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Its the last long weekend of the summer. I've been working on this assignment for a month now. I have one hour tell the end of my day.

I have the whole weekend planned.

Most of my weekend I will spend inside.

Ok let me check everything out. It would not look good if I missed a major part of the assignment. Great everything is done. Fifteen minutes to spare. Well I have to find my manager.

She's near her computer over there.

"Hi" I said.

"Hi Mint! How are you?'

"I'm okay June how about you?"

"Great thanks how can I help you?"

She said.

"I have the assignment complete!"

"Really!" she said

Great thank you. Your the first one to hand it in!

Why don't you take the rest of the weekend off?"

"Thank you!"

I responded.

"I will have another assignment for you on Tuesday."

I ran out so fast I almost forgot my purse. Did I turn off my computer. Who cares I'm not going back. I will make sure to call in and ask instead. This never happens, it's usually the other way around. I have to stay about thirty minutes later.

Great I can start my weekend. It's just I wish this office was not on the tenth floor. Really I should take the stairs.

Ok time to go down the stairs it's good excercise. Wait that's the elevator I ran back and went on the elevator.

It was about half way. It's shaking. The lights are flickering. The lights went out.

I pushed the emergency button on the elevator. Nothing is working. I'll call out on my cell phone. No power there's no where to charge it either. I'm all alone stuck on this elevator. Great, there goes my Long weekend.

Wait I hear something, an anouncement. There's been a major accident near by. The driver driver right into the electrical towers.

Emergency crews are on there way. There was also another outage across town so we could be here a bit.

Just hold tight. Stay were you are and keep on your mask. Don't take them off for any reason. No one will be eating.

All alone on an elevator. No body now's I am even here. Oh I have my journal in my purse. Atleast I have something to do.

I took out my journal and my pen. I really don't feel like writing right now. Maybe I'll take a nap. I'll put my coat on the floor. I can wash it later.

Another anouncement.

Attention crews are on there way within one hour. Please be patient. They are working really hard.

I feel so hopeless. There's nothing I can do to help.

Just wait like the announcement said.

What a start to a long weekend. Next time no more elevators. Time to walk up and down. Although the whole building is dark. Only the offices one to four can leave.

They can take the stairs. No access to anything. No news or even a radio.

Well I will go back to sleep, I'm so tired anyways. I need to catch up on my sleep. So maybe this wasn't so bad. Just have to pray that they will be on there way.

I hear fire engines. Another anouncement. No those are not for this building. Don't get excited.

Just stay calm. They will be delayed but there on there way.

The lights started to flicker again. Then stop and goes out. No luck went back off. The elevator was also shaking not moving.

Ok time for another nap. I could really use a drink right now. Like that's going to happen. There's just a little bit of water in my bottle. Better than nothing. I can't go and get a drink for an hour. So thirtsy, Tuesday there will be two bottles in my purse. Starting to walk the stairs.

Another anouncement. Floors five to seven can now leave. Again leave your mask on. Don't take them off please.

Great everyone is leaving and I'll be stuck here.

The light keep flickering every few minutes. Still not going on. The elevator is shaking again. But I'm getting sick. To bad there's no gravol in my purse. Could really use that right now. Especially if the elevator keeps shaking.

I feel so lonely here. There's nothing I can do. Wait the noise, it that the?

Fire engines are here. Finally. Hopefully my weekend can start. A little later .

There is the announcement. Okay everyone we should be out soon.

Great it took twenty minutes. Everything was fixed. The lights went on first. Then the elevator started to move. I'm getting off and walking down the five floors.

Well this is not what I planned but finally start my weekend.

When I got home I couldn't wait to call my cousin to tell her what happened. She was trying my door for a few minutes

She was going to come over for the weekend. Until the elevator got stuck.

After she heard the whole story she said.

" It's not your fault. Can we continue tomorrow?""

"Sure I'm not leaving the house this time."

"Great! See you tomorrow. I will be there around 11:00 am."

"See you then."

We both hung up the phone.

Who would have thought that would happen at noon. Never even crossed my mind. Time to wash my coat anyways.

Well what a crazy start to the long weekend. It will get better tomorrow.

Oh no I just realized that there is no tea or coffee in the house. I will just phone my cousin to bring some and pay her back.

I phone she had no problem picking anything out. She came and the rest of the weekend was great.

When she left she agreed take the stairs up and down. Less stress then the elevator.

" Thank you for having me!"

"No problem see you next long weekend!

Thank you for bringing the tea and coffee.!"

She smiled and went on her way home.

Inspired by reedys prompt contest.

September 08, 2020 00:39

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