry lay there still as a mice, scared to move, but he knew he was hearing this music and the same lyrics repeatedly. What was going on Henry cried, he was terrified. Slowly he reached for his phone to call for help when an advertisement flashed on his phone, which read “Were you born a writer”? OMG Henry thought to himself, I have never told anyone that my dream was to write. Not just editing, but to write the story of my ninety days in jail. No one in this town even knew that part of my life existed. I had always had a desire to write about that time in my life. I do have a story to tell Henry thought as he paced around the room. Could Olly be right he thought as he rubbed his hands through his hair? Is the universe trying to tell me something? No, he shouted as he angrily threw down his phone that is impossible.

Later that day Henry runs in Olly and asked him why he said that to him about the universe and God. Henry explained what had happened the night before with the “write it and they will read it” music.

Stunned and cautiously Olly replied, “Because it is true.” Our lives have a destiny, and a plan is put into place for each of us even before we were born. The Lord’s plan for us is the one we are destined to have. If you will humble yourself before the Lord and invite Jesus into your heart all these things will become clear to you. But Henry, God does not work in the ways of the world he has his own plans for us, and nothing could be greater than those plans. So yes, I do believe that God is trying to tell you something, you just have to listen.

Oh, Olly I find this way to far out to believe, and I know you believe it but why? Asked Henry.

Because God’s word is true and if you would study the Bible, you would learn a lot and so many questions would be answered for you, just as they have been for me. Olly smiled and walked away.

That night when Henry went to check his mail, there was a letter from a publishing company. Of course, it was an advertisement, but it just happened to be in Henry’s box. OMG, he thought as he shook his head, “This is just getting way to weird.” Henry tossed it in the trash, and forgot the letter until later that night, when he could not shake the thought, “read the letter.” After an hour of fighting with the little voice in his head, Henry opened the letter. First line of the ad, “Do you have a story you’ve always wanted to write,” if so contact us today. Shaken Henry picked up the phone and called Olly.

Olly, you are not going to believe what was in my mail today. A letter from a publishing company. No Way Olly shouted; sit tight I am on my way over!

Olly rushed into Henry’s home like a child on Christmas morning. He was beyond excited over what was happening to Henry. Henry, my friend, this is a sign. Those voices you are hearing are from a higher power, and you need to listen. Pay attention to the message. I know this is hard for you, but I am telling you that your destiny has something to do with writing. You must have a story to tell, or this would not be the message!

Henry just stood there staring at Olly with a complete blank look. OMG do you have a story, Henry? Yes, I do, Henry whispered. “I’ve never shared it, but it has always been in the back of my mind that I should.”

Then do it Olly shouted, if it were not worth telling you would not be getting the message. You have to be obedient to the messages you are receiving. This is bound to be your destiny. Oh, Henry you cannot ignore this, your life is about to change whether you like it or not, something big is happening here. What I told you earlier about our destiny being planned for us is true. God has a plan for each of us, believe it or not. And it’s going to be a lot better for you to become a believer.

 NO, No, No, Henry shouted, I don’t buy into this bull crap!! And you’ll never convince me it’s true.

Olly just shook his head, and disgustedly replied, “I’m over this nonsense with you I’m going home, and maybe tonight you’ll get a clear message. Olly slammed out of the door and headed home. 

Henry did not show up for work the next morning and was never heard from again.  Five years later Olly happened to see him on a talk show. Olly stood there speechless; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Henry was telling the story of how he had become a believer and how it had changed his life. How a friend had encouraged him to believe and that his best-selling book,” I’m Free” was dedicated to that friend, “Jolly Olly”.  Olly was stunned and had often wondered what had become of Henry, he smiled to himself and whispered a “Thank You” above. 

May 12, 2023 12:09

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Andrea Doig
15:24 May 18, 2023

Hello Teresa. An interesting take on the prompt, it's nice that you used your own perspective. Luckily Henry listened to the voices and messages ... and his friend Olly :) I am quick to spot editing errors (that is just my thing - I am sure I am a better editor than writer haha!) - and there were a few errors with tenses and POV and some spelling mistakes as well. I also think (my opinion of course) that it would be helpful to use quotation marks for all the speech. These are all easy to correct though - so that is all good! Well done on sub...


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