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As soon as I sat down on the train it started to move forward. Everyone beside me started to bounce as if they were on a trampoline. But, they acted like this was their everyday normal life, while this was my first time on a train.

I was on a train going to Chicago, Illinois. Leaving my parents was a difficult process, but it was so I could have a successful life. You see, if I kept on living in my small hometown, I would never be able to have a nice job as an author.

I didn’t have much hope to be an author. After all, I’m only 18 and I don’t even have enough money to go to college. But, I wanted to be who I wanted to be and I hoped that if I moved to Chicago my life may be a little happier. Maybe I’ll have a true best friend, who knows! A new life is beginning for me.

I used to have a best friend back when I was little, her name was Emma. Emma Mae Dinkins. Emma and I used to do all sorts of crazy stuff together. From riding our bikes down the biggest of hills, to seeing who could hold the most marshmallows in our mouths.

The more I think about Emma, the more I want to cry myself to sleep. That may sound weird, but it's true. You see, I was friends with Emma for five years. I met her when I was five, and lost her when I was 10. Emma’s parents decided she was not what they wanted her to be, so she was sent off to adoption. 

But a new life was beginning, maybe I’ll see Emma again! Who knows! But one thing I did know was that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. That’s something my parents told me at least once or twice every week. And, I don’t doubt them. I was just a poor girl who lived out on a little farm and only had one true friend that lasted for five years. Once again, I don’t even have the money to go to college!

After 2 hours of bouncing up and down on a train, we finally got to our destination. Chicago! I grabbed my suitcase and walked down the train all the way to the front and hopped out.

As I looked around I saw the tallest buildings I’ve ever seen in my life! I couldn’t stop staring at them, all the pretty signs and thousands of people, this was just crazy! I started to twirl and twirl around, the real city-life me had come out! When I stopped twirling, I thought I was going to be sick. I felt like I could just pass out right there.

“W-w-woah!” I shouted anxiously as I started to fall. 

“Oof!” I mumbled as I face planted into the ground.

“Great first day…” I thought to myself as I started to get up.

“Are you okay ma’am?!” Someone shouted as they ran toward me, worried. It was a girl who looked as if she was about my age, maybe one year younger.

“Uhm- yeah..?” I said as I stood up and looked at her. She had short auburn hair and two diamond earrings that shined like the sun on a sunny day.

“Phew, just wanted to make sure. Are you new here?” The girl asked.

“Yeah, just got here by train. I really want to be an author, so I needed to get out of my small town.” I said as I twirled my long ginger hair.

“Cool! My name is Allie! I was born and raised here in Chicago.” Allie said as she smiled with beautiful, shiny white teeth.

“I’m Bea, born and raised in Watford.” I said, picking up my suitcase that fell on the ground.

“How ‘bout I show you around here? I’ve got some friends named Lana, Micheal, and Jackie. I’ll go get them, you wanna come with me so you can meet them?” Allie said, still smiling.

“Sure…” I said slowly. My parents always told me to never talk to strangers, but Allie seemed nice. 

“Okay! Follow me!” Allie said excitedly she turned around and started to walk. We started to walk together for about three minutes when in the distance I saw 3 people. Allie started to run and said, “Hurry up!”

I ran behind her and the 3 people started to get more detailed by the second. A girl with long blonde hair, a guy with short auburn hair, and lastly a girl with very long hair that looked as if it was black but had faded to red at the bottom. We started to slow down, and then we stopped

“Guys! I met this new girl named- What was it again?” Allie asked me.

“Bea.. Bea Omisha” I said nervously, hoping these people didn’t make fun of my last name. People back when I was little always used to make fun of my last name.

“OOOOO-misha?” They would say as they grinned and laughed.

“Cool! I’m Jackie. The sister of Allie.” Jackie said, walking to her sister and making bunny ears behind Allie.

“And I’m Lana!” Lana said, flipping her hair and drinking an iced coffee from Starbucks.

“And I’m Michael. Coolest guy you’ll find around here. Also, I’m an author.” Micheal said, holding up a best-selling book.

An author! Just what I was trying to become! He could give me tips- And- Just yay! Everything was going great so far. Everything! I hadn’t even spent an hour in Chicago and I already had 4 friends!

“Well now that we know each other, let’s show her around!” Allie said to her friends excitedly then looked at me. Everybody got up and we started walking.

We walked for hours. Looking at buildings, structures… It felt like we had walked across all of Chicago, and, every minute while we were walking we became closer. It felt like we all were long lost besties and we had just met each other. I was loving every minute.

All the stars started to come out and all of us began to get tired. We found an empty spot of grass in a park and we all laid down next to each other.

“That. Was. Awesome!” Lana said as she laid down next to everyone.

‘For sure…” I said softly as I looked out at the stars and the bright buildings. The trees and the wet grass in between my toes. It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen in my lifetime. Although I wish my parents could see it. But, I’m independent now. I’m a new girl. New woman. I’m glad I went on that train. It was the train that lead to friendship.  

April 21, 2021 21:52

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